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    Have something to say about Luminar 4? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Luminar 4, post it here! If you know of issues with Luminar 4, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Votre cadeau c’est bien gentil, mais il ne fonctionne pas. Vous le savez très bien d’ailleurs car tout le monde se plaint de votre logiciel. Il s’installe mais au lancement refuse de fonctionner ! Pas la peine de proposer un sérial, il ne sert à rien puisqu’il est impossible de le mettre.
    Je peut vous dire que jamais plus je n’achèterai de logiciel chez vous, et je vous ferai une bonne pub.
    Vous rendez vous compte au moins que vous perdez des clients en agissant comme cela.

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    Aditya Prabhakar

    i have not receive any email regarding to my license key for this software plzz help me

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    Jean Jansens

    Ik moet Jan volledig gelijk geven, het programma werkt niet!
    De vorige versie eveneens geïnstalleerd en het resultaat is dezelfde als deze laatste aangeboden op Shareware on sale.

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    patiko programa, veikia viskas puikiai, aciu

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    Program opens, them immediately closes again. Like it did last time :-(

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    La procédure pour activer le logiciel n’est pas valide. Pas de réception de clé de licence de skylum.
    I didn’t receive email regarding my licence key from Skylum.

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    Check spam filters since I’ve had this site get filtered out and thought I’d not received anything several times in the past in the past. Program takes some time to install and go thru the reg process. Loads slowly, especially the first time. That said, Luminar 4 is a great program with significant improvements over version 3. Very much worth the initial effort to get it up and running.


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    coo loke

    i have not receive any email regarding to my license key for this software please help me

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    Vernon Grapes

    When I click on the download link nothing happens. I have tried this several and I even disabled my Norton software and it still does not download.

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    Hesham Baher

    Hello All
    It is a simple program in a large format, and it contains a lot of useful values. It also highlights the professionalism of those who do this wonderful work in its content. I hope to continue working with it.
    With my sincere appreciation and support,
    H B H

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    Hesham Baher

    Despite the beautiful explanation of the product and my admiration for it, I did not imagine, even for a moment, that the application does not work, and with repeated downloads, to fix the defects of the download more than twice… Despite that, it does not work. Please fix this defect before negative comments abound on the product.

    H B H

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    Paul Stromberg

    I would love to have this beautiful program. I followed all the instructions and received an activation code. I closed the program and reopened it, but there is no Activate in the File menu — or anywhere else I have looked. Please help.

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