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    The registration ID is already filled in but not the registration key. Where is it at?

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    I have tried this 2 times, unchecked the 21 day box, click on help. Then I get a popup about a premium version but the registration number is already filled in and I cannot change it and put the one from the email there instead.
    Is this right? Do I now have the Premium version?
    This was quite confusing to me.

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    Скачала автоматически, скачанный файл не открывается. Какие ещё могут быть действия- ни посмотреть, ни проверить работу- ни пользоваться нет возможности

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    SO glad I read all these comments before installing. Seems like the percentage of programs that don’t install is growing.

    At least I still have PhotoPosPro 3.5 from an earlier giveaway, and upgrades to same major version are allowed (tho’ I think I’ll skip this one altogether). Liked it well enough to keep it, even if it seemed very un-intuitive, almost difficult to use. It has a lot of capabilities, and I like having layers in any photo editor.

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    Slow, unstable, ugly results, they are really asking money for that? They must kidding me. And the proclamation is even more funny: “The quality and performance of this product is without guarantee. Download or use at your own risk. If you don’t feel comfortable with this product, then don’t download it.”
    Unfortunately I downloaded it, but I’m going to uninstall it soon.

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    I followed the installation instructions: unchecked the 21-day option but after the installation is finished and you click on help to enter the license, you only get TIP OF THE DAY, USER’S GUIDE, TUTORIAL, WHAT’S NEW, SUPPORT INFORMATION, WEBSITE and ABOUT PHOTO POS PRO.
    There is no HELP, PREMIUM VERSION so I cannot enter the license.
    Please help
    Thank you

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    Ihave wastedmytime

    Registration Key is NOT valid

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    Robin Streatfield

    Disappointing, as unable to register programme in spite of declining 21 day trial.

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    I did not see a “21 Day Trial” message.

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    Ali Desidero

    Collage not work?

    Photo Pos Pro

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    Ashraf, there are many people, including myself, reporting that Photo Pos Pro Premium does NOT give you the option to enter the license and therefore it is useless. No one from the company has responded and the FREE offer is about to expire. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

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    To solve the problem please follow these steps:

    * Please close the program and uninstall the current version before starting, next got to the software directory (“c:\program files\photo pos pro 3” by defualt) and delete it, if you save your own files into this directory make sure to backup them before deleting

    1) Download and install the latest version from: http://www.photopos.com/downloads/photopospro3/photopospro3_setup.exe
    2) On the welcome screen select 64 bit if you have 64 bit Windows version or 32 bit if you have 32 bit Windows

    Windows 7/Vista users:
    3) Right click on blank area in your desktop and select “Screen Resolution” from the pop up menu
    4) On the Screen Resolution window click on the link “Make text and other items larger or smaller” and select the 100% option
    5) Click Apply to apply the changes, you’ll have to log out from your user (or restart) and login again in order for the changes to take place

    If you get any error log please send it to us

    *** IF THE SOFTWARE just hangs when loading make sure to enable the software on both your Antivirus/Firewall pack and/or on WIndows Firewall

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    It didn’t even install on my machine.

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    Unfortunately I forgot un-check 21 trial box and I ma unable to register program.
    Is it possible to register software?

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    frederic Blum

    Bonjour ,
    2émé fois .. m^m prob .. impossible d’entrer la clé m^m avec l’option “21 jours” decochée …

    Donc =====> impossible de tester ….

    ?????????? …


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