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    Have something to say about Zoom Player MAX 13.5? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Zoom Player MAX 13.5, post it here! If you know of issues with Zoom Player MAX 13.5, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hello Thank you very much is very good Only Best Software World Only Best Zoom Player MAX 1350 Giveaway

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    Ok Windows 10 x64 Pro. Does seem to install a lot of files across C & D drives but Youtube videos play clearer, faster now, just used the installer defaults. Settings info found on its online site if needed.

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    Problem with this version (win 8.1) at the opening of the Station browser : error downloading genre list !

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    David Joseph Mescheloff

    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Both VirusTotal.com and MetaDefender.com flag the installer.
    I know it is probably a false positive, but even those make me uncomfortable when installing software.

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    why not in ducth language

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    very good player,my nb.1

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    WE hope you enjoy the giveaway :)
    To some of the questions raised here :

    The installer is new (a giveaway installer) so some AV software may not know it yet.
    About translations, we have community users translating Zoom Player, but we haven’t received a Dutch translation yet.

    Have fun!
    Inmatrix LTD.

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    CJ Cotter

    When the Zoom Player developer uses the term “Lifetime License”, it doesn’t really mean “lifetime”, as most people would use that word. Years ago, I bought a “lifetime” license to Zoom Player Professional. At a certain point, he cried poverty, then ended support for Zoom Player Pro. He then created Zoom Player Max, and in order to get it, you had to fork out more money. It’s all a game of words.

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    Works great…thank you!

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    Faruk Hancili

    Link dead. Not aktiv. Not working. Installation is not possible. It says time has passed.

    Zoom Player MAX (100% discount)


    Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Zoom_Player_MAX_13.5_hub.exe


    The download link for Zoom Player MAX is given to you above. The download is an exclusive SharewareOnSale installer that has registration built-in. Download and install Zoom Player MAX. After installation, run Zoom Player MAX and enjoy! There is no need to register it, we will automatically register it once you download it from us.

    Be sure to leave a nice comment if you like this offer or ask for help if you have any trouble.

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    4 out of 5 Jan 16, 2016 at 6:40 am
    my native Windows Media Player isn’t so good at handling multiple file formats. Though there are many veteran players to replace this, Zoom Player MAX 10 is an ultimate attempt at levelling the playing ground by giving me something that looks different and works as amazing as other competitors like VLC and GNOME.

    What is it

    Free Zoom Player Max 10 is an impressive high customizable media player that works with the equally impressive Smart Play Technology. Couple this with the support for a wider range of media formats and an acceptable stability and you get a player that will let take charge of your media no matter how huge your media library is.


    Simple but powerful shortcuts

    Zoom Player’s shortcuts center around the direction keys and enter. This is more than enough to control all your player features. If you want something more advanced, you will have to try the advanced menu bar.

    Total control over your media

    Everything, from file browsing to playlist and playback control has been thought of in this player. Extensive control options let your bookmark, enhance or access your previous play history. These features make it a powerful tool to users who own huge media libraries and want to manage them easy.

    Modularity to divide power

    A highly powered user interface could intimidate an armature. Zoom Player neatly tacks away all the advanced editing features and only shows them to you when you actually need them. This makes the player an amazing tool to both professionals and the armatures.

    An Install center

    The install center will scan your system and make any necessary media component updates. This is quite neat especially if you don’t do any frequent updates on your own.


    You firewall might reject it

    Sometimes, firewalls and antivirus software might be too cautious. It will dislike anything that requests too many permissions or utilizes approaches similar to what malware uses. Good developers should know this and look for acceptable ways to getting the job done.

    I don’t find it so intelligent

    I thought the intelligent playlist integration will learn my playing styles better and give me the right videos whenever I play the first video in a day. I was wrong. Any slight tag misuse or folder misplacement will throw the player off its footing.


    The super control over video, color and audio makes it an amazing tool to refined watchers who pay attention to HD video. Don’t expect fireworks when it comes to intelligence, and the library management system though.

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    Steven Harrris

    Had to do am system restore and cant find my zoom player max original download and key.

    Appreciate any help to get it back . Thanks, steven

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