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    Have something to say about Filename Lister? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Filename Lister, post it here! If you know of issues with Filename Lister, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    A couple of problems and a question:

    1 – deleting items failed, the items stayed regardless of attempted deletion.

    2 – What’s wrong with using the search feature in free/included Microsoft Windows File Explorer and the command prompt?

    Search:[ *.mp3 ] … click on name column or size column and look for duplicates, for example, then delete immediately, they stay deleted.

    [ Dir /s > dirlist.txt ] … makes a file containing a list of files that are in a directory and subdirectories.

    I think Vovsoft File Lister is one of their own internal programming utilities that their other programs can use, but brought here on it’s own, it NEEDS some super functions that it does not currently have ( and it needs to actually work ), so I suggest gathering suggestions and considering doing something more with the program in subsequent improved versions.

    Some ideas … compare directories, highlight differences, let us take actions, such as comparing our backup drive to our original files drive and then doing something … let us find multiple versions of similar files, such as mp3 and FLAC versions of songs, doc and docx versions of files, and so on, wherever they are throughout our local and network drives.

    Again, I use free/included programs to accomplish most tasks, such as XCopy, RoboCopy to do things like making sure my backup matches my originals, and all free/included operating system utilities can produce a log or output file of what they did, so I have a record I can read and import into a spreadsheet.

    So, Vovsoft thanks for letting us explore this and share, I look forward to creative ( and functional ) enhancements next time.

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    Thank you.

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    i want licencekey give me

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    Pethő Gyula

    [ @Peter Blaise]
    Telepítettem az ingyenes változatot.A telepítés során a magyar nyelvet ki tudtam választani.A telepítés után elindítottam a programot, de sajnos nem magyar nyelven indult el. Telepítettem a magyarítás programját is, de így sem sikerült a program indítás magyar nyelven.
    Segítséget kérnék, mit tegyek, hogy a program magyar nyelven működjön.
    Pethő Gyula.

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    Thanks. I think this may be very useful for me as I am so disorganized with my files all over the place.

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    [ @Peter Blaise] As usual a very good and helpful review. Thank you.

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    There seem to be a plethora of duplicate file finder utilities, including free ones. And suites like Win Utilities Pro will have such a module. The operational devil is in the details though. When my searching is unsatisfactory, I usually reach for Filesearchy — an older version, 1.3, as I did not like some program changes that came later. This finds every iteration of something, in various locations, even across several logged drives. But then I have to sift through the hits manually, to decide what I want to do about the results. There are probably more convenient ways to automate that last part.

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    Blimey ,program just updated and wiped my license .

    Could have warned us !

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    It’s only 5 days old ,i just realised :)

    Wow ,way to go vovsoft.

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