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    Have something to say about WebSite X5 Start 13? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WebSite X5 Start 13, post it here! If you know of issues with WebSite X5 Start 13, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Tried to install program but no serial is in the installed programmer. It ask for this at install.

    Please advice on how to proceed.


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    Same here. No auto activation at all.

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    Thank you for your efforts.
    He asks the enter key. Registration does not solve the problem.

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    Johann Lüppen


    Procedure to install and register WebSite X5 Start 13:

    1. Download and install the software
    3. After entering a valid email address to register the WebSite X5 Start 13,
    the software starts and your readers can immediately use it.

    NOTE: However, JUST IN CASE a license key is requested, you can get it through the WebSite X5 Help Center:
    1. Before entering it, readers need to register on https://helpcenter.websitex5.com
    2. Validate your email address and enter the following Link to receive your license key: http://www.websitex5.com/magazine/swonsalestart13en


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    Finally received activation code but now the program crashes on start on Win 10

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    Registration process is as follows: Register with website, receive activation email, click on link to go to web site. You will get a SECOND registration email, click on link and sign in and get license.

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    Mittie Goon

    what are the limitations of this starter program ? I bought websitex 12 home version and it was like a glorified demo version i basically paid for a program that told me i had to upgrade to do anything. So what can this do and what cant it do ?

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    M Barrette

    Tried to install. Verified email address, make account. Didn’t not receive license key. Went to website, directed to web page that is from 2015 for help. Tried URL that was given for license key activation – received message that this Giveaway was no longer valid. Only way to contact company was to call an overseas telephone number. Poor customer service and poor way to run company.

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    Lawrence Casey

    Firstly may I say a big thank you to all at ShareonSale for the great downloads they provide.
    Now down to business, I have followed all the instructions to the letter ,but I still can’t get the license code for the above software I realize this is not your doing but if you would please help me out I would be very grateful.

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    Dmitry Krasitsky

    Just can’t get license key. No email!

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    Do we ever have to pay for rental space?


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    Rusty Hill

    Not able to register the product. The instructions do not work and the confirmation email did not work and there is nothing of assistance on the web site. Not looking good for this product. I won’t be doing any business with this company.

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    Entered e-mail, and still waiting for reply. No SN, nothing. Piece of junk. I do not have time for this. Uninstalled and will never use anything from Incomedia. If they cannot master registration, I can’t imagine how crappy the program is.

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