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    Have something to say about EasySpeech2Text PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than EasySpeech2Text PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with EasySpeech2Text PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Support from EasySpeech2Text

    Hi, Dear Users. Thank you for using EasySpeech2Text. This program is a neat Mp3 transcriber software enables you to convert audio file(.mp3) to text and text to audio(.mp3).
    You can create and load your own Google Credential JSON file and load it in our program so you can process audio-to-text and text-to-audio for almost free by using free credit provided by Google.
    After registration, you can upload 30-minutes Mp3 file and 5000 words for text-to-speech per time.
    If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not feel hesitate to contact us. support@easyspeech2text.com

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    My feedback:

    Text to speech seemed to work very well

    Speech to text – my first try gave the error:
    Error code: UNSUPPORTED_SAMPLE_RATE, please contact the support team or try other modes.
    I was using mode 2

    It worked on mode 1 (it would be nice to know what the different modes are??)
    The text was hopeless, but I felt that maybe I needed to be closer to microphone when recording.

    Second try of speech to text I got
    Error: Audio file is too large!
    The file was only 2meg

    Third try – I used a much clearer recording but the result was still useless. Lots of wrong words and it seems to have no idea that a pause is the end of a sentence.

    conclusion: will not work for me.

    What dictionary is it using? What if you want to record medical notes for example. Can you teach it the medical terms (which I assume aren’t in your standard dictionary)?

    I have not tried Google API and probably won’t as it requires a credit card (yes I know they won’t charge but they still require a credit card)

    When opening a file from your PC, it doesn’t remember the last folder you used. (It would be useful if it did or let you set a default folder)

    When you load a new mp3 it doesn’t clear the text off the screen from the previous file.

    On this page on your website
    easyspeech2text.com /Tutorial
    you have
    Advacned setting for speech to text
    it should be

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    Peter Blaise

    [@njwdt] thanks for identifying the challenges – this seems to be a raw mini tool kit where Google through an API ( ALMOST FREE ! ) is the real workhorse.

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    msi setup block

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    [@njwdt] Perhaps you should have made it clearer in the software description that this program only converts mp3/flac files to text as opposed to raw voice to text. In other words, it appears we have to use other means to record our voice message to an mp3/flac file before using this program to convert to text. Unless of course we create our own Google API and use Google$ cloud. This program hardly deserves to include “Professional” in its name unless it has the word “Beta” at the end!!

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    If we are forced to use “voice recorded first.mp3”, then this software is useless.
    I’ll pass.

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    Support from EasySpeech2Text


    Hi, Dear. Thank you so much for your advice. We will improve the two modes in the future. However, we still encourage users to try Google API and it works awesome.

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    Support from EasySpeech2Text


    Hi, Dear. The program will work better as the Mp3 transcriber. Guess you have an mp3 record, then you want to extract the text instead of typing by listening, you can use the program in an easier manner.
    Loading and Using Google API could be the cheapest method in today’s digital market, as most audio transcription software is really expensive.

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    Support from EasySpeech2Text


    Hi, dear. Thanks for your suggestion. In the description of our website, we have mentioned that only .mp3 is supported. Actually, the program is designed to transcribe .mp3 file and convert it to text. For example, if you have a .mp3 speech record(like VOA), you can transcribe it to plain text. It may boost some users’ productivities. (Of course, not all of the users will think this feature is useful)

    I will add a new feature so you can use Microphone and record your voice. It will be more like speech-to-text.

    Thank you for trying our program.

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    Hi guys
    This program does not work at all. It only goes around in a circle continuously asking that you download a jsn google file or something in that line…

    A real waste of time

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    Support from EasySpeech2Text

    [ @Joey]

    For all users of EasySpeech2Text

    The key feature of EasySpeech2Text is that you can call Google STT/TTS API directly without any development skills. Why this feature is so important? we have the following reasons:
    – Google TTS/STT API is the No.1 technology in the world. It provides high accuracy and fast audio transcription process and TTS with natural voices.
    Calling Google API directly will be the cheapest and most cost-effective solution in today’s marketing. For TTS, there are many free solutions like freetts.com. But for mp3 transcription and converting audio to text, most software is expensive. Like Transcribeme you need pay for $0.79 for one minute. While for using EasySpeech2Text and call Google API, you get 12,500 minutes free transcription and $0.024 for one minute after the free credits used up.

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    LOL to LMAO It’s a MUST USE GOOGLE so he gets a kickback, what a fucking tool. I tried the piece of shit and yep good ole Goggle wants your Credit Card number. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS PIECE OF SHIT.

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    [ @Support from EasySpeech2Text] Thank you for this last explanation, I now understand how this software is used and what the “almost free” means. Could be helpful in transcribing voice messages and sections of audio books, as long as we can figure out how to grab audio into an MP3 file.

    If you add a function to record a microphone, can you also allow it to record from audio other sources on the computer? Streaming, mp3 playback, etc. It’s not hard to find other programs to do any of this recording, but it would streamline usage if one program handled everything, and it wouldn’t require jumping between folders and renaming MP3 files to make it work.

    Also, I like that it doesn’t clear text when a new file is loaded. I might have several sections to transcribe into a single output file. Would be nice if an option allowed the program to skip a line in the output, add the filename being transcribed with date and time (or “Microphone”) with date and time) and skip another line before new text begins. This break should have some constant phrase like “Speech2Text: ” at the start to make it easy to find each break.

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    Then perhaps you should develop a program that can interface with the Google API..Seems you think everything is so easy!

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