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    Have something to say about AudAudio Capture? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AudAudio Capture, post it here! If you know of issues with AudAudio Capture, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    David Frame

    What is the registered e-mail address

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    ray monaghan

    How do I add Deezer to the programme

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    This is a SCAM !!! This i s NOT an IOBIT product !!!

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    Peter Blaise

    Too bad this is not a keeper — it closed my ( multi-tab ) browser over and over again, even while trying to read the instructions on how to use it from their own website.

    Programs are here to serve the user, not take over the user’s computer and take over other programs and do whatever the programs ( and the programmers ) want to do on their own to a user’s computer.

    Never never never ( never ) close a browser without asking first.

    And even then, never close a browser.

    Let the user close it when the user is good and ready,

    … when the user themselves are satisfied that all open tabs and text editing and dialogs and downloads and other things in progress are where the user themselves wants them to be.

    Until this program comes out with a revised edition that does not close other programs, it’s

    NRFPTY ( Nerf Putty ) Not Ready For Prime Time Yet.


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    i can not recort audio from none of the tryed sorce ex: IE :-/

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    In case the developer reads these comments… I read the comment from Peter Blaise and very quickly decided to not spend my time & risk my computer on this one. Maybe next time if developer has others test the program, and maybe describes the “innovative audio recording technology” some place — why would it need to close a browser unless it’s installing deep in the operating system and needs full control of anything that might create an audio path?. That’s little too scary when I depend on my PC for sound recording. What happens if I un-install this, does it put everything back to normal? Is it compatible with ASIO? Does it allow other programs to take exclusive control of audio? Lots of unanswered questions, and not worth making a backup, hours of testing and likely restoring backup, all for a program that rudely shuts down a browser without asking — total disregard for what the customer might be doing? Other than Microsoft, I haven’t seen anyone else do this.

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    David Frame

    It requires a registered email address and I do not know it – what is it?

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    Installation file and executable program also raise an alert of ransomware.

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    What is the registered e-mail address

    Hello David Frame, when you click the ‘Download’ button on SharewareOnSale, it will show a form, you need to fill it with your detailed info. The email address you entered into will be the registered email address.

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    [@ray monaghan] Hello, Ray Monaghan, if you have installed Deezer app on your computer, you can directly drag and drop it from your computer desktop to the starting window of AudFree program. Or you can click the ‘+’ button to add it.
    To make this recording process more stable, you’d better to use Google Chrome to enter into Deezer web player.

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    [@Peter Blaise] Sorry to hear the inconvenience you met. To fix it out, you’d better to re-install AudFree Audio Capture again on your computer. As far as I know, this software doesn’t close the web browser unless you click the target web broswer to enter to your music source. And it will pop up a confirm window to let you know what will do.

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    [@Niklas] Niklas, maybe you can try to navigate to your source by using Google Chrome.

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    [@Mr.Dave] I tried this software. It didn’t close my web browser unless I start to launch the target web browser and it gives a pop-up window to let me confirm it. Is there something I missed?

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    Jerry Smith


    Please don’t worry, it’s 100% Secure and clear.

    This program has been checked by this site administrator.

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