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    Mark Magill

    Quick Question: Install/registration worked fine, when I started it up a box popped up telling me there was a new version, and asking if I want to install it. If I do, will that break the one I downloaded? I’ve had situations like this before with free software on giveaways, some times it works sometimes not…

    Answer? Thanks.

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    @Ashraf. First of all _ Thanks a lot for the years you have provided us with free software – nice clean software! However, this offer had 83 detecrtions from Malwarebytes Antimalware. Yes, it has 83 “unwanted” gifts attached to it. Don’t you check out, what you offer anymore? This is a huge dissaåointment….and so is the hub :/

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    Too many problems with that offer.

    1. The software stops working after one year.

    2. The free, lesser version available on Auslogics site raises too many red flags at Virus Total ; some of them possibly benign, being marked as PUPs, but not all. And even PUPs can be very annoying.

    3. It seems the software breaks restore points (or may break them). What good is a potential, alleged speed gain (with no precise figures being given anyway), if you lose a safety feature which might save your bacon some day ?

    4. The licence basically claims that the publisher can brick the software when it likes unless you pay :

    “Where an update or new release is provided by Auslogics:

    (a) you must immediately install the update or new release and Auslogics is not liable for, and will (notwithstanding any other provision of this Licence) not accept any liability for any previous version or release; and

    (b) you may be required to enter into a new licence for the new update or release and this Licence (and any previous licence for the Software) will be terminated immediately upon your acceptance of those terms. In the event that no new licence is supplied, this Licence will continue to apply in all respects to the update or new release which shall be deemed to be the Software for the purpose of this Licence.”

    That’s not even acceptable for a paid piece of software, and this legalese obviously covers the paid version as well. There are many reasons why someone might chose not to do an upgrade, the least of which being that it might actually be a downgrade, introducing bad features or even breaking things. The paid-for version is actually rather expensive.

    Finally, there are knowledgeable people who argue that you should not attempt to defragment further than what Windows does, and that it might actually be detrimental. They also provide explanations (which I’m not able to reproduce here). So in spite of the fact that Auslogics seems to offer more than Windows 7 included defragmenter, and has a reputable name, I’d rather pass.

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    Correction : when I said the list price of Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro was expensive, actually I thought about their top-of-the line suite, Boost Speed 9, which is totally unreasonable at 70 $. However, even the 30 $ tag of Disk Defrag Pro becomes quite excessive if you consider that it has to be renewed anually (just as Boost Speed 9), at least if the billing page is to be believed. Nowhere else did I see mentioned the fact that the advertised prices are for an annual subscription, not one-time fees. This is sneaky, unjustified and frankly unpleasant.

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    OK, after using it for a while–and I have used Auslogics Free version in the past on other computers–it seems fast and has lots of nice features. It constantly reports “Disk is in unsatisfactory condition” but doesn’t give you any clue as to how to get it to a “satisfactory condition.” It seems to have something to do with the “Performance” rating it assigns to your hard drive. Despite defragging multiple times, using multiple options (Disk Zone, Pre-fetch, Simple Defrag) and even the Offline option, it still says “Disk is in unsatisfactory condition.” I don’t know what it is trying to tell me.

    Frankly, it may just have too many options, and the feedback it gives isn’t helpful. I’m probably going to uninstall and move back to Piriform’s Defraggler.

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    Peter B

    Three times I HAVE downloaded and INSTALLED IT AND uninstalled it and THREE TIMES IT WONT ACCEPT THE REG KEY GIVEN OF

    Please can you check your end and post what to do or if possible I would appreciate if you could send me a reg key that works by email

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    Mickaël C

    [@Peter B]

    The license key offered by SharewareOneSale has been disabled / revoked… not very happy now… :E

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    Hello. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro registation went fine on 2017-04-10. Now is the registration gone. The key (Y2CRB-WS2K7-E9VWJ-9MDFD-773JB) is unable to register. Any help?

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    Initially this program installed and registered correctly. Two days later it “de-registered” and the key no longer works. What gives? is there a solution?

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