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    Have something to say about AI PNG Enlarger PRO [Without Loss of Quality]? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AI PNG Enlarger PRO [Without Loss of Quality], post it here! If you know of issues with AI PNG Enlarger PRO [Without Loss of Quality], post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I can’t remember why I uninstalled a previous version of this program.
    Since then, it is impossible to register the pro version because the “upgrade” icon no longer appears! So I stay with the free version.
    Strangely enough, my previous choice to save on the desktop remained.

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    I can’t remember why I uninstalled a previous version of this program.

    Because, in 50% of cases, it does not increase anything in many.
    Than to understand what is the matter, it is better to use, other paid programs.

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    Working Well as Software on a Desktop PC…But its not enlarging x4 or x16 times any png or jpg. Program creates only the same (data-pixels) file always as png even if you ask jpg to jpg…. Talk about Prof version & complete registered licence

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    This tool is FAKE!!! Does nothing at all, just copies the same file with the same resolution!

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    Robert Jones

    Absolutely useless. Does not enlarge at all. Makes me wonder about the actual purpose of this software.

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    Works for me. I’m not sure I really have a practical use case for it, though.

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    This is a FAKE program.

    It does NOT enlarge, either at 4X or 16X. It simply copies the original file to the destination. (This was the same ‘problem’ as the earlier version that was given away on giveawayoftheday.com a month ago.)

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    Its just a bad GUI and uses ImageMagic to resize and then “Practical Algorithms for General Image Restoration” (realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan) to fix quality. A Batchfile could do more and my work.

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    I tried to enter the code provided XP4ZGQ90M17 but it says this is an invalid code.

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    Nagaraj Acharya

    I dont see any registration icon anywhere in app window, only I saw “Buy Commercial Licence”” Languages” and “Home”. How do I register.

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    Nagaraj Acharya

    Can U suggest me before the Giveaway goes away…

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    I do not understand why there are comments that say this program is fake or useless or that it only copies the source to the target with the result (target) being the same size as the source. That is not true as far as I can tell. The developer suggesting checking to see that your graphics drivers are up to date. That may be why some people cannot get this to work. There may be several other possibilities why it does not work on one person’s system but not another.

    Ver 1.14 worked for me, and so does this version 1.15.

    I found that to get the best result, you need to select either the icon/logo/cartoon or photo toggle that best fits the image you want to enlarge. Next, is you might want to experiment with the “Sharpen” value to get the best results.

    Not every image comes out as great as the source. On the developer’s website is several before and after images. You can download them and see whether the result looks like what is claimed. Keep in mind though, that just because the samples are shown on the website, we cannot be exactly sure if the source (before images) are the same as the developer used, or what settings they used for the Sharpen value. Still, I found they do come pretty close, even without adjusting the Sharpen value at all.

    If the source is not a photographic image (as would be from a camera), then the Icon/logo/cartoon is the best selection. Look at the sample image with 245 on it. The result looks a lot better than the source for the number 245, but also look at the smaller text. In the result image, it really isn’t clear what it says, but even though the before example is fuzzy, it is easier to read. So, there is a point at which very small characters do not look all that great in the final image.

    I have some images that contain a photo image and also a lot of graphics. Rather than select one of the choices for image type, I found that I got better results enlarging the individual parts, then reassembling to get the final image.

    I have been using digital cameras since the largest any could produce was 180×240. Getting a camera that could produce 320×240 was a step up, and then a 480×640 camera was a huge step up. I have lots of the images from that era that are used on websites. They would nearly fill the 800 pixel wide screen back then. But now as computer screens have many more pixels, those same images look way too small. I could reshoot them, but I am nowhere near where those original images were taken. My best alternative is to have a program that can enlarge the originals and clean the result. I have several S-spline enlarging programs, but most have been tedious to use. Trying to enlarge with a batch still meant that I needed to check each result. One thing I like about AI PNG Enlarger is that it is simple to use, even with building a batch list. I still need to check the result, but if I get a result I don’t like, I can save those filenames for fine-tuning later.

    Is it the greatest enlarger program? No; not at all, however, it does do much better than many others because it does have the ability (True AI, we do not know) to fine tune the results and make some things look better.

    If it doesn’t work for you, contact the developer with all the details, because likely they do want the program to work for everyone.

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    [@Nagaraj Acharya]
    >”I dont see any registration icon anywhere in app window, only I saw “Buy Commercial Licence”” Languages” and “Home”. How do I register.”

    There are a lot of programs that handle this important step poorly. You did start with the correct step, but what you missed is that in addition to opening the webpage, the program also displays a field to enter the license, but you have no clue because your browser window hides the dialog you need. Minimize the browser window, and the field to enter the license should be there. If you click on any other application you have running, then they will hide the field from you as well. I’ve done that accidentally and after minimizing the browser, I still don’t see the license entry field. When I finally give up, I try to close the program, but it will not let me. Then I realize, the program has a window open, but it is behind other windows. That open window/dialog usually is the one with the license key field.

    Worst case scenario, close or minimize all programs one at a time until you see the license field prompt.

    After you enter the license, the program instantly closes. Some programs ask the user to close the program and restart it, but this one closes itself to ensure the license is already inserted when the program starts.

    I wish these companies would check to make sure the license field dialog is on top of the other windows, or at least the should not open the website until after the license has been entered.

    I hope this helps.

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    Well. I have mixed feelings. When I’m choosing Photo AI resizing, then the image is equal with the original. Dimension, DPI, etc… Nothing is changing. When I change it The AI algorythm to Icon/Logo/Cartoon, it indeed resizing the image with removing the noise and artifacts, but makes photos as cartoons.

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