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    Have something to say about Photolemur Express? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Photolemur Express, post it here! If you know of issues with Photolemur Express, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I am not at all impressed. I tried several different photos and saw only minimal improvement in contrast and brightness. The vendor’s sample images are not even in the same ballpark when it comes to effectiveness – my images where changed maybe 10% of the differences shown in the sample images. There are NO controls other than to increase or decrease “boost” (their term) which supposedly increases or decreases contrast/brightness I’m guessing. This version (Express) also limits you to processing a single image at a time. The program must be restarted (“Start Over”) to process a different image. Their PAID version removes this restriction supposedly. Regardless, this software is A NON-keeper for me and will be uninstalled via Revo Uninstaller Pro as soon as I submit this text.

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    Jeg forstår ikke Eric’s nedladende indlæg. Her får man et udmærket program gratis, for jeg er imponeret, selvom jeg har et købt program: PhotoZoom Classic 6, som jeg er meget glad for, det har flere behandlings metoder, men de fleste vil kunne få glæde af: Photolemur Express og glem ikke det først er ved udprint at den større opløsningen ses, for på skærm kan selv billeder med lav opløsning se gode ud! Et lille tip: hvis dit billed efterfølgende skal redigeres/manipuleres i et foto-program, så lad Photolemur Express gemme det i Tiff, brug det i foto-programmet indtil du er færdig, derefter gem det i Jpeg.
    På den måde tabes ikke kvallitet, selvom der ændres meget i billedet!
    Tak til Sharewareonsale, jeg har hentet mange gode gratis programmer via jer.

    MVH. Henning

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    Totally Useless.

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    It installed easily on my windows 10 64 bit machine.
    Despite some negative comments, I am rather impressed with this program. I tested it on an underexposed, dark image, with which I was unhappy, and the result was just awesome.

    I admit, one pic may not be enough to judge the software on, but it worked for me. It’s a keeper.

    Thank you Ashraf and the Developer for this awesome giveaway.



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    Jutka Herczeg

    Gondolom nagyon jó program,kár hogy nem magyar.
    Én most használnám először.
    Köszönöm szépen.

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    “Email not valid by license” is what I get when I try to register it on startup.

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    Claude Dozois

    Thank you. I only tried it with 2 pictures and it definitely improved them both, hopefully it will also improve other pictures when I find more that need improvement. Thank you again.

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