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Free Anvi Slim Toolbar (100% discount)

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  • Developed by Anvisoft
  • Version is v1.3
  • Download size is 9.6 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/49

Anvi Slim Toolbar allows you to easily manage and remove annoying browser toolbars and other add-ons. Plus, with its “real-time guard” feature, you can easily detect when a toolbar is being installed in your browser without your permission.

Be sure to get Anvi Slim Toolbar extended license with free updates for extra perks, like ability to install whenever you want and business + home use.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. mishasin

    Reply to this comment#14

    Thanks Ashraf tor the nice giveaway. App looks very useful.
    Best regards

  2. sky1

    Reply to this comment#13

    I am deactivating every plugin or extension of IE periodically, because I want to speed up my boot time, which is very slow. Including Bing bar, as I hardly ever use IE anyhow. But each time, it activates itself, which, in my book is malicious behavior. If you deactivate anything in Firefox, it stays that way. I am no fan of Microsoft anyhow, so having a Bing toolbar is of no use to me. Glad I could finally get rid of it. Toolbars just take up real estate. Opera has an infinite Speeddial page which is more than enough for ANYTHING I want to find or do on the internet.

  3. Lou

    Reply to this comment#12

    I am curious to hear if anyone has successfully used this to eliminate the infamous Babylon bar and keep it from COMING BACK. If so it would be worth serious $. My personal war with the evil little bugger took a couple hours out of my life.

  4. RSpirit22

    Reply to this comment#11

    When I try to download, I am getting a html page telling me that I must be logged in to download. I am, so something is not working right.

  5. c0riEn

    Reply to this comment#10


    ADWCleaner actually cleans Adware that wasn’t there before, Bing toolbar is a part of Internet Explorer since version 8, so why on earth should it delete those files? That it actually not cleaned it shows how good it really is. ;)

  6. sky1

    Reply to this comment#9

    This program found the Bing bar in my IE and deleted it promptly, which the ADWCleaner could not find or clean. I knew I had it because I used to uncheck it from the list of startup items and each time, it would check itself back into the startup list. Thanks Ashraf for this good software. Btw, it does not list Opera amongst the browsers it cleans, does this mean Opera successfully blocks all such attempts by itself? I ALWAYS and only use Opera and I have NEVER experienced any toolbar or searchpage/homepage installation. Excellent browser!

  7. Elben

    Reply to this comment#8

    I could paste it using shortcut Ctrl+v

  8. Anne P.

    Reply to this comment#7

    I really didnt think I needed this program but I was so surprised at how many items were on my browsers.
    I am happy to have this program that works well.
    many thanks for this one.

  9. John A.

    Reply to this comment#6

    If you want to remove annoying toolbars or browser hijackers run ADWCleaner. It is free and works
    very good. It also is updated frequently.

  10. Tom

    Reply to this comment#5

    i found this a helpful program thank you, as for the registration code, ctrl C and ctrl V saves putting the code in manually i have come across this problem before but this solved it for me
    as for the program i just didn’t realize just how many apps i didn’t need launching with IE, hard to tell if loading is faster or searching is any better but a great way to remove unwanted apps plus a guard for your browser can only be a good thing, well i like it.

  11. ghudak

    Reply to this comment#4

    [@Spondooly] I have experienced this else where on rare occasions. What a PITA!!. My reg. did the same thing. had to write it down and manually type it in…

  12. Spondooly

    Reply to this comment#3

    This looks like a neat program, thanks SOS. Had a strange quirk on registering it, first time I remember seeing one that would not let you copy and paste the registration key, had to type it in. Just thought it unusual.

  13. downloads2008

    Reply to this comment#2

    Is this licensed for one year only?

  14. Loco78

    Reply to this comment#1

    This program is great I never thought that so many programs install their extras przeglądarkach.Dzięki it, you can delete those which we consider unnecessary or slow down działanie.Myślę that PRESIDE to purchase a lifetime license for this promotion because it is worth to have such a program on your computer.
      Good job.

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

Technical Details

  • Developed by Anvisoft
  • Version is v1.3
  • Download size is 9.6 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/49