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    Robin Scott

    [ @Jacob] Dear Jacob,

    What you are describing is called “Disaster Recovery”, and Genie Timeline (GTL) provides this feature.

    Making a Disaster Recovery from GTL backup requires that you remove your old Windows installation (Formatting the HD), and then to make the recovery as described in the following article:


    This way, only the files which were on your HD on that selected restore point will be restored.

    Best regards,
    Robin Scott / Genie9 Team

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    backup seems to work well. I run windows 10 pro and everytime I restart my pc or boot for shut down it says its not running and restarting my pc may fix it. so it booted once and that’s it so if you run windows 10 pro I recommend another backup program for another backup. give it one star and no more

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    Yet another software that suddenly ‘lost’ its registration to go back to status ‘would you want to get try further?’ No, I do not. Sad, but unfair play works both ways.If lesser known software companies want to recruit paying customers then they must keep their promises to scope and duration of licence as advertised at the time of ..onsale.

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    [ @andemande] This should not be happening. Sounds like a bug. I’d recommend contacting Genie9 for assistance.

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