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    Have something to say about Paragon Backup & Recovery 16? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Paragon Backup & Recovery 16, post it here! If you know of issues with Paragon Backup & Recovery 16, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you!
    The interface really rude.
    And two colors – Greenpeace:)
    The rest is good.

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    Jim Watkin

    Neither version will download. Stops with an error saying download can’t continue?

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    Shankar A

    Dear Sir,
    I am not getting the Password reset page, even after repeated attempts. Please help.


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    Nick H

    [ @Ashraf] I had the same issue as Jim Watkin mentions, the download stopped after 32 MBs while using the SOS Hub, but I did get the option of downloading directly. Its not the first time that I’ve encountered problems with the hub, it doesn’t appear to be fit for purpose from my experience as an end user.

    I’m on a slow connection today, wasting time on a broken download is not a great experience! The full download is 92 MBs, on a normal connection that is not a big issue, on a slow connection having the total download increase by 33% makes a big difference. I’d prefer to manage the downloads using my download manager, not having download destinations determined by software that I have no real control over, I don’t want the download in the default download folder, I save them elsewhere, there is no option to determine where they get saved.

    Can we ditch the download hub please? It does nothing useful for me. Though I can see that there are advantages for SOS.

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    I’m having problems installing this on Windows 10. When I try and install this it list 4-5 drivers during the installation and says that Windows 10 blocked the installation of these drivers from O&O because they aren’t digitally signed.

    I tried using Advanced started up and turning off digitally signed driver enforcement and reinstalling but even after doing that Windows 10 is blocking the drivers from O&O from installing.

    Any way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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    [ @Bob] UPDATE.

    I got this installed and working correctly. In my case, even after rebooting with advanced options and selecting to disable digitally signed enforcement by itself would not work, I also had to go into BIOS and temporarily disable Secure Boot and then reboot with advanced options and select disable digitally signed certificate enforcement, after that everything installed fine .

    Thank you Ashraf & Paragon! I’ve been needing a software like this and it is very much appreciated!

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    Oddest thing….
    I get all the way to where my computer flicks over to the sign-in for the administrator account so it can make the loading changes and the keyboard is disabled. It types fine elsewhere but I can’t enter my password so as to give permission to finish loading.
    Sooooo since I’m on Vista, I’ll tell it to “run as admin” from the get go and see if that fixes things.
    Must be working since I get a bunch of pop-ups. To buy.
    Nope…..Only works on Windows 7 and newer. Shoulda read the technical details on the first SOS page. ;-(
    Thanks anyway, Ashraf.

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    I am getting an error message each time I tried to install the Paragon software,
    “Error 1722, there is a problem with Windows package installer. A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected. Contact your package vendor support.
    Blockmounter install…\paragonblockDev.”

    Anyone having the same problem?

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    As with so many free software products, one never knows whether it’s correct to install new over old (waste of space? crash?) or delete the old version first (new version won’t install leaving you with nothing).
    Can anyone provide the correct procedure?

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    Installed software. but how can i get the serial number to activate?
    Thx in advance for your help

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    Login with your paragon account and software should activate automatically.

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    Problem with win 10 64 bit. After download and install, cannot get activated. Logged into account, does not automatically activate.

    Please advise!

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    The serial number comes on the email after your account is activated and the program.

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    Before installing the new version, it makes sense to keep the license from the old version.
    New you may not like.
    PC you can get rid of the license in your account.
    You can create one more account.
    You decide.

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