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Free Leawo DVD Ripper (100% discount)

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  • Developed by Leawo
  • Version is v7.0.4.0
  • Download size is 40.6 MB (Windows), 20.8 MB (Mac)
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/46

As the name suggests, Leawo DVD Ripper allows you to rip and convert DVDs (movies, TV shows, homemade, etc.) to other video formats. DRM-protection and region-lock are bypassed.

This giveaway has no free updates. Get Leawo DVD Ripper with free lifetime updates for lifetime free updates and other perks, like free tech support.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. Scott

    Reply to this comment#43

    Still have not received a reply from Leawo support, so I’ll ask my question here. Has anybody else had the same problem as me in that the software throws an error and requests that I download and install the BD decrypter plugin from when attempting to rip any DVD movie? Time is running out for Leawo if they would like me to actually purchase this product. Thanks!

  2. Leawo Support

    Reply to this comment#42

    [@mac_sal] Hello, please try to manually type the license code and let me know what will happen. Thanks!

  3. Lubomir Filip

    Reply to this comment#41

    Non serial number

  4. Peter Blaise

    Reply to this comment#40

    No code email sent, multiple tries – can someone just post the code if they receive one? Thanks.

  5. mac_sal

    Reply to this comment#39

    Downloaded the software and received the Registration Code. However, the Registration Code does not work and getting the following message “Invalid register code. Please check the spelling or contact support for more help.”

    Contacted their support team and sent them a screen grab of the code. nter the code without spaces. No joy. Contacted support team again and was told to re-download the software using the link provided, and enter the code without spaces. Tried what they suggested and used various combinations of the code – with and without spaces, substituting the underscores in the original code for hyphens etc. etc. Again, no joy. Contacted them again whereupon they asked me to send them a screen grab showing the error message – which I have done.

    Only positive thing is that their support team has been prompt!

  6. Scott

    Reply to this comment#38

    I am considering purchasing this software and wrote to Leawo Support for clarification on a few issues:

    1. “One-computer” license limit. Can it be installed on personal laptop and desktop or do I need to purchase two separate licenses? (A big no-go for me)
    2. Can it rip, convert, and compress DVD 9 to DVD 5? It is implied that it can compress, but no specifics are provided. (for me ripper/converter must also be able to compress)
    3. Whenever I try to rid a DVD I get and error saying I need to install a plug-in and a link to a site in Germany ( ). Why do I have to download and install a separate decrypter from a totally different developer in order to rip a DVD? (If it requires downloading and installing plug-ins from other developers it is a no-go)

    I will post what I find out.

  7. Sky1

    Reply to this comment#37

    I would NEVER install a one year (extended trial) program onto my PC, unless it is an anti-virus or VPN. I thought Leawo was a good brand, now it is in my blacklist of programs to avoid and advise everyone against! Shame on them.

  8. Leawo Support

    Reply to this comment#36

    Regarding the 1 year license, DVD Ripper actually does not have this limit, it can be used lifelong as long as you don’t upgrade it to the newer version. We did notice that only 360 days left after registration is really strange cause it was just launched yesterday. Please neglect this cause it’s just the number and we are fixing this now. Thanks!

  9. Leawo Support

    Reply to this comment#35

    You can also send your request to for further assistance. Try to manually enter the license code may solve the problem. Please kindly try and let me know. Thanks!

  10. Leawo Support

    Reply to this comment#34

    Hello guys, sorry about the confusion here: regarding software name: yes, the name you see now is Blu-ray Video Converter, because it’s a comprehensive program and it actually includes 5 different modules(DVD Ripper is one of them) inside. However, the license code we provided can only be used to activate DVD Ripper.

    Hope it helps and please comment below if you have other questions.

  11. Reg

    Reply to this comment#33

    Downloaded the Mac version yesterday and the registration code they emailed failed.
    “Invalid register code. Please check the spelling or contact support for more help”.
    Followed the suggestion to contact, yesterday, buy no reply or acknowledgement so far.

    Looks like the deal may be a dud :(

  12. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#32

    @Everyone: I’m sorry for the issues. I’ve contacted Leawo to try and sort them out — not sure what is going on.

  13. Fathi

    Reply to this comment#31

    Comme prévu, j’ai télécharger le logiciel et je me suis inscris sur la page du cadeau, mais je n’ai pas reçu la clé (licence) pour activer le logiciel.
    Merci de me dire comment je peux faire pour recevoir ma licence ou le clé d’activation.

  14. Mikhail

    Reply to this comment#30

    Thank you!
    In the settings are green two positions, one of them – dvd ripper, which is registered for 365 days, and the second – video converter with a lifetime license . In the context of this freebies nothing about what was said
    Strangely all this, but thanks anyway

  15. Bill

    Reply to this comment#29

    After uninstalling Leawo’s DVD Ripper v5.2, I installed this Giveaway and discovered that it’s not DVD Ripper v7.0….but Blu-Ray Video Converter v7.0!!! What gives???

  16. Scott

    Reply to this comment#28

    Hey Roland, I did request a key as you indicated and entered it in the panel that allow activation of the various components of the software. The converter is an “always free” basic component while the others are paid items. Unfortunately, even after entering the serial key, rebooting my computer, and restarting the software the DVD ripper component fails to work and throws an error saying I need to to go to to download and install a completely separate piece of decrypter software from a totally different developer in order to rip the DVD. Tried this on both my desktop machine and laptop computer and the results were the same. Again, it is not Ashraf’s fault at all (and I very much appreciate his SOS offerings), but Leawo’s left hand doesn’t seem to know what it’s right hand is doing.

  17. Roland

    Reply to this comment#27

    The actual download installs only the free “Leawo Blu-Ray video converter” and a possibility, within the installed converter, to activate the ripper (which is included but hidden in the download) if you ask for a key there : after giving your details. The key will be received by email. Once registered (with the key, within the converter), it says that it is valid for only 365 days ! This wasn’t said on SWOS or elsewhere. Not nice practice. I thake the opportunity to thank SWOS and Ashraf for all the softs and advice and all the contributors who give us advices.

  18. Scott

    Reply to this comment#26

    Update: Just tried to rip/convert a DVD and got an error saying the disc is copy protected and I need to download and install a “Blu-ray Decrypter Plug-in” from a completely different site in Germany. Huh? I thought the whole idea of this software was that it’s a package that is able to rip and convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Doesn’t sound like Leawo has its act together and certainly doesn’t inspire enough confidence to actually purchase the software.

  19. b

    Reply to this comment#25


    Hey Scott, You are right to be confused, as it presents just as you indicate. If you want to be even more confused, install the app. It will tell you that the Blu-ray Copy is expired; Blu-ray Ripper is expired, and still more about trials? Quite confusing. And then if you register, ‘forever’ is only one year.

  20. b

    Reply to this comment#24

    Claims to be a lifetime license, but only registers for 365 days.Thumbs down, uninstalled.

  21. Scott

    Reply to this comment#23

    Very confusing situation here. Giveaway says DVD Ripper, but he download is actually Blu-ray Video Converter. Also, there is and Both offer software, but the software seems to be a bit different on both sites even though an email inquiry I sent to support indicates they are the same company. has a Video Converter Pro listed as one of its products. has a different product. Neither site lists the SOS giveaway product that is actually downloaded (Blu-ray Video Converter). The closest thing I could find was Leawo DVD Ripper on this page: I have emailed Leawo support for clarification and am awaiting a reply. Will update when I receive it.

  22. bMcDoh

    Reply to this comment#22

    the download link gave me “blue ray converter”. Supposed to be DVD?

  23. Don Doornbos

    Reply to this comment#21

    This installed as a “Blue-Ray Converter” not as a “DVD Ripper!”

    Not happy!

  24. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#20

    [@io] Welcome!

  25. io

    Reply to this comment#19

    thanks, now it works fine!

  26. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#18

    [@John Chapman] [@Phil K] [@io] Sorry folks, I gave you the wrong link. Try now :-)

  27. io

    Reply to this comment#17

    yeah, no “get it now” for this giveaway-serial
    seems not to be updated for the DVD ripper…
    can it be fixed please ?

  28. Phil K

    Reply to this comment#16

    Nothing about serial on link. Just trying to get money for an “upgrade”

  29. John Chapman

    Reply to this comment#15

    …click here to go to the registration page…

    Link is invalid. Relates to Leawo Blu-ray Player Giveaway! Valid until June. 18th, 2014

  30. Danny Chen

    Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    its so great

  31. Dee Lion

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT

    Your offer says 1-user lifetime license. Why did the code sent to me activate it for only 1 year??? I hope this isn’t a rip-off.

  32. gordon russell

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    This sounds like a Great Giveaway.Thanks very much!

  33. mike davies

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    not the same programme as shown dvd blueray converter instead of dvd ripper

  34. tarun kumar

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    Please get me one free licence of leawo dvd ripper today, i want to install after words

  35. Manni

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    activation valid for only one year

  36. pepe

    Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    [@Ashraf] [@Ashraf] Thanks Ashraf. So they forgot to remove it, but did not forget to mention about it in their setup wizard? Sounds strange to me…

  37. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    [@pepe] FWIW, Leawo just came back from vacation (they had a holiday in China) and told me this:

    Regarding this “small piece of software”, it’s actually just the pure text that we forgot to remove, no any real item will be installed on customers’ computers. No worries.

  38. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    [@pepe] Apparently it is a national holiday in China until Oct 8th, so we won’t be hearing a reply any time soon.

  39. pepe

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    [@Ashraf] …and the deadline is starting to loom large… just kidding

  40. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    [@pepe] I haven’t really been able to find out anything so far, still waiting on the developer to get back to me.

  41. pepe

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    [@Ashraf] [@Ashraf] Thank you. Much appreciated.

  42. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    [@pepe] I did not even see that; VirusTotal shows as clean so I wasn’t worried. However, I’ll take a look and let you know what I can find. I’ll also send a message to the developer.

  43. pepe

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    @ Ashraf:
    Upon the start of install process the Leawo Setup Wizard shows this info:


    As there is no mentioning about this “small piece of software” in your Important Info section I assume we not talking any kind of addware here, aren’t we? Could you (or any one who already went through the installation process) confirm this please? Thank you.

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

Technical Details

  • Developed by Leawo
  • Version is v7.0.4.0
  • Download size is 40.6 MB (Windows), 20.8 MB (Mac)
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/46