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    henk vd berg

    how do i get the pro upgrade?

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    Seems a pretty tool, I’ve previously used AOMEI Partition Assistant. Although giveaway licence doesn’t show it’s the pro version it is as it allows NTFS->FAT32 which free version doesn’t…

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    Do not compare this!

    Aomei – is a newcomer!

    Minitoll – The Professional!

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    JADMTY Puyit

    This is NO giveaway! THIS is a NAGGING AWAY! Keeps prompting the user to UPGRADE every time it is executed.

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    Pham quoc tuan


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    This was advertized as a $39.00 version which is not true, this is the “giveaway” version of their “pro” or non free. It not only has functionality crippled, it asks constantly for the $39 to get a real license even after registering with the “license code” shareware sent
    I am disappointed in sharewareonsale.com for falsely advertizing this as the real thing and will not be using or recommending them in the future if this keeps up.

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    Randy C

    Was not sent a license code from sharewareonsale………………

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    Frank Scott

    The licence code does not upgrade the giveaway version to the pro version. A message indicates that the product is registered, however when the program is restarted, the giveaway version loads with the request to upgrade to the pro version again and again. Please explain.

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    Thank you SoS & MiniTool.

    I was using the free version of this, and now I have the pro one.
    The provided key works like a charm, and it’s really the “pro” version.

    A few people cry about “not pro version” or “nag screen”, let’s see how this works : every time I’m launching
    MTPWP, a box opens up and remember us “there are a few limitations on this version”.
    I believe it’s absolutely normal, as it’s a giveaway.

    This box has 2 buttons on the bottom : “skip” and “upgrade”. Well, I press “skip” and voilà !
    I agree it’s a little annoying and will be happy if there is somewhere an option to stop this.
    Anyway, I can live with it.

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    Frank Scott

    to HarFanG – don’t know where you are seeing this:

    “This box has 2 buttons on the bottom : “skip” and “upgrade”. Well, I press “skip” and voilà !”

    Only ‘Later’ and ‘Upgrade Now.’

    If ones clicks on ‘Later,’ one is returned to the free version with all its limitations.

    Again, very disappointed with SoS!

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    [ @Sandro]

    You’re so right. This is a feature limited (crippled if you will) , non-expiring? trial version,
    but certainly not the Pro version as described @ $39
    The constant nag screen already tells you that.
    So it’s a trial version and not to be price compared.
    Hence , the write-up is incorrect.
    A trial version doesn’t have a price.

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    This installs in your running Windows and it does not allow you to make bootable media so it is worthless to me and I deleted it.

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    reached limit of activation!80609A-9253DA-4CE14B-BA71FA every time when i tried to activate. gr. aalt

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    First activation and I get this info:
    “The license code is already activated. And it reached activation limit.”

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