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    Have something to say about jAlbum? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than jAlbum, post it here! If you know of issues with jAlbum, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Owszem, program bardzo fajny, co istotne – obsługuje podkatalogi. Posiada różne schematy galerii. Można wkleić na niej własne linki. Wykonałem za jego pomocą fajną galerię ale niestety po pewnym czasie strona z galerią zostaje zarażona wirusem i nie można jej praktycznie oglądać. Antywirus Eset Smart Security zgłasza ciągle wirusa JS/Agent.NY.. coś tam. Galeria sama powiększa się o jakieś nowe obce pliki. Nie wiem o co chodzi. Skąd te wirusy. Podejrzewam, że tworzy je sama galeria (zawiera sporo skryptów Java) łącząc się z inną niechcianą stroną wirusa. Nie pomaga skasowanie jej i wgranie na nowo czystej galerii. Nie pomaga zablokowanie, z poziomu panela admin. serwera, dostępu FTP z zewnątrz. Skasowanie jej i załadowanie innej prostej strony bez tej galerii na serwer – stronka chodzi prawidłowo i bez wirusów. Czy ktoś miał taki problem?????

    This is a trojan horse like softwere !!!!DON’T install.

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    On this site it is customary to write in English!
    Use – Google – Translate.
    This is a serious accusation! Let’s see what the developer will answer!

    Antivirus Eset Smart Security – is also a serious thing.

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    David Matthews

    With the Internet being multinational, on this site, and many others, it is customary for me to use – Google – Translate

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    Though it is possible that you have a virus from elsewhere, your accusation is VERY important and so I present a Google translate of what you have posted.
    I will not download this offer until the developer provides an answer and evidence from a reputable software scanning site that no virus/trojan/backdoor is present.
    Will’s post in English:
    “Yes, very nice program, important – it supports subdirectories. It has various gallery diagrams. You can paste your own links on it. I made a nice gallery with it, but unfortunately after a while, the site with the gallery gets infected with the virus and can not be practically watched. Antivirus Eset Smart Security constantly reports JS / Agent.NY .. something. The gallery itself is expanding with some new foreign files. I do not know what’s going on. Where do these viruses come from? I suspect that the gallery itself creates it (it contains a lot of Java scripts) by connecting to another unwanted side of the virus. It does not help to delete it and re-create a clean gallery. It does not help blocking, from the admin panel. server, FTP access from outside. Deleting it and loading another simple page without this gallery on the server – the site walks properly and without viruses. Has anyone had such a problem ?????”

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    Doug Ames

    I have used jAlbum for a long time to create photo galleries for my web site. It’s easy to use, the results look very professional, and it works very well. But the versions I have used were always free – most recently version 9.5 is what I have installed. I’d be reluctant to update and then discover that the new commercial version is crippled.

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    Luca Nonato

    FYI, the License key (AKA uic) also works on Mac.

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    Give byour head a shake if you think this is an accusation. These are his observations based on the problems and strange behavior he experienced on his computer when using this giveaway.

    By the way, his is a legit antivirus program. So don’t question that either.

    He has a right to be alerted if that program warns him about some issue(s).


    Here is an excerpt from Softpedia’s review of ESET Internet Security (Smart Security):

    “Eset is known to bring very good results when it comes to virus detection ratio, scanning speed and resources usage. Smart Security lives up to its name, providing users with various layers of security against e-threats while navigating the web or granting PC access to other users. Those who haven’t gotten the chance to test it are welcomed to try the av utility for themselves”.


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    Thank you for your helpful post.



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    Auf dieser Homepage steht bei Geschäftsbedingunen:”Dies ist eine 1-User-Multi-Computer lebenslange Lizenz, für kommerzielle oder nicht-kommerzielle Nutzung” Auf der Homepage von jAlbum aber Folgendes: “Für nicht-kommerzielle Nutzung (jAlbum-Pro-Lizenz für die gewerbliche Nutzung wählen) “. Hier wird die Standardversion angeboten. Haben wir die falsche Version zum Download bekommen?

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    JAlbum is NOT a Trojan horse. I have used and paid for it now for several years. It creates great Photo Gallery for websites!

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    On this homepage, in business terms, “This is a 1-User Multi-Computer Lifetime License for Commercial or Non-Commercial Use” On the jAlbum homepage, however, the following: “For non-commercial use (jAlbum-Pro license for choose the commercial use) “. Here the standard version is offered. Did we get the wrong version for download?

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    The license key from SWOS is accepted, but not valid. I’ve already confirmed my mail address. What to do now?

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    Anders Callertun


    Hi Will,

    We are the developers of the jAlbum software and we guarantee that the software of course does not contain any viruses or trojans. After you have uploaded the files that jAlbum have generated locally to your website jAlbum can’t create any new file on your hosting, unless you are using a skin that uses PHP, which is very rare. A JavaScript can’t create files on your server. Which new files on your server are you referring to?

    If you have a problem with jAlbum please contact our support at support@jalbum.net and we will resolve any issue. We always respond within 24 (business) hours

    Anders Callertun

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    Anders Callertun

    [@SED ABO]

    jAlbum here again. Our intentions was that the license for this give away was not for commercial use, so that’s why you get a Standard license, but due to a misunderstanding the terms here states that it is. So we allow you to use it for commercial use, but the Shopping cart, that is only available when having a Pro license, is not available.

    Anders Callertun

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