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    Have something to say about Money-Pal? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Money-Pal, post it here! If you know of issues with Money-Pal, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I suspect you’re going to get a few comments here about the installation!
    1. @Ashraf I don’t like your new downloader. It installed a run-on-startup program which I don’t need or want – thankfully I have the software to block it. Also as the install failed it was just as well I had checked the box to save a copy of the install file that was downloaded but can you give us the option where to save it? I’ve never used the “downloads” folder before (as I have my own folder structure for things) and I had to hunt around to find it

    2. Avast didn’t like the install program but I over-rode Avast and installed anyway. It got most of the way through and then Avast killed the install as it said IISStartService had a virus in it of type FileRepMalware. No Option to carry on at that point. I’d be keen to get an all-clear from the developer before installing again (with Avast turned off)

    Questions for developer.
    1.I read on your website that you are ex Quicken users which is good as I am also a Quicken user, looking to move to something else (have been looking for a while), but I’m in Australia and the Australian version of Quicken does not have the export to a QIF file option, so I would have no way of getting my Quicken data into Money-Pal. There are quite a few people in the same boat with Quicken (Aus), so if you had any way of getting raw Quicken data into MoneyPal, then you may pick up quite a few Aussie Quicken users. To give you an idea of what I mean Google “How to export data from Reckon Quicken Personal Plus to Moneydance” and you will see how someone set up a process to get the data from Aus Quicken to MoneyDance. I have the link but suspect I can’t post a link here. If you’re able to put a process together like that for MoneyPal that would be great.

    2. I read the features and FAQ and may have missed it but does MoneyPal have reminders?


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    Bill Douglas

    Received error 1928 registering COM+ application during the LiveMPSetup install. Says program installed successfully. Ran the program and got this error

    starting Microsoft IIS express
    server object failed ASP 0177 800401f3 line 55

    Windows 10 64-bit machine with 8GB ram

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    [ @njwsos] Thanks for the feedback.

    I believe you are referring to our SharewareOnSale Notifier that was added to autorun at start. We *only* install SharewareOnSale Notifier if you agree to have it installed — we explicitly ask you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you want to install it. You must have clicked ‘Yes’ to install SharewareOnSale Notifier. You can easily uninstall it from Add / Remove Programs if you no longer want it.

    We are planning on adding the ability to allow you to pick where you want it saved. It is on our list of changes we plan on making to Download Hub. Keep an eye out for it.

    Our Download Hub and Notifier are clean and Avast does not detect them as malware. So Avast must have detected Money-Pal. We scanned Money-Pal with VirusTotal and it shows up as clean (0/51), so it is likely a false positive. However, if you don’t feel comfortable, get in touch with the dev to inquire why Avast is detecting their program as malware.

    [ @Bill Douglas] I’ll ask the dev to come here and answer questions as to why this bug is happening.

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    Jonathan Prusky

    I agree about not liking the downloader. I actually clicked to download an item, and something downloaded (not the full software and not the downloader). The downloader then presented itself. I choose the option to download the file in addition to installing it. I didn’t like that the only choice was the Downloads folder.

    What is the value of this installer anyway?

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    There is a VIRUS in Money-Pal Program (avast antivirus). or suspicious thing.


    and me too i don’t like the downloader.

    i want the old sharewareonsale with direct links.

    Dizados not happy.
    but thx ashraf anyway.

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    count me as another that does not like the downloader. It looked and felt like I should not click on the giant green buttons. I will drift from using this service due to it.

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    A few points for SoS and Money-Pal devs:

    – SoS: The downloader is just a waste of my time, a hassle. I have to download a downloader that I do not want, then I have to download the file that I want from the downloader and copy it to where I want it. It is more text I have to scrutinise to avoid getting stuff installed I do not want. It’s a hurdle that will preclude my trying software I’d only be moderately interested in, which works against the goal of getting software ‘out there’.

    – Money-Pal: It installed just fine–it could use a silent install for the dependencies. After installation, I clicked on the icon (where’s the “run now” option?) to launch Money-Pal and all I got was a “File not found” error from “Money-pal Web Services Setup”. This is on a clean Win10-1511 virtual machine.

    – Both: After the downloader hassle, do you think I want to fiddle with resolving this software’s error? Not really–pretty sick of crapware at this point.

    – Both: No interference with Win10 defender, no issues with false-positives, no issues during installation.

    – Everyone else: I stopped using Avast about a year ago since they decided to increase their detection rates by disproportionately increase their false-positive rates. And the computer-breaking conflicts. And the bundled crapware. I’m happy with Win10 Defender/Smartscreen + uBlock Origin + Microsoft EMET 5.5 + do unproven stuff on a Sheepdip VM.

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    [ @njwsos] We *only* install SharewareOnSale Notifier if you agree to have it installed — we explicitly ask you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’You can easily uninstall it from Add / Remove Programs if you no longer want it.

    Thanks. Notifier now unistalled. I didn’t expect to have to read the screen and avoid unwanted programs with an installer from sharewareonsale – learnt my lesson now.

    Yes it was MoneyPal that Avast was objecting to not the download hub

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    @Everyone: Thank you for the feedback. Download Hub is here to stay. I am, however, always willing to listen to feedback and will make changes as necessary. Let me know what you don’t like about the Hub.

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    Charles Brotman

    Actually Ashraf, I kinda like your new system. The notifier is fine, and the installer doesn’t bother me. can’t say the same for “Money Pal” however. It tried to install all sorts of stuff: iis, etc and gave me all sorts unexplained messages and prompts. Then after it claimed to be done, I ran the program and it reported “file not found” and asked me to make a number of choices (having to do with access from external devices, I suppose). Not being in a particulary patient frame of mind I uninstalled it, without actually seeing the program, itself.

    In any case thanks for all you do… I love your service SOS


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    Tom Walters

    won’t authorize, demo only ran in admin mode no dice.

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    G Headrick

    Far to much junk came with it. Uninstalled all.

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    Extremely difficult setup process with inadequate documentation. After spending over an hour trying to get the required IIS service working, I have up.

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    John Briick

    Yeah, I’m going to input all of my financial information to some software I have never heard of before…right!

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