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    Have something to say about Wise Care 365 PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Wise Care 365 PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with Wise Care 365 PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you Ashraf! I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday season!

    The main reason I don’t use Wise care is because their Common Cleaner, which is the one that cleans COOKIES is not a feature of the one click option. Or the scheduled option. That’s a big deal for me because I like for everything to be scheduled for maintenance when I am not around rather than having to run separate parts of the software to do certain things.

    This also adds a concern for me as well using the software. For one thing, the illusion that “1 CLICK” cleans cookies when it does not makes you wonder if the main software isn’t feeding off the cookies installed from visiting the WISE site. Otherwise, why would they say “1 CLICK CLEAN” and not include the feature to clean such things? Yeah sure they could add an automatic exclusion for their own cookies to where it would not be seen, but sooner or later someone would catch on to that and that perhaps is why they keep the two separate.

    Not only that, the tweaks really don’t have a recovery or BACKUP before tweaking option. You can set it to DEFAULT “But it doesn’t state whether those are the defaults WISE think they should be, or the ones that come stock with Windows, which BTW change depending on which UPDATE version of Windows you are using. So they are useless in the long run using the software.

    The main issue I have though, and I tried to contact the developers is the fact that even if you choose to use it with the separate COMMON CLEANER, or installed their “WISE CLEANER” separate which you can schedule, is the fact that if you use “Google Chrome Sync” and you select to delete “HISTORY” with Wise Care common cleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner, it will cause issue’s causing you to have to log back into Chrome Sync even if you exclude ALL cookies.

    My advice, just use Privazer. It does it all perfectly, but also you can exclude your cookies, and if you make a donation you can get a license to clean everything on schedule, or automatically when your browser is closed if you choose to do so.

    Thanks again Ashraf, this is my review of the software. Not knocking it really, just pointing out the issue’s I have with using it.

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    Jacob Staly

    I wise business strategy, not a wise download.

    If you are at all familiar with what a registry cleaner does, or what it can do, you would be wise to avoid this application. There is nothing inherently wrong with registry editors mind you, but these programs essentially scan the most important configuration files for your Windows based PC, and then processing this information for a few seconds with an outdated and incomplete understanding of what is a very complicated (and NOT completely documented) nest of binary values, hex keys, system policies, and device and document locations (to scratch the surface). Nearly every setting and configuration for your computer is hidden (somewhere) in this registry “Hive” as they call it (guess why?). Unfortunately all this program will do for you is stir up the hornets nest, because with Microsoft’s six month feature update release schedule (Windows as a service – not your software), in (sometime) under six months these values will change again, and with no support for future updates, this program will leave you without any means to restore the unforeseeable mistakes and calculations that will inevitably result in it’s (mis)use.

    That said, older versions of windows don’t have the same risk (no frequent feature update issue), the privacy (and browser) cleaner are safe and useful (just remember these will remove login information –cookies–), and NTFS filesystems are so fragmented it hurts (MS was supposed to release WinFS with VISTA, and after 10 years of delays — cancelled).

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