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Free iSkysoft Video Editor (100% discount)

Terms and Conditions Technical Details
  • Developed by iSkysoft
  • Current version is v3.6.1 (Windows), v2.9.0 (Mac)
  • Download size is 60.2 (Windows), 48.6 MB (Mac)
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/48

iSkysoft Video Editor is a feature-filled and powerful video editor. With it, you an easily create stunning home movies with minimal effort — it is for beginners and professionals alike.

This giveaway includes no free updates. Get iSkysoft Video Editor with free lifetime updates to get free lifetime updates and other perks, like home + business use.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. iskysoft

    Reply to this comment#49

  2. KillNoise

    Reply to this comment#48

    Registration Procedure on
    works perfect for iSkysoft DVD Creator and for Video Editor MacOS version
    but NOT for Video Editor Windows Version !
    Tried several times & from different computer – no way, i dont receive keycode mail for Video Editor Windows Version !
    Is there a limitation of licenses available ?

  3. Dave Thomas

    Reply to this comment#47

    when I downloaded it, it sent an email link. Then stated it was a “trial version”. Is that why it’s free? is it just “free for now?”

  4. Tobe

    Reply to this comment#46

    The registration code only works for the Windows version of the program! I wanted it for Mac, and SharewareOnSale is advertising it here as Mac and Windows, but there appears to be no way to get a license code for Mac.
    I contacted iSkySoft and opened a ticket, telling them that my code doesn’t work. They said “I regret to tell that it is for Windows version and can’t be used on Mac.”

  5. Victoria

    Reply to this comment#45

    [@cookie] Step 1. Visit the giveaway page that SharewareonSale give you on the ReadMe.txt, enter your name and E-mail. This e-mail should be valid, they will send the key to your e-mail.

    Step 2. Check your inbox or even spam mailbox, then download the software using the download link in the e-mail and install. If you didn’t received the e-mail, please contact the support team.

    Step 3. Click “Main Menu” and open “Register”, use the registration code to register it. Or you can see a shopping cart icon from the interface clearly, click that to finish activation. You can learn more features about this software or downloading from here directly:

    Notes: If you failed to receive the registration code in mailbox, please check your spam or junk mail folder first.

  6. Reuben

    Reply to this comment#44

    Very ice software.

  7. dani donie

    Reply to this comment#43

    Thank you Asraf..working good for me.

  8. Roland

    Reply to this comment#42

    iskysoft and wondershare seem to be the same company. I remember that was told by its installation program to uninstall a iskysof program to be able to install a wondershare program, or the reverse. I don’t remember what program, but I think it was a pdf editor program. I received on Shareware on sale iskysoft “video-editor_full715″ on 7/3/14 version 3.5.0 and wondershare : “video-editor_full846″ on 20/4/14 version 3.5.1. The interfaces look nearly the same, except for the colors, between the two.

  9. Liam

    Reply to this comment#41

    This site (and the *great* software it *gives away FREE*!) is one of the “hidden gems” of the IntarWebz! And, as if it couldn’t be better, the good folks here add in *remarkable SUPPORT* (and a pretty good sense of humor, too!).

    Try the software — just *try* it. Some will perhaps not be what you were hoping for, but most will actually work quite well (and — bonus! — take a look at the creators of that software. They’ve probably got other versions or other products that are *well* worth buying!). Some software will be, frankly, close to perfect.

    Enjoy (and tell your friends. Don’t tell your enemies, though. Taunt them, instead.)!

  10. mandie7473

    Reply to this comment#40

    [@cookie] Nevermind…I got it registered. I just started clicking anywhere on the screen…the buttons…then some new window pops up….

  11. cookie

    Reply to this comment#39

    can someone kindly tell the steps to get the registration page to show up in the program? I’ve looked and can’t find it. thanks.

  12. Csa-K.

    Reply to this comment#38

    It doesn’t work. This is the message I got, but each time referring to another address
    Access violation at address 0060714A in module “VideoEditor.exe. Write of address 00000380.
    WindoesXP/ ESET Smart Security7

  13. phil.d

    Reply to this comment#37

    i have this and its excellent for my movies,
    dont knock it its free for a while. thank again mr boss

  14. DonP

    Reply to this comment#36

    Only 5 menu templates? That sure doesn’t speak well for this program. There may be a way to download more, but I couldn’t find them on their website. If it’s not more versatile and less restricting, it can’t compete with freeware, let alone other commercial programs.

  15. Decii

    Reply to this comment#35

    Avira blocked the download:
    Avira prevents you from opening a potentially harmful website
    Warning! This site might harm your system. It was blocked for your protection.
    This website has been identified as a malware site. Malware infects your computer and can include viruses, worms, spyware and trojan horses.

  16. Victoria

    Reply to this comment#34

    [@New] [@phil] Hi, you could contact their support team for this problem. I get the key although it takes few seconds to load and hint me it’s sent.

  17. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#33

    This sale is back! (again)

  18. phil

    Reply to this comment#32

    thank you: but cant download. same Problem on their website

  19. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#31

    This sale is back!

  20. New

    Reply to this comment#30OLD COMMENT

    How to get ?

  21. phil

    Reply to this comment#29OLD COMMENT

    ok i have got it a last and THANKS to shareware and iskysoft

  22. John Macpherson

    Reply to this comment#28OLD COMMENT

    [@phil] 2 Phil
    My earlier idea of “pasting the keycode into this comment feature” would not have worked, as the keycode from my main Email was different to the one I (eventually) retrieved from my backup Email. Possibly you had a couple of goes as well so check ALL your spam.

  23. John Macpherson

    Reply to this comment#27OLD COMMENT

    Finally found the keycode!
    Entirely my fault for forgetting just how rubbish gmail is.
    Most of the stuff that I consider to be “spam”, goes into their new “Promotions” category, which can easily mislead you. Their actual “spam” category is hidden, until you click “More”.
    No, not the “More” above the categories, the “More” on the left hand side, 6 down from “Compose”. NOW you can find your spam (and incidentally your keycode). Great Layout gmail!

  24. phil

    Reply to this comment#26OLD COMMENT

    i have received my key but says wrong e-mail address how can that be. help

  25. John Macpherson

    Reply to this comment#25OLD COMMENT

    Still No Keycode, and no further comments since I pointed out this fault 17 hours ago.
    I tried again, several times, and with a different Email address and each time I was wrongly told “The keycode has been sent to you”. This has not happened.
    Asking for help only brings you to this comments box, since no-one else is going to help, how about other users? Could one of you please paste the keycode into this comment feature

  26. John Macpherson

    Reply to this comment#24OLD COMMENT

    I clicked “Get it Now” and a popup told me “The keycode has been sent to you”. All I found in my InBox was an Email – “Success! Download your file(s) now
    Hi there. Thank you for downloading from SharewareOnSale. Your download details are shown below for.your reference.
    Order: #630043… etc.”
    How do I get the Keycode?

  27. Jan de Hont

    Reply to this comment#23OLD COMMENT

    Great! A Fantastic program. Thank you very much!

  28. Nobug

    Reply to this comment#22OLD COMMENT

    “iSkysoft” and “Wondershare” have in common their Chinese address and phone. Wondershare offers a history of more detailed version of his program. More importantly, it informs that the upgrades are not free. Only updates are free. It is now possible to have a promotion of -50%.
    The “Wondershare Video Edito” program is then U.S. $ 19.95 or 15.99 Euros
    The version is 3.5.1
    Le programme “Wondershare Video Edito” est alors de 19.95 US$ ou 15,99 Euros

  29. SaNad

    Reply to this comment#21OLD COMMENT

    Thank you very much Ashraf and iSkysoft for a really nice video editor :))
    It downloaded quickly, I received my license code within seconds, and it installed perfectly with no hiccups at all on my Win8 64bit Acer Aspire.
    It’s easy to use and I highly recommend this product for beginners.

  30. Craig

    Reply to this comment#20OLD COMMENT

    This is a very good beginner editor. It is fairly intuitive and doesn’t have a high learning curve. $35 as a regular price is a steal. Free is a super steal. I do a lot of editing for my business and this editor does quite a bit. There are a few draw backs that as a general user you wouldn’t mind. I have experimented with it for the last few hours and I think this is well worth $35. The main draw back is this does not smart-render, meaning, after editing a clip it will not render it exactly as it was encoded. You have to choose a setting like mpeg1 or mpeg2 or any number of formats that are available (and there are many to choose from). This will make the re-encoding take longer and you will not have the same exact format as your original clip(s).
    The second big draw back is you cannot do a custom bit rate or resolution size. There is a drop down menu with a few choices to adjust both the bit rate and resolution size but that’s it.
    It does have plenty of transition and special effects for both audio and video. PIP works great, you have total control as to how big the picture is and its location. Try it, it is really a great program.

  31. mishasin

    Reply to this comment#19OLD COMMENT

    Thanks Ashraf for another nice giveaway;
    Best regards

  32. dan

    Reply to this comment#18OLD COMMENT

    finally–had to use different email address

  33. dan

    Reply to this comment#17OLD COMMENT

    when I go to retrieve it and put in my email address or my order number it comes back saying they are invalid.

  34. dan

    Reply to this comment#16OLD COMMENT

    no code yet. 7:34pm

  35. Linda

    Reply to this comment#15OLD COMMENT

    Yay!!! It finally came through. Thank you.

  36. Linda

    Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    Still nothing. And, I have checked my spam. Guess this one is not happening:(

  37. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT


    It’s 3.5.0 troll

  38. dan

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    Like the others I am not receiving the key code.

  39. Linda

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    No Key and I have tried 3 different emails accounts. I have checked spam.

  40. henry gormley

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    No key received yet. You are sending me around in circles twice.

  41. nzb

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    iSkysoft Video Editor = Wondershare Video Editor (sharewareonsale: 2013.dec.18)

  42. nzb

    Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    iSkysoft Video Editor v3.5.0 virushordozo, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 szerint.

  43. Larry

    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    Ashraf – the version listed is 3.5.0 but the download is 7.1.5?
    Is this correct?

  44. Victoriase

    Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    please check your spam box as well.

  45. angel

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    worked now with a different email. thank you!

  46. ang

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT


  47. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    [@angel] a) Check spam b) Try different email

    [@Luc De Bruycker] English please!

  48. Luc De Bruycker

    Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    Zeer mooie videobewerking. Graag meegenomen.

  49. angel

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    i’ve sent my details twice with the form but have not received a key.

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

Technical Details

  • Developed by iSkysoft
  • Current version is v3.6.1 (Windows), v2.9.0 (Mac)
  • Download size is 60.2 (Windows), 48.6 MB (Mac)
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/48