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    Have something to say about Cinch Audio Recorder? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Cinch Audio Recorder, post it here! If you know of issues with Cinch Audio Recorder, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    Without the ability to test MP3 ID lookup qualities, it’s impossible to assess the potential value of Cinch Solution Audio Recorder and give feedback.


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    Tried to record a 4 minute song from YouTube and I get a 2 minute half garbled song.

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    I have downloaded a Cinch Audio Recorder in shareware.com, I was offered registration key but when I try to register with that key and my email I get an error message “Failed to connect server!ErrorCode 2032”

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    Unka Bob

    … I’m genuinely happy with this recorder.. No nasty half played garble with my play back.. Maybe Mark needs to check out his system. My only concern is with registration.. all seemed to enter without a problem but when I ticked the register’ button a notice popped up in another language and the only thing I could understand was ‘null’ also there was no other confirmation nor is it visible in ‘about’ as entered like most programs but when I tried again what showed up was the first try (it won’t go away) I suppose that means it took effect but still nothing other than the registration box shows it’s a least permanent but still no way to really tell .. Anyway I’ve checked both recordings, the one that the recorder took and the copy in the location I sent it to and both playbacks were as good as the original (a 6 minute song). I think the next order will be to buy the lifetime updates.. It’s well worth the discounted cost.

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    If you have registered the Cinch, you should be able to test ID3 tagger.

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    [@Unka Bob]
    The reason of 2023 message is either our server is busy in the time you were registering or your firewall or antivirus software block our server IP.

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    Two years after buying 3 lifetime licences still version 4.0.2 – NO development!!!
    Really, this is lazy development as hell.
    No changelog on their site. Asked 5x times. Answer: ‘Yes, we know, we fix it. After 2 years: nope!
    No radio-selection for selecting-removing tracks.
    Pfff … really. Don’t buy lifetime!

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    Peter Blaise


    The SOS description pages states:

    Please note, this giveaway does not have the “Automatical ID3 tagger” feature that allows you to get the title, artist, and album for each of recorded song. You need to purchase Cinch Audio Recorder with free lifetime upgrades to get that.

    So, did YOU test the ID3 tagger with THIS giveaway ( after “registering” ? ), or are you speculating?


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    :D Got me downloading this one again. Had it for 2 years now, v 4.0.2, got it on a site called sharewareonsale.com :oD
    Funny thing, the 4.0.2 I already have installed I activated with my v3 key, by installing v4 on top of v3.

    Have a good one

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    The view color combination WHITE LETTERS on BRIGHT BLUE background is a miserable design. No option to change it !

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    “Advertisement Removal” ? Nothing in the instructions. https://www.cinchsolution.com/cinch-audio-recorder-user-guide/

    Registration: Just use whatever email you want, hit Register, shows garbled null message, hit Register again, shows Confirmed.

    Does ANYbody know who makes a program that searches Audio. I want to remove Ads from tons of recordings, and I need a program that let’s me “give it a sample”, and it goes through all the files in a directory, finds that portion of the file, and deletes it.

    There was a program that did this well, and it disappeared. I had the link to the website, and then it was “gone”. Started with an “L”… and was 8 letters long. The government is using it to search our phone calls.

    Would love to be able to clean up lots of files, without doing it manually.
    It’s absurd that with all the useless and “me too” duplicated software out there, that somebody couldn’t create this for us. It’s no different than Word or Notepad Search and Replace, it’s just audio as the “find” instead of letters. It’s all just numbers.

    You know how much I love radio filled with advertisements… especially those that are 3 times louder than the music.
    And that sexy lady that says I would be much happier with Premium.


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