Please read: Hotmail,, and MSN users, we need your help (again)!

Hi SoS’ers,

Back in March I asked for the assistance of Hotmail / / MSN / Microsoft email users. Now we need your help again.

For some weird reason, Microsoft has started blocking SharewareOnSale and HungryForApps emails — the ones we send you to let you know about new sales that we have on either of our websites. This block by Microsoft is at the server level, so you won’t even see the emails in your junk folder; they are simply not accepting the emails we are sending.

In order to make sure our emails are being accepted by Microsoft again, we need your help. We need you to submit a request to Hotmail / / MSN / Microsoft support asking them to unblock SharewareOnSale and HungryForApps emails. Please ask them to unblock emails from and and from IPs and and It is important to list both our domains and all three of our IPs in your request.

You can submit a request to Hotmail / / MSN / Microsoft support by going to, clicking on “Participate” -> “Ask a Question”. You will need to be logged into your Hotmail / / MSN / Microsoft account and make sure to list the question under the section.

Until Microsoft fixes this issue, you can subscribe to our newsletters using a different email (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo) to get our newsletters. You can subscribe by entering the new email while downloading an offer from us.

Thank you for all your help and I hope all Microsoft users will be able start getting our emails again.

-Mr. Boss


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