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No matter your familiarity level with Microsoft Word, you’ll benefit from this comprehensive course on both basic and advanced Word techniques. Learn about an expansive array of Word functions, including crafting a simple document, saving and sharing files, and much more.

  • Master Microsoft Word 2013 w/ over 4 lectures & 2.5 hours of content
  • Easily navigate the interface: ribbons, quick access toolbar, etc.
  • Work w/ text: find & replace words, change fonts, etc.
  • Save a document in various file formats
  • Modify page layout: customize margins, page size & more
  • Use proofreading tools and customize styles & themes in your work
  • Create & customize tables
  • Share, review & finalize documents

Whether you’re building financial models on Wall Street or managing personal finances, Excel is life. From calculating simple interest rates to computing the value of complex investments, you’ll learn essential financial functions that will prove invaluable to you when it comes time to really crunch those numbers.

  • Master Excel financial functions w/ over 23 lectures & 4 hours of content
  • Understand future value & compute data points related to it
  • Calculate interest: simple & compound rates, time needed to pay off a loan, etc.
  • Compute the value of an investment w/ multiple cash flows
  • Use DCF analysis to figure out asset valuation
  • Calculate the rate of return of an investment
  • Analyze loans & payments w/ the PMT, PPMT & IPMT formulas
  • Assess bond valuation: price of bonds, yield & duration

Take your Excel skills to a whole new level by building customized dashboards, a powerful business intelligence tool to track, view, and analyze metrics. You’ll learn to import data into a dashboard, create charts to visualize your data, and much more. It’s a powerful way for you to to identify important trends and relationships within a seemingly incomprehensible jumble of numbers.

  • Build Excel dashboards w/ over 19 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Manage large datasets w/ different functions: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, etc.
  • Create basic charts, including 3D, area & bar charts
  • Craft pivot tables to distill patterns & relationships in your data
  • Implement form controls: checkbox, check & scroll, and scroll
  • Create macros to automate tasks in Excel

Expansive spreadsheets giving you a headache? Tap into one of Excel’s most useful functions: data visualization using graphs and charts. You’ll understand how to create a wide array of charts ranging from pivots to maps, allowing you to tease important insights from complex datasets without spending hours hunched over a dimly lit screen.

  • Create charts & graphs in Excel w/ over 24 lectures & 2.5 hours of content
  • Turn complicated spreadsheets into digestible visuals
  • Understand which charts are best for displaying different data
  • Import & change the source of chart data
  • Create specialized charts: calculator, pivot, map, etc.
  • Tease detailed insights from large datasets

This Excel course is as thorough as they get: a whopping 175 lectures on topics ranging from basic data entry to use of powerful features like What If Analysis. Whether you’re simply logging personal finances or building complex financial models, you’ll learn everything you need to know to blaze through any spreadsheet-heavy task like a certified pro.

  • Deep dive into Excel w/ over 175 lectures & 15 hours of content
  • Learn everything from basic data entry to complex formulas
  • Study prominent features: What If Analysis, Arrays, etc.
  • Master use of smart features: charts, graphs & more
  • Solidify your knowledge w/ case studies
  • Avoid common errors in Excel
  • Use macros to automate certain tasks
  • Create financial models w/ NPER, RATE & other formulas

Run through the basics of using Microsoft Outlook as a desktop email client: linking your email accounts, consolidating your contacts, and customizing your inbox. Then you’ll elevate your Outlook game by mastering handy task management and scheduling techniques that will turn this handy program into a supercharged dynamo of productivity.

  • Master Microsoft Outlook w/ over 46 lectures
  • Link & manage different email accounts
  • Customize your inbox & email settings
  • Open, read, filter & search for emails
  • Create, send & respond to emails
  • Manage your address book: add contacts, create groups, etc.
  • Use conditional formatting to organize your inbox
  • Manage your calendar: create appointments, craft invitations, etc.
  • Draft tasks & assign them to contacts

Build sleek decks designed to impress, whether you’re presenting to classmates, pitching to investors, or simply doing a show-and-tell with family members. From customizing slide content to jazzing up the end of your presentation with rolling credits, you’re certain to become a whiz at all things PowerPoint.

  • Create sleek presentations w/ 18 lectures & 3 hours of content
  • Easily navigate the PowerPoint interface
  • Customize your presentation’s font colors & style
  • Format your content w/ bullets & numberings
  • Embellish your slides w/ tables, shapes, SmartArt graphics, etc.
  • Work quickly w/ keyboard shortcuts
  • Insert video, audio & hyperlinks
  • Add rolling credits to the end of your PowerPoint

With this course, you’ll master using Microsoft Access as a powerful way to tame large amounts of data. From crafting queries to designing customized forms, you’ll learn to build effective databases that will allow you to gather, manage, and interpret data faster than you’d ever thought possible.

  • Learn advanced Microsoft Access w/ over 30 lectures & 2.5 hours of content
  • Create tables using Application parts
  • Work w/ specialty queries: delete, union, statistical, etc.
  • Source data for and implement multiple & split forms
  • Customize forms by adding buttons, configuring input boxes, etc.
  • Design reports w/ conditional formatting, mailing labels, etc.
  • Create macros to automate data manipulation tasks
  • Learn advanced techniques: publish, share, encrypt & split your database

To become an expert at anything, including Excel, you need to understand the most basic concepts at its core. That’s why Excel newbies and pros alike will benefit immeasurably from this course, which covers beginner-level topics ranging from use of the COUNTIF and SUMIF formulas to the creation of graphs and charts to illustrate raw data.

  • Learn Excel basics w/ over 38 lectures & 4.5 hours of content
  • Organize your data w/ conditional formatting, filtering & sorting
  • Delve into commonly used formulas: COUNTIF, SUMIF, etc.
  • Create data visualizations like graphs & charts
  • Use pivot tables to identify patterns in data
  • Format your data to make it easier to assess & work with
  • Utilize shortcuts to work more quickly in Excel

Add the almighty pivot table to your repertoire of Excel skills, and you’ll have a tool to help you drive important business decisions. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to filter, reformat, and summarize large amounts of data, allowing you to identify patterns and relationships in what may otherwise seem like a nonsensical bunch of values.

  • Craft pivot tables w/ over 56 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Nearly filter & summarize data
  • Utilize basic & advanced formatting techniques
  • Use Macros to automate tasks within & program logic into spreadsheets
  • Perform advanced business analysis using Power Pivot, DAX formulas & PowerView
  • Manipulate data in order to garner deep insights from it

Leverage Microsoft OneNote to aggregate information from different sources: handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. You’ll up your note taking game, take advantage of multi-user collaboration features, and get more done than you’d previously thought possible.

  • Get up to speed on OneNote w/ over 53 lectures of content
  • Easily navigate the OneNote interface
  • Share & create notebooks
  • Add new sections, work w/ pages & sub-pages, and create a Note
  • Add content: copy from PDF, screen clip, embed media files, etc.
  • Format content: apply bullets & numbering, execute spell checks, etc.
  • Use the search & tag functions to easily find data

Database management becomes a piece of cake with this course on all things Microsoft Access. You’ll delve into an overview of how databases work, then get your hands dirty building one of your own. It’s an effective way to manage and assess large datasets without the agony of peering at massive Excel files for hours on end.

  • Master Access w/ over 59 lectures & 5 hours of content
  • Easily navigate the Access interface
  • Understand how databases work & are structured
  • Plan, design & implement a database
  • Use queries to tease insights from your data
  • Create forms, reports & tables
  • Export your data & create a mail merge
  • Effectively link to other data sources

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