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    Have something to say about WebSite X5 Start 15? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WebSite X5 Start 15, post it here! If you know of issues with WebSite X5 Start 15, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    hassanin hassan


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    Did not receive the license key

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    Hat alles wunderbar funktioniert – auch die Registrierung! Die Registrierungsanleitung von Shareonline muss dabei beachtet werden!

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    @everyone complaining about not getting a key: I can’t help if you don’t provide more details about what is happening. Did you follow the instructions as we said and get the key from the registration page?

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    L. Stevens

    Don’t bother downloading this. After install you’ll be asked for a license that is NEVER provided. And then? You’ll be redirected to a web site where any “templates” of worth require that you buy “credits.” Seriously, unless you like wasting your time, pass this by.

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    [@L. Stevens] Is reading REALLY that difficult? We clearly provide directions on how to get your license key after you checkout with us:

    The download link for WebSite X5 Start 15 is given to you above. The download for WebSite X5 Start 15 is a SharewareOnSale exclusive installer with built-in registration. To get this giveaway, first create an account directly from WebSite X5’s website (you may have to confirm your email address) if you don’t already have an account. Next, click here to go to the registration page to get your license key; you will need to log into your WebSite X5 account. Copy your license key when it is given to you on-screen. After that, download and install WebSite X5 Start 15. After install, run WebSite X5 Start 15 and you will need to submit your WebSite X5 account email address. You will then have to enter the license key you obtained earlier. Finally, you will need to log into your WebSite X5 account. After that, you can start using it. Enjoy!

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    I followed the instructions, created account, verified email, then installed WS X5, clicked on the registration page link, then voila, there was the key.


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    I did not get a “key” but looks like I got it up and running on a Win7 computer…. Would not or does not work on Win10. *sigh*

    Said I needed .net framework and when that downloaded it stated ver4.6.1 is not compatible with my computer (win10)

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    Kerry Page

    [@Ashraf] I received my license key but keeps telling me that the email is not correct.. I have checked and triple checked and still no go. My license was sent to the email provided and activated but I can still not open the program because of the incorrect email notice.

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    Is it available for MAC?

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    The license does not activate the product !!!

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