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    Have something to say about WebAnimator GO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WebAnimator GO, post it here! If you know of issues with WebAnimator GO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    where is registration form on the left side? there is only one button there discover the offer. and setting, in which there nothing.

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    [ @Girish]
    Yes, same thing here, bad coding [again].
    It might be because of “WebSite X5 Start 15.1.1” ?
    Girish do you have WebSite X5 install ?

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    It works fine just retry again and it will confirm the licence

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    ian dirac

    [@Neostar] If by ‘retry’ you mean shut down the program, restart and again attempt to follow the instructions, I am getting the exact same results as described above. There are two options in the lower left side of the program: “Discover the offer” and a round settings button that shows default browser settings.

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    First pop-up I saw when running the program said my trial license expired. When I clicked the button in the middle it asked me to enter name, email and license key. Everything worked fine and simple. Might be because I had an older version installed? I’m using Win 10 with Bitdefender, and no WebsiteX5 software installed. I also see the “Discover Offer” button on the main screen, it seems like a good deal for the full program but I don’t do web pages (yet) so I’ll pass for now. Hoping to get a taste of it with the “Go” version. Thanks WebAnimator and SOS!

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    tried it yesterday..seems ok. simple interface. was able to test a small sig image. its cool that all you have to do is paste url of a website into image and boom. i see potential in this program.

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    Brandi Jasmine

    I am not seeing the registration button either. Uninstalling.

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    Tony S

    This software is lacking in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin??? Don’t waste your time!

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    ian dirac

    The giveaway is still good for 5 days: I wonder if, in that time, these questions will be addressed by either the software vendor or the host of this site, who specifically created this page to address such concerns. . . . .

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    Really bad sign when it’s impossible to register. Wasted of time. Uninstalled and lost respect.

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    That was waste of time.

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    Uh… Got an error when I clicked “Check License”

    “Error: It is not valid to access this object on the current thread.”

    EDIT: Clicking it a second time worked.

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    Same thing happened after I got the validation link.

    When I first click on it, I got something about “Exception (something something), see inner exception”

    I hit reload, and I got “Thank you”.

    I guess the server had a hiccup.

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    Thanks, got registered without any hassle. Will try later now.

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