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    Have something to say about Hard Disk Sentinel Professional with free lifetime upgrades? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Hard Disk Sentinel Professional with free lifetime upgrades, post it here! If you know of issues with Hard Disk Sentinel Professional with free lifetime upgrades, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    First you offer it free and then as order proceeds it gecomes $13.48. Please explain.

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    The free offer only lasts a day or two. It does not come with any updates and may not re-license after the offer ends (ie. you may have needed to install it and license it during the offer time).

    The paid version is a discounted version that comes with future upgrades/updates and can be re-installed anytime in the future.

    [ @Robert]

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    The offer for the professional version on SharewareOnSale is for $20.96. When I press the link it shows $29.95 and asks for a discount code. WHERE IS THE DISCOUNT CODE?

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    Ignore above, Please. I tried a second tome and the discount was applied.

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    Before I shell out money for hard disk ‘maintenance’ software, I would like to know a little about its features. Thus, questions:

    1. Can Hard Disk Sentinel bypass the drive’s own error-correction firmware and have a look at the raw data?
    2. Is it able to recover data from sectors/tracks that the drive has marked as bad?
    3. Can it get past the drive’s preset “I can’t read that; I’m giving up”, and force further attempts to read badly worn parts of the drive surface?

    We are entrusting electronic storage device manufacturers with ever-increasing parts of our lives. They want to be the ‘smooth interface’ between the user and some extremely complex devices, and this sometimes leaves the user with few options for getting at their own – corrupted – data. S.M.A.R.T. should have improved things for the end user, but instead was so broad that every manufacturer could and did implement it their own way – again locking our data away from us.

    Software that is intended for HDD management should be able to bypass the manufacturer’s firewalls and allow the user to do what they need to in order to get back that video of the last time we saw grandad alive. Does this software provide such tools?

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    Witam .

    Jestem samoukiem w obsłudze komputera i sam muszę poradzić sobie z obsługą.
    Wiele programów testuję , a najłatwiejszy w obsłudze , intuicyjny ,
    posiadający najwięcej przydatnych funkcji ,
    Używam nadal od dawna ( poprzednie wersje ) Hard Disk Sentinel .
    Jest to bardzo przydatny program ,
    Korzystałem z innych aplikacji , ale żaden nie jest tak kompletny, łatwy w
    obsłudze i intuicyjny jak ten ! Uwielbiam go i jestem pewien,
    wielu użytkowników będzie cieszyć się też!
    Bardzo łatwy w użyciu, zainstalowany szybko i ma wspaniałe narzędzia.
    Szczególnie podoba mi się elementy nadzoru nad stanem dysku w tle ,
    i ostrzeganie gdy coś niedobrego zaczyna się dziać z dyskiem.

    Poza tym współpraca z deweloper Janos Mathe na najwyższym poziomie.
    Szybko i profesjonalnie!! Bardzo miły i rzeczowy kontakt, szybka pomoc
    i instalacja przebiegła bez jakichkolwiek problemów,
    a dzięki przysłanym na e-mail linkiem o samouczka i pomocy ,
    poznałem jak i na co zwracać uwagę w ustawieniach programu .

    Z pełnym zaufaniem Polecam! “jest tak szybki że prędkość światła wpada w


    Hello . I am a self-taught computer user and I have to handle myself. Many programs
    I test, and the easiest to use, intuitive, having the most useful features, I have been
    using the Hard Disk Sentinel for a long time now (previous versions). This is a very
    useful program, I have used other applications, but none is so complete, easy in
    service and intuitive like this one! I love it and I’m sure Many users will enjoy too! Very
    easy to use, installed quickly and has great tools. I especially like the elements of
    disk state monitoring in the background, and warning when something bad starts to
    happen with the drive. In addition, the cooperation with developer Janos Mathe at the
    highest level. Quickly and professionally !! Very nice and in-kind contact, quick help
    And the installation went through without any problems, And thanks to the tutorial
    email and help email, I met how and what to pay attention to in the program settings.
    With full confidence I recommend! “it is so fast that the speed of light falls into complexes”,


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