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    Have something to say about Clipdiary? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Clipdiary, post it here! If you know of issues with Clipdiary, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thanks Ashraf for another great giveaway.
    Best regards

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    Hello and thank you for the excellent daily offers. Is this the portable version; can it be installed to portable media?
    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Anyone knows how it works with sticky password? And have it got automatic cleaning of things like passwords etc?

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    Hello and thank you for the excellent daily offers. Is this the portable version; can it be installed to portable media? Thanks in advance for your time.

    You can download portable version from official site http://clipdiary.com/

    Hi Anyone knows how it works with sticky password? And have it got automatic cleaning of things like passwords etc?

    Clipdiary doesn’t catch clipboard data if they contain Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format. Most of password managers add this format in order to avoid such problem. Additionaly, you always can add your password managers in Options -> Filtering -> Problem Applications in order to disable catching data from this application

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    I’m confused by the licensing rules. The version on offer here seems to be the Personal Licence (list price : 20 $). However, I can’t see any difference with the Free Personal License.

    The rules for the paying version are :

    You can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment. That is, you only intend to use it at home for private use.

    And the rules for the free version are :

    1. The program is used on a private computer (except for cases where a home computer is a workstation – telework, freelance work, own business)
    2. The program is used on a private computer for work and your average combined income over the previous 6 months is under $1000/month
    3.The program is used by in a not-for-profit organization

    So, what’s the difference ? Actually, the free license covers more uses than the paying one ! You can use it to work from home provided you earn little, and for non-profit work, whereas the 20 $ version does not allow either ! That does not seem to make any sense… Also, are there functional differences between the Personal Licence and the Free Personal License, as offered on the developer’s website ?

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    Rob Crombie

    Does this giveaway, or the one recommended by CLAIRVAUX (Outertech Clipboard History), have this ability –
    I don’t wish to clutter up the database of the saved clips with 98% of the things I copy.
    What I would prefer is the program’s capture mode, to be easily toggled on/off
    If I know I am about to copy something, and I wish it to be retained, I click the SysTray icon to Toggle capture ON, and when done copying, I click the SysTray icon to toggle capture OFF

    Anyone ?,
    PS MS decided to change the name of the “SysTray” to “Notification Area”

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    CLIPDIARY Won’t install [Window Title]
    C:\Users\leif\Downloads\SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Clipdiary_hub (12).exe

    A required privilege is not held by the client.

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    This version does not support XP, contrary to the giveaway “technical details”.

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    Hi Rob,

    Yes, both programs allow what you want.

    Clip Diary is slightly better, and more intuitive, in that respect. All you have to do is :

    1. Right-click icon.
    2. Tick, or untick, Monitor Clipboard.

    Outertech Clipboard History is only slightly more difficult, with 3 steps instead of 2 :

    1. Click icon.
    2. Click Configure.
    3. Tick, or untick, Monitor Clipboard.

    However, it’s Clip Diary approach which is right for this precise function : toggling the monitoring of the clipboard is not perceived as a configuration issue. It’s perceived as enabling or disabling the program, and as such, it should be available right away, at level 1 of the command hierarchy.

    As an aside, Outertech Clipboard History has that critical possibility of easily deleting the accumulated clippings that Clip Diary makes so difficult to access :

    1. Click icon.
    2. Click Delete All History Entries, which is immediately obvious.
    (Or Delete Clipboard Content, if you only want to clear the contents of Windows’ Paste function.)

    In Clip Diary, to do the same thing, you have to jump through these ridiculous hoops :

    1. Click the icon to open main window.
    2. Stare at a hundred available options, and click File, just in case.
    3. Stare at a dozen available options, and click Database, just in case.
    4. Wonder whether you should click on Empty Database or Clean up Database.
    5. If you guessed right (Empty Database), click OK to clear the confirmation box “Do you want to delete all the records from the database ?”
    6. If you made the wrong guess (Clean up Database), then you can still delete your stash of clippings, but you have to navigate more hurdles and make even more untractable guesses :
    7. Don’t Open Folder, Click Next.
    8. Stare stupidly at next screen which no sane person can understand, and tick Plain Text, Rich Text and HTML just in case.
    9. Click Preview just in case it helps.
    10. Realise Preview does not give you any “view”, but tells you instead, in the same box, that “0 clips are selected from x”. Selected for deletion, presumably. So, wrong move.
    11. Untick Process Only Clips Older that x Days.
    12. Click Preview, and watch the message “x clips selected from x”. So, that was the correct option !
    13. Click Delete.
    14. Click OK to clear “Are you sure you want to delete clips ?”.
    15. Be satisfied with the message “x clips were deleted, 0 still in database”.

    See what I meant in my review, on the main page ?

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    On deleting elements in Clip Diary, again.

    Suppose you’ve reached correctly the Empty Database command. You suddenly wonder : will it erase my Clipboard History ? Or my “Snippets” as well (copy-pasted elements that you have chosen to make permanent, because you often reuse them) ? Well, there’s no way to know. Except by trying.

    Actually, Empty Database only empties Clipboard History, and not Snippets, which are also, presumably, stored in Clip Diary’s database — but never mind.

    But how do you delete everything ? You can’t. And how do you delete all Snippets ? You can’t either. You must delete them individually.

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    Has anyone been able to run this in Vista? Works great on my Win 10 pc, so I installed it on the Vista machine. No errors during installation but when I run ClipDiary I get this message:

    clipdiary.exe – Entry Point Not Found
    (X) The procedure entry point K32GetProcessImageFileNameW
    could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll


    Clicking Ok causes this message:

    Microsoft Windows
    clipdiary.exe has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working
    correctly. Please close the program.

    => Close the program

    Does anyone know what’s happening or how to fix this? Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Rob Crombie

    Thanks for the detailed reply.
    I will install both.


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    Rob Crombie

    XP cannot install this program (ver 5).
    If you download ver 3.9 from the site, it will install.
    You can use the key that SOS has given us, to register it

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    I have the license and I entered it. It will reload successfully but the window which asks me to buy license showed up again.
    User Name : steven-aa@outlook.com
    License Type : Personal
    Number of licenses : 1
    Reference Number : SOSGiveaway
    E-mail : steven-aa@outlook.com
    Supported OS : Windows
    Generation date : 2017-04-25
    Expiration date : Never Expire
    Free updates : 2017-04-25
    Program Version : 5.1
    Release Date : 2017-07-24

    ——- BEGIN KEY ————


    —— END KEY ————–

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