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    Have something to say about Zoho Vault? Say it here!

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    Just wondering what the Zoho vault free will offer (or freeze) once the Zoho Vault’s year is up.. Will it still have the 5 user option or will that be deleted and what would become of the other four usage? It’s not that the free Zoho is my eventual goal, I just wish to know what would be in store once the year passes. Please be specific as I already have three that I’m using now and I’m looking for a very secure program.

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    No Thanks

    I must say it’s a peace of a program but what twat is going to store their passwords in “A VAULT” that is on line? Think about this, you store all your passwords to bank account, Facebook and everything else you do in “A VAULT” on their server. Now little Tommy Tucker an employee decides he no longer likes the Company he works for and he will teach them a lesson so he steals all the databases and runs off with the information.

    Maybe the other side of this coin, someone hacks into their “Vault” and steals all the passwords or the Company just goes under from giving their software away all the time.

    Anyway seems damn dumb to me to store YOUR passwords on someone else server.

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    Subscription is only for one year. $420 is cost for 5 accounts with $7 per month, each. Otherwise “FREE FOREVER” appear to be perfect choice for individuals. I don`t know in this case, after one year i can downgrade the account created to frree option?

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    I entered “1 user” instead of “5 users” as you instructed me to do, and I cannot change it now. Please advise.

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