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    Have something to say about Hard Disk Sentinel? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Hard Disk Sentinel, post it here! If you know of issues with Hard Disk Sentinel, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Karoly Ratz

    Thanks a lot! It’s very usefull!

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    Licence go away after update, and key file isn’t recognized.

    so licence is lifetime only for V5.61 ???????

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    mine says beware ransomware when it try to access my documents.

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    [@jTAG] Every new giveaway comes with a new license file, so the answer is yes, it’s only valid for the version it came with but lifetime.

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    Peter Blaise

    In my experience, Hard Disk Sentinel from Janos Mathe has been an excellent program, doing exactly as it promises.

    At as much as 28 MB RAM used, it’s large for my limited use – I use the temperature in the system tray mostly.

    To be fair, Hard Disk Sentinel has also been a way for me to observe hard drive S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology data allowing me to watch a bad drive die ( I backed up and swapped drives, then reinserted it as drive D: and used the dying drive to test drive-fixing software, including the surface scan in Hard Disk Sentinel ).

    WISH LIST: I would like to see future versions of this program take over and manage fan speeds in order to keep drives cool.

    I aim for a maximum of 88º Farenigheit / 31º Celcius, and consider 99º F / 37º C way too hot.

    Most of my drives are close to room temperature using supplemental cooling fans, the drive I’m working on now is at 77º F / 25º C.

    I’m tempted to disassemble those college-dorm refrigerators that people toss out, and repurpose them for cooling my hard drive farm.

    Even if drives themselves claim to work at 110º F / 43º C, or 120º / 48º C, or even 140º F / 60º C, I know they are frying themselves, and dying, and they are overheating the rest of the computer, and killing chips and other parts, too.

    So I want fan control that is temperature-dependent, which is NOT a feature of this software … yet.

    ( Note: an alternative, AlMiCo Fan Speed v4.52 2016-06-29, seems to no longer address fan speeds in modern systems )

    Thanks for letting us explore Hard Disk Sentinel, and give feedback.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    [ @ALFRED ROBINSON] when you write “it … is ransomware … trying to access you documents” do you mean the SOS hub downloader program, do you mean your browser when you try to download, or do you mean the Hard Sisk Sentinel installer or software that SOS downloader downloaded, or do you mean the additional SOS notifier software the downloader downloaded in addition to today’s offering, or something else altogether, that is, your computer may have been hijacked? I know Google Chrome sometimes warns about a download, but I hit [ Ctrl ][ J ] to look at the download list and say “keep” anyway, then check the downloaded file at the free VirusTotal web site, today’s Hard Disk Sentinel has 0 detections out of 66 virus tests. Please tell us more.

    [@jTAG] Yes, the program is pre-registered, and so, replacing it with an update will install an unregistered version, so don’t update unless the update offers at least a free subset of features you like, or buy one of the versions, standard or pro, this is an older version v5.61, they are up to a newer version v5.70, see [ https :// www. hdsentinel. com/products. PHP ] ( remove spaces to paste the link ) for comparison info, they offer free trials with limitations … I believe the pro version has a more robust drive test and repair feature, probably the least expensive hard disk drive repair utility compared to Dmitry Primachenko’s HDD Regenerator or Steve Gibson’s SpinRite.

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    Thanks for reply must be my pc it’s the browser telling me not to proceed to Malware. Must be my pc and I really want to use your program. Please help if possible.

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    Peter Blaise

    [ @ALFRED ROBINSON] We all probably need routine maintenance, cleanup, and update.

    Run free antimalware scans from Super Antispyware, even Malwarebytes, turn off their auto-run features afterward if you do not want them running, I recommend Microsoft’s free antivirus as the only program running when doing regular use of a computer.

    I also like the quick cleaning power of JRT Junk Removal Tool even though it’s no longer being updated, and AdwCleaner, update all Microsoft security patches, update all browsers, reboot between all of the tests above.

    Run ChkDsk C: /F to fix or ChkDsk C: /R to repair the hard drive, and reboot, reboot, reboot.

    Then try different browsers to download, I use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge Chrome ( ecch ! ), IE Internet Explorer ( hold my nose in an emergency ).

    Then do a free scan of any files I download at VirusTotal and make a decision to trust or not.

    Highlight and right-click any software above then select web search to find a reliable source to download from.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Dave ColeP


    Many thanks for your always helpful comments on the SOS offerings. They are very appreciated!

    Wish you had a blog!

    Please stay safe in this weirdly dangerous covid-ridden world we are forced to live in. We need people like you to help people like me! And keep your loved ones safe, too!

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    I concur. Peter is an awesome contributor. He always tries to help others by sharing his extensive knowledge of computing.

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    Downloaded and installed this on my W10 64bit pc but it won’t open. Tried the compatibility checker but still won’t open.

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    L. Stevens

    I had Hard Disk Sentinel 5.5. I read through instructions when downloading 5.6. Nothing mentions the need to uninstall previous versions when downloading this new offering. So, I installed 5.6 and I was taken to a page with the message below. It appears I now NO LONGER HAVE HD Sentinel. Can you help? I am not against buying a copy. However, I hadn’t planned on any software purchases in the next three months. So, am I just scr*w*d or is there a way to have this new version or get back my old version?

    Your Hard Disk Sentinel license

    Thank you very much for your interest in Hard Disk Sentinel software.

    This version of Hard Disk Sentinel 5.61 is offered by

    Daily software giveaways and discounts by SharewareOnSale.com

    The installed version can be used for unlimited time for home (non-business) purposes, but can’t be updated to newer versions. If updated, the software switches back to “unregistered”.

    To get a complete, lifetime, personal license for Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, which offers additional functions, features and lifetime free updates to all future versions, order before 6 March 2021 with 45% discount at:

    Hard Disk Sentinel Professional (single PC) lifetime license with 45% discount


    Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Family (5 PC) lifetime license with 45% discount

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    Thanks, Ashraf!
    And a thousand thanks to you, Peter Blaise! Stay well, and keep helping us!

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    Peter Blaise

    My pleasure, [ @Dave ColeP] and [ @jayk], we’re here to help, right?

    [ @L. Stevens] just keep reinstalling it, I also had a messy install over a running version, no matter what I clicked [ Abort ] [ Retry ] [ Ignore ] made no difference, it errored out of almost all filenames it was supposed to install, then I immediately ran the installer again in Administrator mode, of course, and it zoomed through the installation and worked fine.

    I use Windows 7 but Windows 10 should be same-same, I wonder if I need to install WIndows 10 somewhere just to help folks out who can’t return to normal.

    Note, some Hard Disk Sentinel giveaway offerings phone home or check the date and refuse to install past the time of the original offering, so hurry up, folks, and install this if you want to explore all the features and benefits without compromise.

    And please write in folks after asking for help and let us know how you resolved things, it really helps everyone when we follow up.

    Thanks, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.

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    Thank you Peter Blaise did what you said and all works fine now!

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