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    Have something to say about SecureAPlus Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SecureAPlus Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with SecureAPlus Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Tony Murko

    I can’t registered SecureAPlus with this 969D-51DC-A782-8873 code.

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    I can’t registered SecureAPlus with this 969D-51DC-A782-8873 code.

    Hi there,

    To redeem SecureAPlus license with the activation code, you can follow the instructions here

    If let say you do not see the bottom menu bar of SecureAPlus, you may want to adjust your Windows display scaling. SecureAPlus minimum screen resolution is 1024×768 at 100% Scale.

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    Are you saying that after 18 months no virus definitions will be available?

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    Suman Ganguly

    Installed and successfully registered as directed. Many thanks to the admin of SharewareOnSale

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    I just got this last night, thanks to SharewareOnSale. It’s a ‘feel-good’ right from the start, and looks so simple. Thanks for the opportunity, and the long trial period. Now, off to my wife’s computers to protect her as well!

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    Hello I installed the program and later uninstalled and now I can’t open a lot of programs because of missing a permission Some I repeared with compatability program from Windows.I also cant open downloaded programs.Is there some help.I unistallled with RevoPro.(ERROR: Are you sure you wanted to do that?)Why is this qeustion?

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    Any solution to the out of control “whitelist” growth? Over the last few months of testing the whitelist has on multiple occasions exceeded 2gig of space. The compact feature does not seem to help, only deleting the whitelist will work, but it continues to grow larger daily.

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    [@Corstiaan] You can see if any of Secureage services are still running. Type “services.msc” without the quotes in either the run bar or at a command prompt, then search through and stop any of those services (SecureAge and SecureAPlus). After you stop the services, be sure to set them to “disabled” before rebooting computer or they will cause you further problems.

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    I love the program I am a Dutch man I live in the Netherland

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    David Joseph Mescheloff

    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Thank you for this usefull giveaway!

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    Carlos Vitor

    invalide activation code: 969D-51DC-A782-8873

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    Doris Rieck

    Secure A Plus Premium Code:969D-51DC-A782-8873, is no valid Code?
    What can i do?
    Thanks for you answer.

    Best regards
    Doris Rieck

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