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Free Picture Cutout Guide (100% discount)

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  • Developed by Tint Guide
  • Version is v3.1.7
  • Download size is 4.7 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/47

Picture Cutout Guide allows you to transfer objects from one photo/image to another.

This giveaway has no free updates. Get Picture Cutout Guide with free lifetime updates to get lifetime free updates and other perks, like ability to install/re-install whenever you want and home + business use.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. Maureen

    Reply to this comment#21

    Just downloaded and taken a short look at this program, but no problems, and I think I’m going to have some fun with this. Thanks, Glarysoft and Ashraf!

  2. Mr.Dave

    Reply to this comment#20

    Nice program! Has many options that have a lot of thought behind them to make them easy to use. Can still leave a ragged edge around a cut-out object depending on the background and how fuzzy the edges are, but this works better than most programs I’ve tried. Thanks!!!

  3. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#19

    [@eric] [@Lily Maria] Welcome!

  4. Lily Maria

    Reply to this comment#18

    Thank you again for this fun program! Installed it on 3 computers! I always wanted to have a program like Photoshop!

  5. eric

    Reply to this comment#17

    tres pratique pour le montage photos merci encore d’avoir fait ce logiciel

  6. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#16

    [@Elijah Gale] Thanks for the kind words :-)

  7. Elijah Gale

    Reply to this comment#15OLD COMMENT

    You are one of very few “experts” I trust regarding software.
    You are a true tech blessing.

    Know that you are appreciated by many you will never meet.

    Thank you.

  8. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#14OLD COMMENT

    [@Roge] No. This is a SharewareOnSale offer. We did this offer a few weeks back and brought it back again today.

  9. Roge

    Reply to this comment#13OLD COMMENT

    Isn’t this a GOTD offer?

  10. Sunnaze

    Reply to this comment#12OLD COMMENT

    I thought I’d posted my question here, but somehow mistakenly posted it on the Button Shop page instead (feel free to delete it there Ashraf if you wish), so I’ll re-post it here:

    After downloading the Picture Cutout Guide Sos version, my security software throws a hissy fit all painted in red, and warns me profusely that this file could be dangerous, and that I should delete it. Am I correct in supposing that it’s been tested for malware, and that there’s really no need to worry?

  11. bellamamma

    Reply to this comment#11OLD COMMENT

    @ Ashraf… you are doing a great job of offering me plenty of free software every single day. I love your site. Don’t pay attention to anyone that says u r trying to be like giveawayoftheday, that’s like saying that every website has to be completely original. If that were the case… we would not have too many! Good Job-Krissy.

  12. MujerAlta

    Reply to this comment#10OLD COMMENT

    Installed without problems – Windows 7 Home Premium, i7, 64 bit.

    Thank you! Tint Guide programs have always been useful. Picture Cutout Guide comes with a selection of Demos/tutorials to watch. It’s a little complicated but the demos are easy to understand. Like other Tint Guide programs I’ve installed, during installation, neither the two versions of Photoshop Elements nor the Paint Shop Pro that are installed on my computer are presented as options for installation of the 8bf plugin file. I manually install the file into these programs which isn’t difficult but might be impossible for a beginning user not familiar with the process. The program does a good job finding the edges of the objects to be “cut out” although the number of buttons that have to be clicked to get the job done is a bit confusing the first few times it’s attempted. I’m unquestioningly anal-retentive when I select objects and this program will save me a lot time. All I’ll have to do is some minor clean up on selections in a photo editor.

    One recommendation: Since the program can be used as a Photoshop plugin, a transparent – instead of a solid colored – background would be convenient. Once the “cut out” opens in the host photo editor, the Magic Wand tool must be used to remove the solid color background. This introduces the risk of obliterating any fine detail that was preserved in the initial selection with the Picture CutOut Guide.

  13. Rogerio M. Souza

    Reply to this comment#9OLD COMMENT

    Very very cool!

  14. colas

    Reply to this comment#8OLD COMMENT

    I cannot download the exe file


    Reply to this comment#7OLD COMMENT

    really nice

  16. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#6OLD COMMENT

    [@Philx] Ashraf doesn’t sleep. Nonetheless, thanks for the feedback and kind words :-)

    [@ghokke] Welcome!

    [@Gina] Smart Screen filter? You mean the one in Internet Explorer? I don’t know why it is giving you that error but I’ve installed Picture Cutout Guide on my computer and it didn’t destroy anything. And VirusTotal finds it to be clean:

    That said, though, don’t download it if you don’t feel comfortable.

  17. Gina

    Reply to this comment#5OLD COMMENT

    Today’s sale: Picture Cutout Guide
    When I want to start the download, I receive the information: The Smart Screen filter finds out that this download does not work as usual and can destroy my system. Did you receive information about similar problems from other users of this offer? Please, tell me what is the reason for this message.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help,

  18. ghokke

    Reply to this comment#4OLD COMMENT

    Thank you so much again, Ashraf! Handy and easy to use software.

  19. Philx

    Reply to this comment#3OLD COMMENT

    Highly effective uncomplicated software complete with Photoshop CS plug-in from a well-established developer who doesn’t mess people around with absurdly complicated download / registration procedures and actually builds in detailed video tutorials of all program functions. It’s as if this developer actually. . . cares about customers, actual and potential — refreshing change from the vast majority of software houses out there where indifference rules supreme and standards of business conduct and computing competence seem to drop lower by the day. Kudos, then, to “Tint Guide” — a name, methinks, of recent adoption — for redeeming a week notable for one of the most badly bungled, time-wasting “giveaways” (on another site, not this one) of the year. And kudos, too, to SoS, a software resource that is deservedly becoming ever more popular thanks to the calibre of its offerings and, of co-equal importance, the promptness of the help and advice provided (unless, of course, Ashraf is taking a nap: tst, tst, tst . . .)

  20. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#2OLD COMMENT

    [@Mao] Sorry, I was making some backend changes. It should all work now.

  21. Mao

    Reply to this comment#1OLD COMMENT

    You have a problem in your website.
    This is the message that I get:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function
    Good luck!


Important Info

Terms and Conditions

Technical Details

  • Developed by Tint Guide
  • Version is v3.1.7
  • Download size is 4.7 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: 0/47