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    Have something to say about Hard Disk Sentinel? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Hard Disk Sentinel, post it here! If you know of issues with Hard Disk Sentinel, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hard Disk Sentine


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    Genuinely interesting piece of software, because contrary to scores of programs claiming to do the same thing, it goes much beyond raw SMART data analysis. Without extensive tests including failing or failed disks, it’s of course impossible to tell whether this product lives up to its claims.

    However, the publisher does explain why, according to him, the SMART system by itself does not protect accurately against drive failure, and what Hard Disk Sentinel does on top of that. (Essentially, analyzing SMART data history, and computing it in a way that differs from the SMART standard.) Check this page :


    The offered Standard edition does not allow for portable installation (you need the Professional edition for that). Apart from that, most of the functions you don’t get are dispensable extras (except maybe from “Complete surface analysis, refresh, reinitialise”, and remote control if you happen to be in a network situation).

    Editions comparison is here :


    Amazingly, Hard Disk Sentinel also claims to monitor SSDs and SD cards.

    Unfortunately, this is one more software which is not high DPI-aware. On my system, I get unpleasant rendering of fonts, either jagged or too thin. Most of the user interface text seems visible, though.

    This irritating defect is all-too common on sofwtare written by individual developers working essentially as amateurs. It’s unacceptable for publishers such as Hard Disk Sentinel who claim to address corporations as well as home users.

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    muhammad kamal

    thank you very much and we wait more and more

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    Many THANKS for this soft

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    Gerald Wolfe

    [ @Ashraf] The program did not self register. Only have the unregistered version on this computer!

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    I downloaded the program only to discover that it does not auto-register. I need the key/license. Please help.

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    I downloaded the program only to discover that it does not auto-register. I need the key/license. Please help.

    I have an older version on my computer and the newer version auto-registered after I made sure the older version was closed before I installed the newer version.

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    Have downloaded precedent version 4.40 Pro. Whats’s better this one 4.71 Staandard or the 4.40 <<pro ?
    Thanks for any answer

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    Works great…thank you!

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    I already have version 4.71 installed on my PC. Is this version newer? On their site I found that current version is 4.71.10, but I cannot find anywhere the complete version name.

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    Thx @Ashraf
    good tool to have!
    According to the first two tests the old Seagate is still free from any problems.

    just as Ashraf said, this version of Hard Disk Sentinel is registered to SharewareOnSale.
    Look under Help and you’ll see that.

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    Bruno Magalhães

    This software is amazing, i really do not know how i never heard of it, it simply smashes the opponents (aka ashampoo).

    Many thanks! You save me 1.5tb of data!

    I’m planning to buy the professional version later this year.

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    Bruno Magalhães

    Forgot to mention: PLEASE MAKE IT DPI AWARE. It looks blurry on DPI above 100%, and it looks tiny on my 4k display. Apart from that, it is perfect.

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    John Carbery

    Great software , have it on all our computers .
    Thanks Ashraf , keep up the good work .

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