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    Have something to say about OkayFreedom VPN Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than OkayFreedom VPN Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with OkayFreedom VPN Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    It is not really premium but 10gb. True premium is unlimited.

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    Thank you Ashraf. 10GB’s a month for 1 year is a bit of a joke though IMO.

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    it didn’t come to me any key! …

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    süper program

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    win10用户用不了 求解求解

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    My Antivirus Kaspersky he found “Key logger” in OkayFreedom VPN Premium, and delete it.

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    merci beaucoup pour ce VPN que je vais très vite l’installer

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    It is not premium and seems to be very intrusive and unreliable. There is some shady stuff it runs in the background that it won’t allow you to close even when you completely close the program. The entire process is suspect and I wouldn’t trust using it. There is no easy way to use this vpn and the unstaller doesn’t work. I had to go through windows apps to uninstall and even after that my antivirus found a keylogger which wasn’t there before. It’s not the first time having a suspect program here. I wish there was more research done on the offerings before sending them out to unknowning people. I don’t trust this okayfreedom vpn and would recommend people stay away. It’s not the premium version and only 10gb a month anyway. Not worth the risk or trouble to use.

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    Although the shareware page indicates I still have 6 hours to install, the registration page from Steganos states “Sorry! This promotion has expired or does not exist.”

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    Dee Lion

    I want to try this and today’s SOS offers page says I still have over 4 hours to download & install it. But your bad registration link responds with “Sorry! This promotion has expired or does not exist.”
    Please deliver what you offer and send me a VALID registration link or license code that will work when I get it.

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    Same Problem. “2 hours left” but clicking link to start registration process returns message that “promotion expired or does not exist”. Please fix.
    I used this product in the past and it was been “Okay”. If you expect premium VPN pay premium price. If you have issues with malware maybe its your own surfing habits or connections channels?

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