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    Have something to say about Zoner Photo Studio 17 PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Zoner Photo Studio 17 PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with Zoner Photo Studio 17 PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

    UPDATE: Please note, the way this giveaway works, it automatically activates itself after you enter your email address. You know your version is activated if it says “PRO” next to “Not logged in” in the top-right corner. Because this giveaway has no license key, if you try and log into your Zoner account, you will get a message that there is no license key. Ignore that message. Just make sure it says “PRO” in the top-right corner to the left of “Settings”.

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    To bardzo dobry i prosty w obsłudze program. Dobrze działa również moduł RAW. Pozdrawiam

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    Love Zoner software. Yesterday did some greath work on Zoner 16. Tnx for No.17

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    Love Zoner!
    ??? how to activate this offer?

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    Improved raw module, including the ability to use Adobe’s lens profiles. Plus some other changes:

    Description on Wikipedia.

    I actually like this version more than the new ver. 18 with changed, “simpler” interface.

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    Hello again!
    It s preactivated.

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    Thanks Ashraf. It’s nice to upgrade from v16 (SoS giveaway on 25.Mart) to v17.
    Best regards

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    Tadeusz Kuś

    After install, run the program; to complete registration, you will be asked to enter your email address directly inside the program and you must have an active internet connection. Once you enter your email, it will automatically register itself. Enjoy!
    Is not true – I enter my e-mail and nothing happen…

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    Używam Zonerphoto 16 i jestem zadowolony z tak dobrego programu.Chciałbym też wypróbować Zonerphoto 17,aby móc utwierdzić się w przekonaniu że jest to program,który spełnia moje oczekiwania.

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    Zoner is one of the best photo editor for me. Thanx to Zoner and Ashraf..

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    Thanks for very good app!

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    Thank’s .. now zoner for long times now ..
    after fastone . and more other ..

    great job ! ..

    thank’s to your devellopers ! ..


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    HELP…….I love this software. PROBLEM..after download it will not open. HELP this has happened on 2 other offers at S O S..what could i be doing wrong? HELP Thank You, Paul

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    Will this run on Windows 10 x64?

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    downloaded and started. It says it does not have a license. Tried to get one and activate, but it says there isn’t any. You say it is preactivated. Does that mean it will run without a license? Does that mean that at some point in the future Zoner will not support this version and move on leaving me with my zoner pics left in the ether?

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