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    Have something to say about WinUtilities Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WinUtilities Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with WinUtilities Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    China, folks.Yep, China has a GM plant, but we are closing ours. Am I talking off topic? No, really I am not. Just trying to give a hint in a subtle way. I mean, I would never slam or discriminate against China. They are good people. If thought that was my subtle hint, that this software which appears to be owned by an American company, but is ultimately owned by a China company, then you are wrong. That is not what I was hinting at, although it is true that this China is behind this software. I wasn’t trying to slam China, in fact, if anything, I was praising China. But, I really wasn’t praising anyone, because that isn’t what I was hinting about. I know it appears that I was slamming or discriminating against China, but I really wasn’t. I’ve got to go, so I really can’t get into what my point was really about. But, I am sure someone will get it, and explain it fairly.

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    The last time I tried this program, after 6 months it told me my trial period was over. It still functioned but kept displaying an annoying reminder.

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    I can confirm AussiePete’s comment. I too had the program two or three times in the past. each time it claimed “life time” updates. The updates started out fine but every time it reached a point where it updated itseld back to a trial version. I won’t speulate on the reasons why. But I am not in a rush to try them again.

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    Download don’t work : error 521 !

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    WinUtilities: Does more and (for most parts) better than expected.
    Even the undeleter.

    Keep an eye on “c:\Windows\SysWOW64\_WKERNEL.SYL”; this s the reg-file. Copy it to a safe place.
    The program even accepts a symlink to a different location of this file.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you

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    this s the reg-file

    Hi Duke
    Can you explain why it is a “red Flag”? and why it should be saved to a safe place? What is a safe place?
    What do you mean “The program even accepts a symlink to a different location of this file.” In what ways is it dangerous ? What can we do to protect us?
    We ordinary folks want to benefit from experts like you, so will appreciate if you can write it easy to understand language.
    Many thanks, drv

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    Papy Koala

    Wonderful and very useful
    Thank you so much

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    Peter Blaise

    I like this software — SuiNing Yilong Software Store YL Software YL Computing Win Utilities now hosted under [ PCClean. IO ], I see they are hunting for easier name recognition — my advice: don’t bother, stay special, like VW or Subaru, read on.

    “… YL Computing, Inc is a software design and marketing
    corporation which was founded in November 2006 and located in:
    — US Office
    — 900 Island Drive Suite 203
    — Redwood City California 94065 US
    We are one of the original manufacturers and vendors of
    our software and related products …”

    … which is really the location of 2Checkout / Avangate B. V. founded 1992:
    http ://www. avangate. com/about-us/press/news-in-brief-single/us-office-moved-new-location-2014. html

    They seem to be going after the market of managing advertising, see their blog:
    http ://www. pcclean. io/%E6%80%8E%E4%B9%88%E8%AE%A9native%E5%B9%BF%E5%91%8A%E7%9B%88%E5%88%A9%EF%BC%9F/
    … yeah, those are Chinese characters when you get to that advertising-advice page.

    Compare that to their PC advice:
    http ://www. pcclean. io/how-to-clean-and-repair-invalid-registry-entries-and-errors-in-windows/
    … which is the more usual PC-help we expect to find at a PC software blog.

    As suggested in an earlier post in this thread, in spite of some claims of nationalistic location, much of our computer experience is borderless, as we use hardware and software that is designed and manufactured all over the world in continually varying places, as well as dialog with folks from anywhere and everywhere:

    “… World Peace Through / For World Trade …” — Thomas J Watson Sr, CEO of IBM:
    http ://www. thebhc. org/node/2931

    That said, there is also a reasonable argument for vendors within territories under hostile governments to disassociate themselves from their governments and at least digitally relocate to neutral territory, such as YL Computing appearing to be from a US location — yet, still having Chinese-language posts in their blog is ok, I guess, considering that there are 1,300 languages spoken in the US, so, go for it!

    It is obligatory and honorable for us to take responsibility for understanding the world-context for our computing experience, to be aware of and involved with our customers and our vendors, so it’s not just feedback on features and benefits of each software version design going on in our real use of our computers.

    That said, I like this software, and I recommend that everyone try it and explore each of it’s tools, and if you are like me, you will be pleasantly surprised by some useful powers that we were unaware were quietly waiting for us in the depths of this software, software that, unusually, does not scream “makes your computer 1,000% faster!”, software that is not super sophisticated with automated intelligence, but instead is basic and functional nonetheless.

    Feedback time, pros and cons:

    — Con: the website that pops up at the end of installation errored out, perhaps overwhelmed by 40-million SOS users all installing it all at once! ;-)

    — Pro-ish: It inherited my prior license, no problem, I look forward to any expiration date to see if this new license will apply successfully.

    — Pro and con: nicely identified a scheduled task I did not know about that was for an expired test software ( which I then uninstalled using IObit Uninstaller, sorry, but it’s more sophisticated and feature-rich than the in-built WinUtilities uninstaller ).

    — Con: the tools are not cross-aware, such as the schedule-checker module not offering to uninstall found programs, only offering to kill found schedules, leaving the found software intact, and leaving you to figure out how to uninstall it yourself.

    — Con and pro: disk defrag has no automatic offering nor any pre-boot defrag of files that Windows cannot defrag after boot, BUT it has some useful options for optimizing and leaving more-then-default free space between disk sections for future temporary files and future growth before the next time you manually defrag, otherwise new files get tossed to the end of all the other files and make accessing them thrashing and delayed, so built-in growth space during defragging is an excellent and savvy scheme; it does not offer to alphabetize directories nor place them at the outer ring of the disk, yet this makes the majority of disk access faster when the user is looking for something in File Explorer or waiting for check disk ( Norton did this for DOS, and I intimidated DiskKeeper to include a routine in some versions for Windows pre-boot ).

    — Pro-ish and con-ish: I like the shortcut cleaner BUT the “clean all” selection is not a button, there is only [ back ] or [ cancel ] button … one would think that [ go ahead and complete the assigned task ] would be the largest, most prominent control in view, but no, you have to scrutinize the entire screen to manage and inspect what you expect, the programmers are not steering you in any particular direction toward success … odd.

    — Pro: most actions I saw had line-by-line toggles to allow me to decide and control what would be acted on, nothing was hidden or automated beyond my control.

    — Meh-is, neither pro nor con: I like memory optimizers that reorganize programs in memory and reclaim unused space, because I tend to have older, low-resource-compromised computers that need a helping hand to manage doing the dozens of tasks that I constantly throw at them to do in sequence and often at the same time, so I’ve tried WinUtilities memory optimizer, and it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t seem to overwhelm me with results, either, so I’m toggling over to WiseCleaner memory optimizer to test for a while, having already tried IObit memory optimizer which I found interruptive … maybe the message I don’t want to hear is that memory optimizers can’t sneak a fresh computer under my fingertips no matter how hard I wish for it ( though Process Lasso does help be by allowing me to manually select to drop some programs back to below-normal and idle priority, such as pushing down Kerish Doctor and BitTorrent, which otherwise tend to overwhelm foreground tasks … but I don’t want to kill those background programs altogether ).

    Overall, I like YL Computing WinUtils now from [ PCClean. io ].

    It’s like an OLD VW or Subaru with no complexities and complications like air conditioning, four wheel drive or turbocharger — in that it just runs, and you can get at everything and make it work all by yourself and it doesn’t try to outguess you.

    Sorry, but sometimes the best review doesn’t scream that the product will blow your mind … if the product is not supposed to blow your mind.

    WinUtilities is just a nice set of manual tools, and once explored, and all options found and set, and all results understood, engaging that 1-click auto implementation of some of them might be acceptable to careful users.

    If I met the programmers at a cafe someday, we’d probably talk about music and photography and how to get along with grown up siblings and other stuff because, hey, computer programming isn’t the end all and be all of life.

    It’s all good.

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    I wonder if Scott also boycotts Yuengling beer?

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    [@Papy Koala] I believe he’s not saying it is a red flag. What he’s saying is to save that file in case you need to reinstall and activate it again, you can do so with the reg file.

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    This software is pretty good. The only issue I found with it was excluding certain cookies. Unless I am missing something, it doesn’t seem to recognize all the cookies with Google Chrome, or that is it does not list them all, so there is no way to exclude certain ones. I could not find a Scan options in the History cleaner to scan for more cookies, it’s exclude what it see’s and delete or nothing at all.

    Actually when I uninstalled the software it sent me to the site giving me an option to reply as to why I was uninstalling and I mentioned this to the developers but haven’t heard a reply yet. Maybe they will improve this in future versions.

    They also produce a software called “ScanMyReg”, which is a registry cleaner. In the past I have compared it with the registry cleaner in Win Utilities and the results vary between the two leading me to believe it’s not very accurate. Although I would recommend never cleaning your registry.

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    Download OK, site down (521). Although it is not bad it has nothing “extraordinaire” really. Most functions already exist within Windows. 5 stars out of 10.

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