SharewareOnSale Download Hub Changes, Aug 2016

Hi there,

After debuting our new SharewareOnSale Download Hub last month, we’ve been diligently working to add features,  make changes, and fix bugs — based on your feedback and our own internal testing. (Thank you to everyone that reported bugs and provided feedback!) Since the original release, we’ve made numerous improvements to our Download Hub that should help alleviate problems a small section of the SharewareOnSale family was facing. Improvements include:

  • Improved downloading process to help people who have slower internet connections
  • Ability to save downloaded installer to your Downloads folder
  • Fixed bugs that resulted in errors such as insufficient storage space, inability to download files, or not downloading the full file (i.e. corrupted download)
  • A new manual download feature that helps people download giveaway installers if they are continually getting errors with the Download Hub

Changes we plan on implementing in the near future:

  • Ability to select the folder you want to save the installer, instead of just Downloads
  • Ability to save your selection for SharewareOnSale Notifier — if you don’t want SharewareOnSale Notifier, it can get annoying to say ‘No’ every day; a feature to save your selection will allow you to not have to click ‘No’ every day
  • Ability to pause / resume downloads
  • Bug / error reporting, so that we can efficiently and quickly fix problems

Are there any other changes or features that you want to see added? Face errors or bugs? Please let us know by sending an email to admin [at] sharewareonsale [dot] com.

Thank you everyone for your patience with us!

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ SharewareOnSale


  1. Richi

    the notifier doesn’t come up anymore when i turn on the computer,is there a reason why or a how fix to it? This has started happening recently,it worked just fine when i first got it

  2. ОLia

    Congratulations on the coming New year! Let the New one bring you prosperity, dreams and hope for a successful future. Let success be your faithful companion in everything. I wish you peace, patience, harmony, goodness, and good luck, family happiness! Happy New Year! Thank you for your work!

  3. Nick

    I love the daily offers and wish to continue them unfortunatly I have lost the daily icon or the daily offers I would like to get it back. This is a great site Mr Boss

  4. Grande

    Will you please clarify if and how there is an option to download and later install the programs in your new hub?
    People sometimes do not have the time to install immediately or would like to test in a virtual machine before to decide to install the program.

  5. Bernie

    Thanks Ashraf. I just wonder wether it is necessary to have your e-mail with the same offers on a daily basis. Maybe twice a week will do?
    See what others think.
    Thanks again

  6. David Contreras

    Need the option of disabling the pop-up.
    The work laptop I use will not allow this feature and will continue giving me notification of policy violation during the day.

  7. Владимир

    Спасибо за нужную и своевременную информацию.

  8. sludgehound

    Add me to the Thank You list. Been quite happy all along but appreciate the changes. Adding toggle option to the Notifier is sweet allowing me to test it to see if does become a morning annoyance. Great site.

  9. Maschi

    Mr. Big Boss Man of the mother of all giveaway-sites in the www:

    I agree to all positive comments here!
    A triply high of the team of SOS!!!
    And 1000-fold thanks!
    Great work!!!

    Cheers from Berlin:-)

  10. Liudmila

    Happy Birthday SharewareOnSale! This is the best site that offers many programs for users. I use your services more than a year and has received a lot of free programs. Also, you place the information on the inspection programs virustotal.kom site. I am pleased to support this site by my comments. I’ll use it constantly.
    One of the users have to delete some of the downloads for the program Zemana, .I removed the program, she showed a lot of false positives. In addition the program producers alone have removed part of our correspondence from my mailbox. These actions violated my confidentiality.

  11. Brian Merskey

    Hi Ashraf,
    Thank you very for your stout efforts in giving great programs.
    My only problem is that after installing Zemana, it seems to dislike some of the programs as unsafe.
    Today it deleted “doclock 2016”

  12. Mac

    Hi Ashraf, Thank you for making things easier.

    Since 10/2013 I’ve been visiting on a daily basis.
    Download + Experimented many giveaways and purchased several of them that in other way probably I’ll never do.

    As I commented before, it was nice if you changed the “Step 2: Fill out this form and click “Give It To Me Now” when ready.” including a 1st. field for usual users to login(email) and download the files without having to fill all those fields again and again and again. ?

    Keep up the good work

  13. BOSCO

    Congratulations to Shareware On Sale !
    You have quickly modified the “hub” regarding the suggestions from users. And that, is very good.

  14. Barry Palmer

    Great website, have used it to download many useful programmes onto my computer, and have recommended shareware to others. Have one issue regarding reinstalling a programme I already have, my worry is many may have experienced the same problem with other shareware programmes.
    I downloaded Glary Utilities Pro version, I have been using the basic free version for many years. so jumped at the opportunity via shareware of the lifetime free upgrade to the Pro version. Recently I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I know many others have as well, as with any computer upgrade not all programmes transfer and have to be reinstalled. Glary would not reinstall the Pro version using the instillation code I originally received from shareware, I always do screenshots of such things as a record so still had the original installation details and code. I contacted Glary’s customer service and queried this and was told I would now have to buy the Pro version and as an old customer offered me a discount. I did not accept as my previous Pro version was advertised as free lifetime use, and nothing about only on your computer as it is now. I am now back on the free version, eagerly awaiting to see if shareware offer the free lifetime Pro version again.

  15. Anthony

    I have never had any problems whatever in downloading and installing. You save me a lot of time. I used to spend hours searching the internet for free software from reputable sources; now they arrive in my inbox without any effort on my part.

  16. Иван

    Спасибо Вам за работу.
    Ваша команда очень помогает получить нужный софт, не прибегая к установке пиратского ПО.

  17. pat

    I think it would be helpful if the downloads were categorized like games, photography, Office Products, personal Improvement, ebooks, computer protection, xcetera

    And to have a section for new today, new this week, and last day

  18. Brent Carey

    Thanks for continuing to maintain a great web site!! :)

    We certainly appreciate all of your efforts. Even with using a download manager, which I do, the Download Hub is fine. I know that change can be hard, but as humans we have the ability to adapt to change. So, here’s to adapting to change!! :)


    Doesn’t matter for the minor bugs. Generally everything is working fine. Changes are always welcome and look fine.
    Thank you so much for the software you are giving us.
    Continue your efforts.

    Many Thanks!!

  20. Sa Nad

    Thank you so much for making things easier. I, for one, am grateful for your thoughtfulness.
    Thank you also for a great website and all your offers.
    With kind regards Sa

  21. jboy

    Thank you Ashraf!
    I had none of the problems mentioned with the original version but appreciate the efforts of you and the team there to improve it.

  22. William W Gorman Jr

    Thanks Ashraf! This is the best site for software because of your efforts.

  23. Sunil Sherekar

    I always loved Sharewareonsales and downloaded so many softwares . Now looking forward for more feature reached environment for downloads. Thanks to your team.

  24. praladh

    its a awesome giveaway websites.. since i came to know , i have been surfing it daily…. the one you mention in your plan about “save as” option instead of download files, will be most acceptable and appreciable… downloading speed is good…. regular notification are up-to-date…
    Till now no any bugs and problem using using your sites and giveaway software and eBook….
    Make continuous improvement so that user like will be appreciating your sites ..
    Thank You!!!

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