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    Have something to say about FOCUS Projects Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than FOCUS Projects Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with FOCUS Projects Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    john d

    great app but how do i register.thanks

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    Luc Laroy


    Happy to see an other great product from Franzis here on SoS.
    But, unlike on previous occasions when every step went fine, I can not manage to enter the Franzis site this time :
    – when registering as an existing customer, there is no ‘go’ button on the page to proceed further
    – when registering as a new client, the engine replies that I already exist and gives me the above page…
    – also when logging in into my account, there is ‘nothing in my cart’ and nothing happens further…
    Please tell me what to do.

    At this occasion I like to thank both SoS and Franzis very sincerely for these fascinating products.
    Not being a professional photographer, and with the number of people depending on my financial support, I can not justify to pay such prices, although from my own point of view I would happily do if I was alone. Add to that the criminally manipulated decline of the euro, plus my european bank having stopped its activity, and the impossibility to open an account with an other bank in Europe without living there, which make that paying a price would actually cost me over 150 % of it…
    So I feel very happy and grateful for this kind of generous offers.

    Thanks for telling me how to proceed, or for fixing this.

    Kind regards

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    [ @Luc Laroy]
    Luc, I got past your problem on the existing customers page.
    Place cursor in the password box at the extreme right – left click to enter box (after last *) – press ENTER.
    Worked for me – good luck!

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    Whitt Kenney

    The registration link does not work, I can’t register the software…..

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    dunno, how can i rate without trying it?? that’s unfarir.

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    i rated 1, but maybe you needed5? tHIS IS poor business and highly unprofessional. If you will notallow me the opportunity to test it out befor rating, i’ll make it know that this was forced upon users. Just a warning, i’m a journalist. I will follow through. But that goes the same for the rating you’ll get if the app is decent. Otherwise, i don’t be unkind and rate you down. It’s justnot fair to force a rating without the chance to test it. I makes me uncomfortable, and i take pride it my literary work and the name i’ve mad efor myself.

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    I have multiple pieces of software from Franzis, and they are very good. The registration is always somewhat convoluted, but it DOES work. This registration is different, though. My subscription is confirmed, but still no registration code.

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    David Fearis

    I have a confirmed registration but I have not received the email to confirm so I can get the registration code.

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    Milanka Dimic

    Great (y)

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    Mitt Namn

    When I try to install the FocusProjects Pro via the “Troubleshoot Compatibility” I was told that the program is incompatible with Windows 10.
    The same thing happened when I bought PhotoZoom5 Classic and tried to install – incompatible.

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    I cannot seem to register…it seems to have an account for me now, but when I try to log in, I get an error that my password is incorrect. I tried to use the password recovery link, but I don’t receive the email. Also, when trying to sign up for the promotion, I get the error “CLB-002.”

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