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    Have something to say about Windows Boot Genius with free lifetime upgrades? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Windows Boot Genius with free lifetime upgrades, post it here! If you know of issues with Windows Boot Genius with free lifetime upgrades, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Michael Angel Gutierrez

    It says free lifetime upgrade but you go to purchase the software it states there’s a $9.95 renewal fee charged yearly. That doesn’t sound like free lifetime upgrade to me.

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    Jean-Guy Poudrier

    Is it possible to dowload (this Genius boot)right in my USB key and keep there for long time
    and start my computer directkly by this key any time?
    If y paid for upgrade now?
    scuse my language

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    I’m unclear where BOOT GENIUS is installed. If my PC cannot boot then how do I execute this program from my unbootable PC? Do I install this on a DVD or a thumb drive?

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    [ @Michael Angel Gutierrez] They told us lifetime. I will ask them to clarify.

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    CAUTION! A subscription is closed when you buy: US $ 9.95 per year! No life upgrades included with $ 16,49 !!! It is only the price for a year. It is therefore not a purchase with lifetime access and/or upgrades.

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    Please do check on the subscription issue regarding lifetime updates. While I was immediately interested in purchasing the program when I started looking for more information on the recovery tools included in “Boot Genius” I am afraid my interest waned a bit.

    I am not finding a detailed list of the tools included and how the program goes about recovering various boot issues. The “Fixes XYZ” chart comparing it to another program is hardly information worth having. If a person is savvy enough to try to fix his own un-bootable machine that person is likely to want to know the details of utilities incorporated in a program and just how those utilities go about doing their work. Perhaps I did not look deep enough for explanations. If that is the case I apologized for making the comment concerning a lack of details in describing “Boot Genius”. Otherwise my confidence in the program is beginning to fail. The above is not the only reason for my lack of confidence in “Boot Genius”. I have included another reason for lack of confidence below. If I am wrong and the program is willing, robust, and able I might still be interested in purchasing it. After all, what the program promises would be a welcome alternative to reformatting a hard drive.

    I am further doubting the capability of the program because I tried to make a boot USB drive with two new drives. Both drives hung at the boot manager construction stage. This was just a trial to follow and observe the booting process using new USB drives being used along with a correctly operating hard drive containing only a single operating system.

    After reading a review I was left confused on how well “Boot Genius” handles a dual boot drive. I did not find a mention of multiboot drives on the developer’s website.

    At this stage color me confused and doubtful.

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    Once the Boot Genius program is installed on your computer you given the opportunity to make a boot CD/DVD or boot USB drive. These bootable resources are used at boot time to give you access to your computer.

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