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    Have something to say about Ashampoo Burning Studio 2016? Say it here!

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    Phil K

    I BOUGHT Ashampoo Burning 2012. If I left it for a couple of days I had to re-activate it, and eventually it refused to reactivate. Ashampoo EVENTUALLY – after several weeks – allowed it to reactivate. But it just started doing it again, so I stopped using it – also there seems to be no way to overburn with this software, unlike Nero and thats essential sometimes

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    Mister Lee

    Before I comment on this software, a couple of comments to Ashraf.

    1. Glad to see you have finally replaced ‘Disqus’ with a new commenting system. (I for one, am happy to say goodbye to Disqus)
    2. The size of this font is way too small for me. I am having to struggle to read it. My resolution is set at 1440 x 900
    3. I believe it would be better to have these comments posted directly below the description of the app. IMHO, the likelihood that the comments would be seen AND used to post would be increased exponentially. Look at GAOTD as an example. Very few people bother to go to the separate forum section — (I never do, however I do comment there occasionally). BTW, the main reason I visit that site daily, is to read the comments… I rarely download an offering. However, I have gleaned much useful info from there in the comments section. I actually have a node in TexNotes that I copy and paste info from that site’s comments.

    Back to today’s offering… I have not tried the 2016 version. However, I do have 2015 and could not be happier with it. I have had probably 5 different versions of Ashampoo burning apps and they have all worked flawlessly for me. I’m sure this version will be a good upgrade, adding a few bells and whistles.

    I am a VERY big fan of Ashampoo products AND the company itself. They are a great company and very generously offer last years version of many of their products for free. What a deal! Remember, just 12 months before this was the latest and greatest! I am certainly happy with being one year behind FOR FREE! Today’s offering is a little different than all their other products. With the burning app, they do omit a feature or two from the regular version, however for 99% of users, it won’t be a problem… it never has been for me. To the best of my knowledge, all of their other products that are offered for free, are the complete package, (just a year behind). I have never been disappointed with any product I have received from them. Something that really sets Ashampoo apart from other companies… once you have an account with them, all of your serial numbers are accessible forever. So, if you have a computer crash or purchase a new computer, you can reinstall them. That is a big deal.

    RE: some users complaining about receiving spam or e-mail offerings, (depending on your perspective). It is easily remedied. You can unsubscribe and it’s done. Personally, I like to receive their mailings, they offer some terrific deals on some great products.

    If you need a burning app, go for it, you can’t go wrong with Ashampoo.

    Mister Lee

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    Mister Lee

    Addendum to my last comment:

    When I state that the font ‘is way too small’, I am referring to the COMPOSING SECTION, (where the size of the font can not be changed).

    The posted comment font size is easily adjusted larger/smaller using CTRL + the mouse scroll wheel.

    Just wanting to clarify.

    Mister Lee

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    First, let me say that Ashampoo publishes probably the best software in their categories. The only products I’ve ever gotten from them (and I’ve purchased quite a number of them) that I’ve found lacking in any way have been a couple of titles that they didn’t actually author, rather they have made available from another publisher. Anything that bears their name is absolutely top shelf!

    My comment on this download is that it downloaded OK, but when I went to install, it stopped and gave me the message that it couldn’t be installed on my version of Windows. I am using Windows XP on this computer (it has software that I cannot replace and will not run on any other versions). Is there a version available that will run on XP?

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    When I do the:”Request full version key” after inserting my e-mail address, it brings me to another page that requests a login with a password. Some help, please

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    By the way, I have win Vista

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    @phil K: I’ve never had that issue

    @Mister Lee: Yes, I will look into fixing that, thanks for the feedback. As for comments below the offer, I’ve moved them here because it cuts down on the “crap”. If you’ve noticed, of late a lot of “comments” have just been people complaining. Forcing peopl to go to a different section provides somewhat of a filter to those crap comments.

    @BeBop: I believe the older v2015 will run on XP. Do you want that? Here is the SharewareOnSale exclusive installer for it: http://ashampoo.downloadcluster.com/public/shwo/4410/ashampoo_burning_studio_2015_18254.exe

    @Pinibo: That means you have an Ashampoo account and it is asking you for that password. If you don’t remember it, reset the password. Or use a different email.

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    i have tried 3 different e-mails to no avail.

    I have tried resetting password, but no luck.

    I`m stumped!

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    I am already registered at Ashamp00.com so I just inserted that password into the password field.
    Suggest you register at Ashampoo home site.

    I downloaded and installed Ashampoo Burning 2016 ( after removing Ashampoo Burning 2014 ) and it
    was a very smooth operation. Tried a quick burn with the ‘2016’ update and no problems. Quite satisfied.

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    Ashraf, you are right. We were already registered for the laptop.

    Thank you Sir.

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    Lidia Torbica

    Another super offer! Thanks very much! I have had many programs from Ashampoo and never regretted any of them.
    They are tops!

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    Thanks, it worked like a charm. Even though it’s last year’s version, it has all the functions that I need.

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    Have not received license key after trying for several times. No response to requests.

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    I pressed the request registration key button and pressed the paste button to no avail (even tried paste via ctrl+v). Please help.

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