Is SharewareOnSale legit or legal? Yes, it is!

Hello friends,

Here at SharewareOnSale we run daily sales (giveaways and discounts) of Windows software. Because this is the age of software piracy, many people wonder or ask: is SharewareOnSale legit or legal — or is it illegal pirating or cracks? Let me take a moment to set the record straight: SharewareOnSale is 100% legal and 100% legit — no piracy or cracks here!

All the sales (giveaways and discounts) featured on SharewareOnSale are legitimate. While not all are exclusive SharewareOnSale deals, all are legal giveaways or discounts offered directly by the developer of the software or service in question. None of the license keys and the downloads we share with you are pirated or illegal.

There are two ways we find deals to post about:

  • We directly reach out to software developers and negotiate with them to bring you awesome giveaways and discounts
  • We aggregate giveaways and discounts we find on the internet (like Reddit, but for software)

We aim to have the majority of our deals be SharewareOnSale exclusives that we directly negotiate with developers, but we are not afraid to aggregate non-exclusive giveaways and discounts if we feel they are too good to pass up.

So, download with no fear — we do not pirate software, we do not torrent anything, and we do not offer cracks; everything is legitimate!

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ SharewareOnSale


Q: Why do ask for my email? Do you spam? Do you sell our emails?

A: No, we do not spam. No, we don’t sell your emails. You see, nothing in life is free — yes, even free giveaways. Rather, you always have to give something to get something. Here on SharewareOnSale, we ask for you to give us your email address in exchange for the goodies we bring you; when you download a giveaway from us, you will have to input your email address. We then send you daily newsletters about new giveaways and discounts. It is a small price for you to pay and you can easily unsubscribe from our newsletters via the bottom “Unsubscribe” link.

We do the hard work of negotiating exclusive deals with developers and aggregating non-exclusive deals; you reward us by giving us your email address and letting us email you.

If you feel giving us your email address and allowing us to email you is too big of a price to pay, then either manually unsubscribe the first time we send you an email or don’t download from us at all.

Q: What is HungryForApps and MacAppsOnSale and why am I getting their emails?

A: HungryForApps is our sister site that also focuses on giveaways and discounts, except HungryForApps is for Android and iPhone & iPad apps while SharewareOnSale is for Windows software and MacAppsOnSale is for Mac apps.

When you download from us here on SharewareOnSale, you are prompted to select which platforms you use — Windows, Mac, Android, and/or iOS. If you use Android, and/or iOS, we send you daily newsletters about giveaways and discounts for that platform from our sister site, HungryForApps. If you use Windows, we send you daily newsletters about giveaways and discounts for Windows from SharewareOnSale. If you use Mac, we send you daily newsletters about giveaways and discounted for Mac from MacAppsOnSale.

Think of it like three heads of the same beast. Like Cerberus, but less evil.

Q: Some of your downloads are from MediaFire. Aren’t all downloads from MediaFire illegal or cracked?

A: No, not all downloads from MediaFire are illegal or cracked. MediaFire is a file hosting service — similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, but designed for use by websites like us. Unfortunately, many people do upload and share illegal or cracked files using MediaFire. However, that does not make all files on MediaFire illegal.

We sometimes use MediaFire to host downloads for the legal giveaways we are holding, when the developer of the software does not want to host the download on their own website. All downloads we share with you that are on MediaFire are legitimate and legal — we use MediaFire as a download hosting service, that is all. Nothing fishy going on here.

Q: How do you make money?

A: We make money two ways. The first is advertisements. Every time someone clicks on an ad on our website, we make a little bit of money. The second is affiliate sales. When someone purchases a software or service from our website, we earn commission on that sale.

Q: I see other websites similar to yours. Do you own them as well?

A: Nope. While we are not the first website to utilize the concept of software giveaways, we are a pioneer in utilizing a unique giveaway+sale dual-pronged approach to connecting software lovers with software developers. This approach has resulted in skyrocketing success; in two years, we have had over 3,000,000 downloads and gained over 500,000 members. Other people saw our success and, simply put, copied our website. Some even copied us down to our email newsletter service and formatting of our website.

We don’t mind — imitation is the best form of flattery — but please don’t be fooled: aside from SharewareOnSale, we have three other websites, dotTech, MacAppsOnSale, and HungryForApps, which are all listed on our parent website, Azadi Network. We are not affiliated with any other website, no matter how similar they may look.