We passed 1,000,000 downloads!

Hi SoS’ers,

We launched SharewareOnSale with our first software sale back in August 19, 2013 (if memory serves — I’m getting old). Since then we’ve never looked back, bringing you hit after hit software every month. Our journey hasn’t been without controversy and I can’t claim the ride has been smooth the whole way, but it has a fruitful venture thus far.

Today I’m here to let everyone know, we have now officially passed 1,000,000 downloads on SharewareOnSale — just nine months after launching. That is to say, SoS’ers have downloaded software via our sales over 1,000,000 times!

On top of that, whereas we had 0 subscribers back in August, we now have over 150,000+ daily subscribers. Wow!

If you consider how this time last year SharewareOnSale wasn’t even an idea in my head (much less a successful eCommerce-marketing platform), that is amazing growth. Congratulations everyone, this couldn’t be possible without all of you. Please keep downloading from us and sharing SharewareOnSale with friends, families, coworkers, and on other websites: let’s try to hit the next 1,000,000 downloads in six months!

Take care,
Mr. Boss @ SharewareOnSale


  1. Hi Ashraf! Congratulations to you and us all on the 4th anniversary of the sharewareonsale.com. We hope that you will please us for a long time with your stocks and surprises. Health to you and longevity to your project! Thank you!!!

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