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    Have something to say about WinToUSB Professional? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WinToUSB Professional, post it here! If you know of issues with WinToUSB Professional, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Fernando Lalana

    Avast Internet Security says this file is dangerous and has blocked it.

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    Panda describes the file as a ‘Virus’ (interestingly, a virus rather than malware) and neutralises it. I’ll upload it to Virus Total and post the results. It’s likely to be a ‘False Positive’ but there’s clearly something about the executable that AV’s don’t like.

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    [@Neil] You all might need to think this through and stop wasting my time.


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    [@Neil] I look forward to seeing the results in your post – thank you.

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    [@Ernst] No one is asking you to come here, and waste your time. Do what you want. Unless you read one word a minute, these comments are hardly a waste of anyone’s time. I think you being a bit harsh on everyone.

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    You sound like a typical troll.
    Stay away from this site if you have nothing intelligent to say.
    The posters to whom you are referring are commenting in good faith in order to help others to decide if installing this software is safe.
    And you? You are just wasting our time, troll.

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    need to check… but program is good

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    Fiz a instalação, ocorreu normalmente.
    FIz a DESinstalação, posso re-intalar em outro computador dem problemas ? Há algo mais que preciso fazer para re-instalar em outro computador usando a mesma chave (e manter em um só computador)

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    [@Ernst] I@Ernst the only thing wasting time is you. IDIOT .This program is fine. I installed it ran it worked with it. Thank you for the free program. You should a thank them.

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    Forgot to add that VirusTotal gives the setup file a clean bill of health, 100%

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    This is a page in the English language

    If you as always want to write in Portuguese
    go to the top of this page, click on language,
    and then on Portuguese
    Henceforth, you can write with your own people

    Tobiasson, Oslo, Norway

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    James Ford

    Thank you Shareware On Sale and WinToUSB Professional for an excellent program.

    I recommend this program to all Widows users.

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    Николай Георгиев

    Thank you very much for the useful gift.In Bulgaria, we can not afford to buy new software because of the low income.Very useful software,and the fact that it is in Bulgarian greatly facilitates me, thanks again

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