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    Have something to say about Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I can not install the giveaway soft (Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium). For the beginning it starts to unpack 23 mb, but then when i try to install it to my PC the process suddenly aborts and takes me to the “temp” directory. Don`t know what to do. Would you be ever so kind to help me, please.

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    I cannot install the program. I get errors when trying. I believe they are #2502 and 2503. Please help! I would like to download this. Thank you.

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    Peter Blaise

    Hmm … why are they tossing this featureless software at us?

    No file browser, no book reader, no editor, no no no.

    Caliber is free, does all of the above, and more, and even has independent extensions to import content regardless of DRM.

    If AlphaEbooks wants feedback, which takes work, they have to give us something worthy of our time.

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    Can this be reinstalled after the first installation ? (In case of a Windows reinstall, change of hard disk…)

    @ Peter Blaise

    Not sure why you say that.

    File browser :

    Book reader :

    Editor :

    Did I miss something ?

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    Installed with no issues – remember to extract the files as they are compressed. Once I installed I began the process of finding the ebooks. I did not find it intuitive, and the online help information got me started. One I gained a minimal understanding of how the software works, I am up and running. Who knew that I had over 500 ebooks of various extensions on my computer?
    I am a genealogist and have many out of print books on my computer in various formats, so I was concerned the program would not find them. Using title option they were found. This program will be very helpful for me. I was excited to see that I can export the data via a few options enabling me to add to an existing spreadsheet.
    Thank you for offering this program.

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    Funny how those academic types think everybody is a leftist out there. What’s with that “anti-Trump” discount offered on the publisher’s website ? Why don’t you keep with software developing, instead of trying to force your politics on others ? Do you think that insulting half your potential buyers is good for business ?

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    [@Paula] If you are using with Win 7 try this:
    – Extract files (If you are unable to do this there are several free programs, I like PeaZip but many others as well – I am no expert, but it works for me)
    – Right click the setup file
    – Extract and Open with – Associated file

    This was the only thing that would let me proceed to install – it then installed easily. Hope it works for you. If not, someone else will have to help you as beyond my knowledge.I had successfully installed it previously on my Win10 laptop with no issues, so I knew it should work.

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    In comparison to other book managers, one feature to underline is that the Pro version can import your Google library as well

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    Ed Jerkov

    I would like to know if this program is portable (with any requirements?)

    I’ve had several data programs over the years that worked fine until the day my computer or hard drive gave out and I lost the lot. I’d backed up OK the next or later program would not read the old database. So much inconvenience.
    Looks good otherwise.

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    The developer needs to keep politics out of selling his software. No matter how one votes, there is zero need to call a sale, “anti-Trump”. Count me out, and please keep your politics to yourself and just sell the software on its own merits.

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    I am always interested in ebook readers, managers etc.
    seeing this offer, I went to the author’s website to explore further.
    On his page, the author had displayed a 50% Anti-Trump discount.
    I never bothered looking any further.
    IF you wish to politicize your offerings, that’s up to you,
    However, I really don’t care for the political aspect.
    I chose to pass, and will continue to use other sources.

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