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    if you have version 11.3.0 from April 2020 and you’re wondering what is new in this version. This is all that is in the changelog:
    “Fixed a bug that file creation may fail if there are more than 2 consecutive spaces in the video path.”

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    Since 2020, reported that ZD Screen Recorder does not correctly close the recording when there is not enough disk space. Was going to be fixed. Exactly nothing done. Masses of recordings unusable because of this over time, really done recommending this one. Still not fixed, development seems dead! Sad.

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    [ @Ashraf] License Key Invalid

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    Seny, it worked for me!

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    Paulo Leme

    Thank you very much for the awesome piece of software and your generosity offering.
    From Sao Paulo – Brazil

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    I guess NO programme can finish correctly, if computer suddenly out of space
    You must deal with VERY BIG Files ?

    Delete much stuff, install more memory RAM,
    or buy an external harddrive / bigger computer

    I have 8 GB memory, a harddisk of 748 GB,
    and my approx. 470 programmes plus OS take only 217 GB

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    I have Version from another give away website. I works fine. Supposed to be a lifetime program. So I’m wondering if I should download this new version. Any pros or cons?

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    The other four recording programmes in my possession complete the mp4 (or mp3 for audio-only) and then report that there is insufficient disk space. From that moment on, there is no further recording, of course, but the recording was not lost before this message.

    The dev has indicated in 2020 that this would be fixed with a next update, one that took 2 years, but no fix for this problem. Since April 2020, further development has basically stopped – apart from the fix update 11.3.1

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    BTW @Tobiasson

    I work with 3 high-end workstations. 64 – 128 GB RAM (I’m a senior IT engineer for +35 years ;))
    So, the hardware is not the point.

    But it happens that the C-NVME (Samsung 980 Pro 2TB) lacks a few space to finalise the recording and sometimes with a few seconds left before the recording automatically stops …the whole recording of hours in advance is lost. Ok, my fault (!) for not transferring data to other drives/NAS (I have +200 TB, so enough ;) in time, but it is sometimes very unpredictable. With identical settings, a video recording of about 4 hours from the same source sometimes requires gigabytes more…
    All my other video-captures then round off the recording nicely and there is normally no problem ;)

    With ZD Screen Recorder, the recording is ruined in this case (cannot be read)

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