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    Have something to say about Print Maestro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Print Maestro, post it here! If you know of issues with Print Maestro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you sir


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    What version is being offered? The side panel says 1.0.6 but the screenshot has version 4 at the top. Is there some odd numbering system being used here? On the CoolUtils website, there is no indication of a version number for anything, and there is no changelog so that potential users can understand the significance of the evolution of the software. This is very important to a lot of purchasers, and one necessity I need before I can recommend the product to corporations or even individuals. Thank you very much if you could make the Changelog available.

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    [ @Gary]
    Upon installation, the software is actually called Print Maestro 4…version 1.06

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    Lois McCabe

    Am unable to register program. After inputting required information and clicking “register” button, the program hangs. I cannot cancel, I cannot exit. I used taskmanager to shut down. Same think at second attempt to register. A possible hint: Task manager showed an entry called “consent UI for administration.” that disappeared when I deleted the offending program.

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    Help !
    How can i register the program ?
    After installation, i got Unregistered evaluation copy…

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    Same problem as Lois -unable to register software.

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    Thanks mardel:

    I understand that the 4 is part of the name of the program.

    Back on 2014-04-04, at this same SoS page URL, Print Maestro was offered, and the version number at the right of the page showed that it was version 5.1.1 (I saved the content of that page). I captured all of the screens when installed. When the final program came up, it stated Print Maestro 4, so I do understand that the 4 is part of the name of the program, then for that program name, they have released different version numbers. In my installed copy of Print Maestro, if I go to the Help About dialog, it shows version 5.1.1.

    Since they gave away Print Maestro 4, version 5.1.5 in 2014, I wondered why they are now offering version version 1.0.6 of Print Maestro 4 (out of order). I wondered if they might have made the program name Print Maestro 5, but they had forgotten to change the number at the top of the display. If they had, I can understand that it would have a new version number series.

    To add to the confusion of how they do their version numbers, on the SoftPedia page for Print Maestro, the version number is 1.0.6852.42784 but on the Changelog tab, it lists a Print Maestro 2.6 from March 13, 2008, and at the bottom of that 1st Changelog page, is a link to “READ THE FULL CHANGELOG,” which also includes a Print Maestro 2.5 (May 18th, 2006).

    The Softpedia pages seem to indicate that at one point, the name of the program might not have had a number, but did have version numbers, or the 2.6 and 2.5 might have been part of the program name, but if so, the version number was not stated. That is why, I am trying to figure out what type of numbering system they are using.

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    I finally was able to register the program. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what I did to accomplish it. I know I completely uninstalled the program with Revo and then I reinstalled from the website, rather than downloading and reinstalling from my computer. It appears to be a very nice program. I can only hope never have to reinstall because I don’t think I will bother–this installation took WAY too much time.

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    Hello Print Maestro! Welcome to my life! I’m delighted and absolutely greatful for this grand giveaway. This program is a wonder. I believe in love at first sight. It has done in second something I expected to be able to perform some day manually, along many months, years probably or never, you know. I don’t like to be the king of Procastinaztan, but I am. So thank you thank you THANK YOU! (This is awesome).

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    Click here
    to see a review of this software. I believe that the full name of the software is “Print Maestro 4/Version 1.06
    So yes I would believe after reading that site you are getting Version 1.06 just like it is posted by Ashraf.
    Thank you Ashraf!

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    Lef Panagopo

    [ @Ashraf]

    Thank you very much !

    All the Best !


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    Jimmy R

    Same issue as several others. Am unable to register program. After inputting required information and clicking “register” button, the program hangs. I cannot cancel, I cannot exit. I used taskmanager to shut down. Same thing at second attempt to register. I did use the:

    Registration Name:
    Sharewareonsale Giveaway
    Registration Email:
    Registration Key:

    No luck.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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