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    Have something to say about Photomizer 2 Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Photomizer 2 Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Photomizer 2 Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    when i try to get free serial it is showing the error that no service is available or i have broken internet. I tried 10 times and it tells me the same. i also give it access through fire wall and no antivirus is running buut the same error is showing every time please help

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    Kovács József

    Not available for serial ..

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    Andreas Zachariades

    i press “Get Free Serial Number” within the program and nothing happens.
    please provide serial to enter it manually.
    Thank you for the great offers
    Have a nice time

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    Trying to install, have set 4 english language, keeps going to Chinees, Have tried to install 5 times with no luck. HELP.

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    s i

    D/L, installed and registered without issues. I opened the program and quickly threw one photo in it to see what it could do. I am impressed! Very easy to use, even for a novice like me, and yields professional results. Thanks!

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    Multiple tries to get password … all tries give following error!

    Currently no service available or internet connection is broken.
    Zurzeit ist dieser Service nicht verfügbar oder es besteht keine Internetverbindung.
    Actuellement aucune connexion Internet au service disponible est cassé.
    Actualmente no hay conexión a Internet o servicio se rompe.
    Al momento non sono disponibili o di connessione del servizio internet è rotto.
    Momenteel zijn er geen service beschikbaar of internet verbinding is broken.

    Not good.

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    Введённый ключ недейсвителен

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    same as others … “no internet access” :O



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    Dennis Beaulieu

    No free trial button anywhere in the program, what a waste of time.

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    It worked just fine, very satisfied

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    This developer makes very good programs and this appears to be one of them. No problems downloading, installing, requesting the license number and registering the software.

    However, in the past I have been flooded with spam from this developer after providing my email address to register. Someone mentioned you can opt out somehow of the spam, but as it is all in German, I believe, I have no idea how to do that. So, the one or two spam emails I receive DAILY from Engelmann News are deposited into my spam folder.

    Again, thanks for the program, no thanks for your spam!

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    get serial number does not work

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    May be a great product but have tried 4 different ways of installing and still can’t get a registration code!

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    joe s

    Windows installer problem, returned ‘1638’. Too bad, photography software is not something I download just because it is free, I do actually consider buying the upgrade. Not this time! I didn’t even get to the reg process. It failed as soon as I started the install. Junk.

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