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    Have something to say about Silver Key? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Silver Key, post it here! If you know of issues with Silver Key, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Silver Key est un excellent logiciel pour la sécurité des données.

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    that SharewareOnSale exclusive customer ID is not working, it snow No appropriate license found.

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    I was tested install version, it works
    but your link’s Portable_Silver_Key is not working for that key

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    2 Gary: the portable version is for portable drive. An example of such a drive is a USB stick. If you try running the portable version from a fixed drive, you will get the error “No appropriate license found”. The Customer ID code works, just use the right version.

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    Just one question, don’t most email filters block exe files as potentially dangerous ??

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    Peter asked about EXE’s having problems being emailed.
    We can partly get around this by zipping the file.
    However gmail goes even further and peeps inside the zip, and detects any enclosed file with .exe extension and blocks it as well.
    If you encrypt the zip file, that won’t help, as encrypting a zip file does NOT encrypt the contained file names, so Gmail can still see that there is an EXE in there.
    Can someone (Ashraf ?) ask Silver Key, if their product can assist us(me and Peter) ?

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    master of nothing

    I can not judge the security of encryption, but all functions work perfectly. My rating is positive.

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    2 Peter: Yes, many email filters block exe files, and yes, zip files is not a solution. Silver Key offers two ways of solving the problem:

    1. Sending standard parcel (.sk) instead of executable one (.exe). Standard parcels do not contain any executable code and never get blocked. The recipient will have to install Silver Key (free version will do) in order to decrypt.

    2. Using WebSilver – a Silver Key component that creates a parcel, uploads it to a Web storage. and returns a download link. The recipient double-clicks the link in an email to download the parcel. This way .exe parcel will not be blocked.

    Another way of exchanging files is to use WebSilver on both ends and a shared Web folder. You can also use the right click ‘Create Parcel and Upload’ command, but WebSilver is a more universal solution. By the way, Silver Key for Android is actually a port of Windows WebSilver component.

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    Nice piece of software Thanks.

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    You responded to Peter, but not to me ?
    Do you have a solution for the GMail ‘too much nannying’ problem ?

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    “FIPS 140-2 compliance mode”
    What this mean? Can parcel that created with Silver Key have been opened by other “FIPS 140-2 compliance” software?

    Sorry for my English 👀

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    Peter W

    I’ve tried several times to install this program but it will not install. I’ve tried saving the installation file in my Downloads folder but I get an error message saying that the program installer will not work from a temporary location. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    [@Rob] The solution he said does work for Gmail.

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    [@Peter W] Please send me a screenshot at admin@sharewareonsale.com

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