Terms and Conditions
  • This is a 1-user 1-year license, for home and business use
  • You get free updates for one year
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help
Technical Details
  • Developed by Glarysoft
  • Current version is v4.7
  • Download size is 11.8 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/48

Windows Full VersionMar 16, 2014

Free Glary Utilities Pro (100% discount)

$39.95 Free!

Glary Utilities Pro is a one-stop-shop for your computer maintenance needs. It is a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none system utility that includes over 20 functions you would normally require individual software for — such as privacy cleaning, junk cleaning, registry cleaning, startup management, software uninstaller, duplicate file finder, and more.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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Note: You are allowed to use this program or service only within the laws of your country/region. SharewareOnSale and its staff are not responsible for any illegal behavior. We did not develop this program or service; if you have an issue with this program or service, contact the developer.

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    Reply to this comment#97

    I Love Glary Utilities!!

  2. Elain

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  3. maddydilip

    Reply to this comment#95


    your serial is ot working.

  4. John

    Reply to this comment#94

    Note that the following code gives you “Expiry – Never:”: 1788-6167-9583-4282

  5. ernie f

    Reply to this comment#93

    I already had this v4.7 installed from a previous giveaway about a month ago. In the License Manager I ‘refreshed’ the license with today’s giveaway new license code and it changed my expiration to 1-year from today. No need to actually install todays exe file. By the way newest version is 4.8 which updated from Glarysoft webpage without problem. Still have the Pro with 365 days remaining on license.

  6. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#92

    The 1 year license gives you ‘free’ updates for 1 year. If you do not update after the 1-year expires you will still have the Pro version fully functional. Warning: If you do update after 1 year expires you will end up with the usual ’30 day trial’ Pro version that reverts to the ‘all the time free’ version at end of the 30 days. Check the The ‘License Manager’ to check for your current Expiration date. ‘License Manager’ is accessed by clicking on the word “PRO” at bottom right of the main program window or by clicking on the ‘Overview’ it is in the right panel of program window. It tells you how many days are left on your license and shows the License key code. That scene also allows you to enter a new license code and ‘refresh’ your subscription. Hope this helps.

  7. liuyi

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  8. farhez666

    Reply to this comment#90

    greating softwaring offing alling timing. :D

  9. Se7en

    Reply to this comment#89

    Why? It’s not unusual that you buy a 1 year license with certain programs, esp. security tools. It’s even more common than a lifetime update/upgrade license… but less common than the typical versions license.
    It’s very common in the anti-virus sector.
    You can still use the software afterwards, but you won’t get any updates. Which, I guess, is not so important with this tool anyway.

  10. Enfrin

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  11. Gerald Johnstone

    Reply to this comment#87

    thanks for this great giveaway it means a lot for me.

  12. teyb

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  13. Mrrob260

    Reply to this comment#85

    Your free version does not work with Windows 8.1 version

  14. Mike

    Reply to this comment#84

    Merci pour ce programme indispensable au bon fonctionnement de mon ordinateur.

  15. red

    Reply to this comment#83

    Thanks Mr. Boss. Great giveaway. Miss the old unlimited use per 1 pc though. **misty eyed gandolf sighs and strokes beard** Can you post a regular line on these time limited giveaways as to what exactly happens on day 366? Just 1 line as to “total function fail/ revert to trial version -1/ hold-system-hostage-until-ransom-bitcoin-demands are met”? Thanks and cheers!

  16. Mike S.

    Reply to this comment#82

    [@nonono] I guess it is, except that it falls back (as I understand it), after the year, to the regular (i.e., non-Pro) Glary Utilities edition, fine enough in its own right.

  17. V.Karadais

    Reply to this comment#81

    Keep up the good work! Thank you!

  18. nonono

    Reply to this comment#80

    “1-year license”
    It sounds like “trial version” :(

  19. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#79

    This giveaway is back, again!

  20. liu

    Reply to this comment#78OLD COMMENT

    thank you!

  21. sunny home

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  22. PAN LORD

    Reply to this comment#76OLD COMMENT

    thank you!!

  23. wdlwcs

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  24. Hong Yu

    Reply to this comment#74OLD COMMENT

    This is a nice tool for everyone.

  25. ernie f

    Reply to this comment#73OLD COMMENT

    [@Venkat] It will show “Trial” with “expires in xxx days” if you click on “refresh” license you will see current license code. That is where you enter any new license codes.

  26. GRG1100

    Reply to this comment#72OLD COMMENT

    Great program – Used this for years and very nice to have it back on my computer.

  27. Venkat

    Reply to this comment#71OLD COMMENT

    having 19 hrs and 5 mins to register. how to register my key given, unable to activate. it shows trial version only.

  28. Nabeel

    Reply to this comment#70OLD COMMENT

    This site sharewareonsale friend to all
    Make it your homepage!

  29. joff

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  30. Demelza

    Reply to this comment#68OLD COMMENT

    Thanks so much! I got a new laptop and wanted this program.

  31. John

    Reply to this comment#67OLD COMMENT

    Thank you. Installed great!

  32. Merc

    Reply to this comment#66OLD COMMENT

    Thanks for this great product!

  33. Woozy

    Reply to this comment#65OLD COMMENT

    Great offer, thanks !

  34. Ickbar

    Reply to this comment#64OLD COMMENT

    Why use all this crap software when Windows 8 TAKES CARE OF ITSELF!

  35. Mirosław Kaleta

    Reply to this comment#63OLD COMMENT

    Thanks again- SUPER!!!!!

  36. Sid

    Reply to this comment#62OLD COMMENT

    Glary Utilities has evolved over the years and is a reliable tool. Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. Washington

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  38. Happy Animal

    Reply to this comment#60OLD COMMENT

    nothing seems to be downloading from glarysoft

    Please help

  39. sky1

    Reply to this comment#59OLD COMMENT

    I just checked and I have the v4.3 Pro installed in my laptop, which is a lifetime license, probably bought and paid for. Is it worth installing this version now and have it change to 1 year license? Is there really that much difference between v4.3 and v4.7, to make it worthwhile? Any comments?

  40. Hermano2020

    Reply to this comment#58OLD COMMENT

    @Ernie F Thanks for the explanation. Never certainly seemed better. I stand corrected and have entered today’s code. Thanks again.

  41. mishasin

    Reply to this comment#57OLD COMMENT

    Thanks Ashraf.

  42. Gramor

    Reply to this comment#56OLD COMMENT

    Thanks Ashraf!
    [@ben] Did you not read the email? Here I copy the instructions: “After you install Glary Utilities Pro, ensure that you go to Overview -> Manage License -> Refresh and enter the license code given to you…”

  43. ben

    Reply to this comment#55OLD COMMENT

    when i activate it it says it is only for 30 days and for a year as promised.

  44. Maximus.

    Reply to this comment#54OLD COMMENT

    One year license? **NO THANKS** [Indian giver}
    If they can’t afford to give it away, or sell at a reduced price, keep it. I’m not going to clutter my registry with a lot of left overs.

  45. calbry

    Reply to this comment#53OLD COMMENT


  46. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#52OLD COMMENT

    [@Hermano2020] “Never” freezes it at the current version and 1 yr license gives you free updates for a year. It will be fully functional after the ’1 year free updates’. So it depends on your personal choice which is better. Either way over the past few years GU PRO has been given away several times a year. So it is likely you can get the latest version in the future, FREE.

  47. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#51OLD COMMENT

    [@fogeycd2] Your answer is in the TERMS and Conditions section above. It helps to read the full offer and Ashraf’s instructions.

  48. David

    Reply to this comment#50OLD COMMENT

    Thanks again, Ashraf, for another great program! Please keep up the good work!

  49. techiesr

    Reply to this comment#49OLD COMMENT

    Excellent offers you provide Ashraf (Mr. Boss). I have taken advantage and downloaded and installed several offers that I use for maintenance and productivity purposes.

  50. Nacer

    Reply to this comment#48OLD COMMENT

    I consider glary utilities like the swiss knife of windows.
    It can clean detect maleware; dectect doubles; …
    I have been using it for years and never had any trouble

  51. fogeycd2

    Reply to this comment#47OLD COMMENT

    If I d/l & install/register on one PC today, will I still be able to install on another PC after the promotion is over? or re-install on same PC?

  52. Craig

    Reply to this comment#46OLD COMMENT

    I just installed and started to defrag my drive. The program asked if I wanted to continue the operation because it detected that it was a SSD and it would affect the life of my HD. My drive is not a SSD, did anyone else run into that problem?

  53. Hermano2020

    Reply to this comment#45OLD COMMENT

    Ok, downloaded and installed and activated with the code that came already set up. Result: Pro version, expiry: never. I use the proffered code, result: Pro version expiry: 365 days. Never sounds better.

  54. Dapper

    Reply to this comment#44OLD COMMENT

    Looking forward to using it!

  55. gmonday

    Reply to this comment#43OLD COMMENT

    I remember trying Glary years ago, but I do not remember any instrusive junk being stealth-installed. Does this version actually do that, as mentioned in a comment below?, because I won’t bother installing a product that is supposed to be a pro version adding and/or changing settings for my browser(s).

  56. Becky

    Reply to this comment#42OLD COMMENT

    Thanks Ashraf. You do such lovely things for us.

    No problems, just a note for those who downloaded Glary Pro in Dec/January.

    When I went “to Overview -> Manage License -> Refresh and enter the license code given to you above ” It popped up with the license code from the January distribution of GlaryPro4.4 with that expiration date.
    I clicked on the REFRESH link and it allowed me to enter the new code, giving me a new expirey date.

  57. Badraoui

    Reply to this comment#41OLD COMMENT

    Thank you

  58. Tom

    Reply to this comment#40OLD COMMENT

    I’ve always used Glary Utilities, and now I have the Pro version. You have great Free Software to download. Thank you.

  59. john mason

    Reply to this comment#39OLD COMMENT

    I don’t thank you very often, I do thank you for the great software you provide, it must be quite a task getting this all on here for us, must be alot of behind the scenes work. Thank you.

  60. JohnW

    Reply to this comment#38OLD COMMENT

    Really great offer! Thanks.

  61. Hecht Super

    Reply to this comment#37OLD COMMENT

    Hi Shareware on sale-team, another great deal and thank your for your service. Best regards

  62. Elben

    Reply to this comment#36OLD COMMENT

    Yes you will have to re-register as the key like in most cases is probably stored in the registry of the Operating System. that you install it on.

  63. clando

    Reply to this comment#35OLD COMMENT

    merci pour le travail de la team

  64. William Ward

    Reply to this comment#34OLD COMMENT

    Hi Sharewareonsale
    Yours is a great service for those of us living ” Day to Day “, and is greatly appreciated, keep up the great work.
    Best Wishes.

  65. Brian Wilson

    Reply to this comment#33OLD COMMENT

    thanks a lot for this really useful program Glary Utilities Pro very good program cheers

  66. Jumper

    Reply to this comment#32OLD COMMENT

    I did as one commenter suggested and downloaded the newer 4.5 Pro version. Registered and says 365 days left.
    So my question then is, can I install this on a thumb drive or another computer and will it have to re-register (and know how many days left). Or will it re-register at ?

  67. Richard Brodkin

    Reply to this comment#31OLD COMMENT

    Re: order #46226

    I am able to download Glary Utilities Pro, but when I go to open it, I get 2 windows.
    The first titled Activating says, Connect to giveawayoftheday.com, checking availability
    The second titled Give Away of the Day, X Failed to connect, try again later

    I have tried for the last few hours and keep getting the same messages. I would like to have this software.

    Hopefully, the connections get straightened out and the software will be enabled.

    Thank you very much for the offers and also for your critiques on software.

    Richard Brodkin

  68. AWagner

    Reply to this comment#30OLD COMMENT

    Let me tell you something…. and hear me now, if you do not take advantage of this offer you are doing yourself a disservice!!! Last week I don’t know how or where I downloaded something that gave me the “sweet packs” and “white smoke” spyware..highjackers…all I know is they suck and they need to be prosecuted when they are found!!!! They take over your browsers and you have to go to the trouble of removing them everytime you boot up. I have tried alot of things, did my google, bing research and everyone wants to charge you to help you!!! This was a pain, I mean a pain in my Ass for days trying to figure out how to get their s#@t out of my system. This is a very safe program and it not only speeds up your computer it got rid of all the crap!! I use Ccleaner and Eusing Registry Cleaner ( I swear by these products). I use AVG anti-spyware… love it too…. but it took this program to free me from the scumbags that invaded my computer and my piece of mind!!!! Try this, really, you won’t be sorry….Just read the txt.readme file and you won’t have a bit of problems,,, can you read? Then you wont have a problem with the registration key!! :) :) :) Trust me!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Suze

    Reply to this comment#29OLD COMMENT

    [@ann] “…NSIS error…” – unfortunately Norton sometimes thinks it’s protecting us when, in fact, the download is okay. I have disabled NIS long enough to download a program, and then I re-enable it.

    “… new window about succes activation… ” – ignore this. This page always opens, even when activation was NOT a success! I wish GotD would eliminate this sometimes misleading page.

  70. ann

    Reply to this comment#28OLD COMMENT

    I am using this program so I was excited to free pro version
    But as always something gone wrong…
    The installer included to my order is having NSIS error while instalation about failed installer integrity
    Always when I’m trying again this error is stopping me from the installation… Then when I close this error i have new window about succes activation :(
    Please help me because I love this program!!!!

  71. CCopeland

    Reply to this comment#27OLD COMMENT

    BEWARE, changes all of your BROWSER settings, adds in their search engine, removes your addons, etc.!
    See #24, #30 & #44 on GAOTD comments, then look at Glary Browser Toolbar FAQ (http://www.glarysoft.com/support/faq/#gtuninstall).

    From LifeHacker comment:
    “It is “free” but you get this as well: http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-the-glarysoft-redirection-virus-and-uninstall-the-isearch-glarysoft-com-browser-hijacker/
    Glarysoft even talks about it on their site: http://www.glarysoft.com/support/faq/“

  72. Roc

    Reply to this comment#26OLD COMMENT

    Merci pour cet utilitaire

  73. Hans Löhle

    Reply to this comment#25OLD COMMENT

    If this is the same version as the one available on giveawayoftheday.com today, try downloading the current version from glarysoft and use the key from the readme in this download. Worked for me and now I’ve got GU 4.5 instead of 4.4 (for a year).

  74. BobB

    Reply to this comment#24OLD COMMENT

    Why not use the free apps CCleaner or the ‘SLIM’ tools and save yourself some money anyway (and they don’t try and install any hidden ‘features’.

  75. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#23OLD COMMENT

    [@ThomasM] Sounds like the file you unpacked was downloaded directly from the GlaryGiveaway site. It has the two files you mentioned. The down load from S.O.S. link down loads the ‘pure’ gup4setup.exe file without the GlaryGiveAway “wrapper”. And there is no ‘readme’ file in the S.O.S. download. Ashraf gives the install key code in the body of his instructions in your S.O.S. order page. BTW,It is the same key code that is given in the GlaryGiveAway readme file. So you can install from either download, BUT It is better to get the one through S.O.S. , because it doesn’t have the ‘wrapper’ and you should be able to re-install it at a later date using the same keycode. I will try to install it on a second computer sometime tomorrow and post a comment here on the results.

  76. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#22OLD COMMENT

    Just to clarify my comment below: Once you click on ‘cancel’ the installer proceeds to install today’s giveaway (GU Pro4) and leave your existing GU version alone. I did this and both version appear to be functioning fine and independently.

  77. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#21OLD COMMENT

    Note: if you have a previous version of Glary Utilities already installed the new installer for today’s version will see it and ask if you want to uninstall it. If you click on ‘cancel’ instead of ‘yes’ Your existing version of Glary Utilities will be left intack and functional.
    That way if you decide you do not like the latest version you can keep your older version.
    Have a Great New Year to All

  78. Ernie F

    Reply to this comment#20OLD COMMENT

    [@nkbay99] Read the instructions from Ashraf and at the Glary Giveaway site. Once you enter the keycode given for today’s giveaway the fully functional trial changes from 30 days to 365 days. At end of the trial period it reverts to the “free version” which is still a great piece of software. And maybe just maybe Glary will offer the Pro version at no charge again next year for another 365 days.

  79. nkbay99

    Reply to this comment#19OLD COMMENT

    i have tried every way to Manage License and refresh and enter registration code. Nothing works – it still show a trial installation. I have even logged in as Administrator. Please help with any suggestions

  80. MerryMarjie

    Reply to this comment#18OLD COMMENT

    Another great program from SOS! Thanks, Ashraf!

  81. jayesstee

    Reply to this comment#17OLD COMMENT

    This is for 366 day trial not forever!

  82. ab cde

    Reply to this comment#16OLD COMMENT

    Thank-you again for your “new” site, SOS. I’ve gotten some good programs here recently. And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. May the new year bless you all.

    Re Glary Utilities Pro, I have it from 12/26/12 and was going to download this newer version, but I think the one I have is “permanent” (not just one year), so I’ll pass, and hope mine doesn’t downgrade to the free version tomorrow, 12/26/13 !

  83. Sure seems to be a lot of problems with registering I have installed a lot of your programs Thank you so much for a wonderful site. I think a lot of the problems come from (im guilty too cause I had problems as well untill I realized what I had done) I al

    Reply to this comment#15OLD COMMENT

    Sure seems to be a lot of problems with registering. I have installed a lot of your programs Thank you so much for a wonderful site. I think a lot of the problems come from (im guilty too cause I had problems as well until I realized what I had done) I always go to the manufacturers link you post to check out the software before I download it. I have then mistakenly downloaded directly off there website Hence no registration info. The software must be downloaded from your link to get the registration info. Thank you

  84. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    [@ThomasM] Download it again from us, it will give you a different download link this time.

    [@Ramanand NG] What is your download #? Did you read the directions we gave you?

  85. Ramanand NG

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT

    I downloaded the software but I did not find anywhere how to get free license for one year as stated?

  86. ThomasM

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    The unpacked archive reveals a file “gup4setup.exe” and a readme.txt. Clicking the gup4setup.exe does not do a thing. What am I doing wrong?
    Help is greatly appreciated thank you!

  87. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    [@Wayne] Thanks :-)

    [@Klaus Potthoff] Your download is probably corrupt. Download it again is all I can tell you. You can also try running as admin

  88. Klaus Potthoff

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    Hi !

    I was glad to learn that Glary Ut now was available as full version for free.
    I downloaded repeatedly ths install file – but the installation does not succeed.
    Your asssistance will be appreciated.

  89. Wayne

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    To activate –
    1. Launch Glary Utilities
    2. Go to Overview
    3. Click on ‘Manage License’ in the third column.
    4. When the License Manager window appears Click on ‘Refresh’
    5. Enter your name and the license key provided on the download page.
    6. Click ‘Activate’

  90. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    [@GaAsP] I believe you get downgraded to the freeware version (non-Pro) after a year, but I’m not exactly sure.

  91. GaAsP

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    Does the program stops working after one year, as it is a “1-year license”? Or, is it just the “free updates for one year” that stops?

  92. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    [@Larry] Read the directions we gave you. We tell you how to register it.

  93. Larry

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    I have found no way to register the Pro 4 version. Would you help me?

  94. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    [@Stammerman] Yes I meant that. We aren’t here to endorse software nor do we ever endorse software here on SoS. We are a daily deals website that offer software; it is up to you to decide the quality of said software — what you see above is a software description, not a review or testimonial.

  95. Stammerman

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    Do you really mean this “…….It is a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none”?

    “master-of-none” is hardly a ringing endorsement! :)

  96. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    [@sos.archive] Happy holidays :-)

  97. sos.archive

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    Merry Christmas! SOS and SOS Moderator(s) and community users. I wish you all, health and happiness and a better financial situation so you can …continue not buying software, but to help save/improve life by adopting dogs, cats etc. and even >human< children. God bless you!

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-user 1-year license, for home and business use
  • You get free updates for one year
  • No free tech support
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer is over
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help

Technical Details

  • Developed by Glarysoft
  • Current version is v4.7
  • Download size is 11.8 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/48