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    Have something to say about MOVIEJACK? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MOVIEJACK, post it here! If you know of issues with MOVIEJACK, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Unable to install.
    Pl assist

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    why do these never run on my windows 7? I turn off all antivrirus/adblockers, but when i press install nothing happens, just hangs?. Tried downloading with a different browser, still nothing.

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    I followed all the steps of the download but when I click to request the serial number simply nothing happens. There is no window to insert my email.

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    Richard May

    I followed all the steps of the download but when I click to request the serial number simply nothing happens. There is no window to insert my email.

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    Hubert R Maynard

    Downloaded and installed clicked request for full version never received a license key to enter tried several actually more than several times never received key.

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    [ @RobTot]

    There are a *lot* of steps to download and install; all are easy, but you have to double-check yourself to make sure you’re not missing anything. I’ve yet to use the product, but did not have any problem whatsoever downloading, installing and registering the product to a Win7 laptop. Thanks.

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    Rogerio Mendes

    I downloaded the program “MovieJack” from you. I follow yr instrucions to install but I can’t find the windows to insert the name and email. What I must do to register the program??
    Best regards
    Rogerio Mendes

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    The program says that the provided licence key is invalid when entered.
    And I’m sure I copy/pasted it correctly.

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    WE NEED ‘THE BOSS’ to intervene and help resolve problems faced by forum members!

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    Kevin White

    I followed the steps, entered my email address and clicked REQUEST SERIAL but never received an email from Engelmann with the link provided for the license key.

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    Got he key and activated ok.

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    License type:Full version
    License valid until:5/28/2018

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    I checked the Engelmann web site to learn more about the product, and find their advertising campaign to be in very poor taste, quite offensive. Why would anyone want to associate their product with one of the most infamous criminals in history? Almost gave up right then. I also didn’t like the German text on the English version of their web page, I hope that inattention to detail is not included in their software.

    It was difficult to change the installation directory, they don’t allow editing the path so I had to browse for a folder that doesn’t exist yet. Had to go back to the folder selection box several times, entered the folder name I wanted at least twice.

    A box popped up asking for my e-mail and forcing me to subscribe to their newsletter, but I got a reply within minutes. I clicked the link in the email, a web page gave me the license key. I copied with Ctrl-C, started the program, a box popped up with several choices for buying & registering. I clicked on Enter License Key, then clicked Paste from Clipboard (or something like that). Key went into all the separate boxes, registered fine. Don’t know why it doesn’t work for so many others, maybe they copied an extra space at beginning or end of the key?

    My first attempts at using this – guitar lessons and backing tracks on YouTube – worked fine. Got a video and an MP3. VERY disappointed that MP3 is only 128 kb/s, even from a 720 HD video. No settings to adjust this. Would have been nice to have 1 program that does everything but every other converter I have can handle this. I do like that I can add several URLs and click Start to grab them all.

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    Download and activation with no problems. Instructions are very clear. Registration key is ONLY good for ONE YEAR!!!

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