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    Have something to say about ACDSee Video Studio 2? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ACDSee Video Studio 2, post it here! If you know of issues with ACDSee Video Studio 2, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Jack Sweeney

    Where is the 32 bit Version?

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    How many hoops do you have to climb through to get this registered? Ridiculous. Uninstalled.

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    Well, register in the site, run program , put the serial but no recognize, start with trial, try again with serial in the register window option, work to me.
    the program is very, very simple, no efects ? only a fews transitions…. performance in the time line is good. the program build in cuda aceleration .
    My option is a weak editor…

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    Nick H

    How many hoops do you have to climb through to get this registered? Ridiculous. Uninstalled.

    At least I didn’t have to repeatedly play the stupid street signs captcha game on SOS today to request the software, I can see that is lined up for me after I submit this post, but, I had to do it 5 times on the ACDSee site!

    The instructions say that you will see that your submission was accepted on the ACDSee site after entering your details, that didn’t happen for me despite stopping any script or flash blocking on their page. My third attempt to submit my details got a message telling me that I’d already done so! There had been no sign that this was so prior to that message. So persist if you get nothing at first. About 1 minute after being told I had an email from ACDSee my mail client informed me that I did indeed have one. Screening the EULA brought up some higher rated privacy warnings than what I would normally allow, so its sandboxed until I can check this out better. I had an extra step in the registration process when I started this software for the first time compared to what the notes in the SOS email had said – you get an email with a temporary password for your ACDSee account which is needed to register the software. As BranBuds asked – how many hoops….?

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    [ @Jack Sweeney] ce programme ne fonctionne pas

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Ce n’est plus un enregistrement mais un chemin de croix ! Complètement d’accord avec les autres intervenants, c’est parfaitement ridicule. Je désinstalle.

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    I had no problems downloading or registering this software. I just followed the instructions to the letter.
    The screen capture works very well.

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    On ne peut pas installer, N’est pas compatible sous Win. 10 32 bits.

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    John USA

    I hated, hated, hated this horrible and lousy program as the despicable idiots ACDSee are sadists and they have made registering and activating this shitty program very, very difficult.
    Go to hell ACDSee and you can shove this lousy and unfriendly program in your ….where the sun does not shine.
    I uninstalled this super unfriendly piece of crap program.
    I hated it.

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    Hated it too

    [ @John USA]
    I fully agree with John as this program makes the activation process very complex and completely unnecessary.
    A question to the sadists at ACDSee: Why have you made the registration/activation process so difficult?
    You are demanding 3 separate serial numbers for this activation method which is totally unacceptable.
    Along with John I too will like to tell you to go to hell.
    You are really sadists.

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    I apologize for seeming to rough. I am not an amateur at installing Unlock codes or Activation codes, but the way ACDSee does this is frustrating, unprofessional, and it sends you into a spinning vortex of log-ins, entering your License code, logging in again, all just to get an Unlock code to put into the software, or the software doesn’t run.
    Ridiculous. I spent 30 minutes going in circles.
    No software is worth that.
    Thanks for the attempt though. Much appreciated.

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    K. Hamm

    I’d give it a zero stars if I could. I did the download, got the product key, tried to enter it. A splash screen appears over the box where I’d enter the key, preventing me from entering it. It wants an unlock code. So I clicked the link, had the code sent. The registration process is sloppy, complex, and doesn’t work. I do not have the time to use the “password” and request an ‘unlock key’ several times, try to use it, and be prevented by the very program I’m trying to register. This may be a very good program, once you get it somehow, but I am not going to spend an hour trying to figure out how to register/unlock/god knows what else it takes to find out. Deleted.

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    Also was a bit frustrated by the registration process, but I take these as a challenge – much like an IQ test. Looks like many others just give up…
    Unfortunately, once I got it all registered and running, I find that it is basically unusable for me. As eyes get older, they lose the ability to see gray on gray text. Requires far too much strain for me. Checked the program options to see if the GUI could be changed, and found that it cannot. Too bad. It might be a good editor, as ACDSee has had a good reputation in the still photo arena, but if the user can’t easily read the GUI, the program is worthless.
    So, thanks MrBoss and ACDSee for the offer. Maybe you will improve the GUI, or offer options like more expensive editors offer, but for now I get to use Revo and remove it completely!

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