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    @Everyone: MiniTool has fixed the license key. Please give it another go (and remember, you MUST download it from us… if you downloaded from somewhere else, it will NOT register).

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    Tried to register again. This time it took the registration code ( maybe 6 hours after the first try ).

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    Thanks Ashraf for the great giveaway.

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    Still not working with 1 day 18 hours to go, even though on webpage says: “UPDATE: Registration problem has been fixed. Please try now.” Programme says thank you for registration but when you check “About” it still says Giveaway Edition. Please fix asap. Thanks.

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    Quite disappointed.. not a pro version at all, but a limited one. Why is sharewareonsale advertising like that?

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    Warning: this is not the Pro Version of Mini Tool Partition Wizard – no not at all!
    I wasted time downloading, installing, then registering my “supposed” version of Pro. When I clicked on “create a bootable disk”, I got a message saying that this is the give away version, not the Pro version. The Pro version will cost me another $55.
    And yet it says in the description, bootable Uefi and also the reviews in the description on your website say it will boot a computer. Seems to me just a scam by the Mini Tool people to get us gullible souls to buy their product. As far as I am concerned, it is the same product as their free version that I had downloaded before.
    If you can’t boot up your computer when the Win partition is kaput, what good is a partition manager?

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    Thank you, Ashraf, for sorting out the Registration ‘problem’.

    On installing yesterday’s giveaway it uninstalled a previous version of the same program, which left me with no partitioning software installed.

    Happily, the Registration process now accepts the giveaway license key.

    Thanks again, sir.


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    Roger Taylor

    This did not upgrade to the pro version still just the giveaway, It thanks me for registering but does not upgrade, Why?

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    I have not been able to activate the Pro version. When the license key is entered, the response is “Thank you for your registration!” but the software remains Giveaway Edition 10.2.3.

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    Does not work. They did not fix anything. Whatever you do, the free version remains

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    Snuffy Smith

    download and install enter key when ask and invalid key

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    mike c

    [ @Randy C]The license is not “sent” it comes up while your download is working and is on the page left after it is loaded. Easier than the old way.

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    “License code is out of date”

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    I’ve got “License code is out of date” too…

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    s i

    Well, I liked using this software, and I have the original information from the giveaway which said “This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for noncommercial use”.

    Today I tried to open the software and it keeps asking me to register; will not let me “skip” and just closes. Will not function at all.

    Not happy about this. False advertising. Said lifetime license.

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